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Though it felt like they had been sleep for an eternity, Kyoushiro and Mel finally woke up. They had tried to get Raven up, but it literally backfired in their face when some flairs somehow made them pass out. Kyoushiro and Mel looked around. They were in a metal room, like that on a navy ship. It had a small bed, a cloths cabinet, and no window.

"What happened?... Where are we?" Kyoushiro asked, looking around.

Mel wasn't sure himself. "No idea," he responded. "Hold it Kyou!" he added after noticing Kyoushiro going for the door.


"You got some explaining to do! I'm not gonna putting my neck on the line for some random raven I've never met! And besides, aren't you gonna eat it anyway?"


"I dunno!... Now can we PLEASE try to get out?"

"We're finding Raven first Mel, and that's final. Now come on, let's go." The white Kishu then opened up the door with his front paws. The room he looked out into was literally pitch black. 

"Okay, this is weird." Mel and Kyoushiro walked out a tiny bit but suddenly the floor gave way with a fast crack! They fell down fast until they landed in...flour? Cooking flour?

"What the?" Kyoushiro wondered aloud, as they both shook off the flour. Suddenly a bright candle light beamed up. The room they fell into was the kitchen, looking just like the one they had back at Ba Sing Se. Only difference is that there was food in the middle of the room. Raman, sea prunes, dumplings, the whole works.

"Ah sweet. I'm starved!" Kyoushiro said, walking to the dumplings first.

"Hey Mel, you're a retriever. Fetch me a lemon wedge will ya?" Kyoushiro said, but Mel had a look of horror on his face. Kyoushiro held a dimpling in his mouth but when he looked down, he spat out what was now...a severe...bloody...heart!

"GROSS!!" Kyoushiro screeched, spitting out the taste. But then Mel tapped nervously on his shoulder and pointed to the sea prunes...who now turned to guts with eyeballs!!

"Get out," Mel said quickly. Kyoushiro found the hole in the ceiling and helped Mel up in it as Kyoushiro jumped up afterwards. Odd thing though the floor came much quicker then intended. They fell three floors with no other floor in between yet they only jumped one floor and to what?

"Now where are we?"

As if on cue, the lights trigger on again. But instead of a kitchen, it revealed a gigantic library, like the one back at that library in the desert.


"This place sure is bigger inside then outside eh?" Kyoushiro said. Mel seemly nodded as they saw a door on the other side of the room.

"Okay Kyoushiro. Just walk strait to the door," Mel instructed. Kyou and Mel walked a few steps. It was dead quiet, only sounds were their footsteps on the wood floor. Kyoushiro glanced at the books alongside...and could see someone starring him down through the cracks.

"Uh...can I help whoever's there?" he asked. Suddenly the figure vanished! He shook his head in disbelief when Mel got him to the door.

"Come on, this way." Mel said. Mel place a forepaw on the door and Mel swung it open. Mel wanted to avoid the what he personally called the "ol' slowly opening the door to something scary" routine. As he thought, nothing came up.

"Good. Let's!" Mel then started running left...though it didn't take long for him to charge back, yelling "NOT MOE!! NOT MOE!!" Before Kyoushiro can even ask, Mel grabbed his neck with his paw and yanked him along. Mel quickly raced into a random room, freaked out.

"Mel! What the heck was-"

"Quiet!" Mel quickly peeked through the see a shadow figure fly by.

"Phew. "t didn't see us."

"And what's this 'it'? Dare I ask."

"I don't know, but it was close to getting us!!"

"Come on dude! At least wait until you know what it is!"

"Know?! It was on top of me!!"

"Okay, okay...not let's think. Were stuck here in some crazy nuthouse, we don't now who to call for help, or where to go. Raven's trapped somewhere in this mess and-...uh...M-M-M-M-Mel?!"

"What?" Kyoushiro aimed a paw behind him...all Mel saw at first was nothing. He turned back to Kyoushiro, but Kyoushiro saw a ton of eyes, all bright and scary appear right behind Mel! Mel turned back time again but each time didn't see. He made a quick turned and nearly jumped on Kyoushiro seeing the eyes.

"Uh-Uh...OH!" he said, clearing his throat. "GEE. I DO WONDER WHERE WE ARE. WHERES THE LIGHT?"

"Mel, what are you doing?"

"Trying to trigger a light. I SURE WISH FOR A LIGHT SO I WON'T BE SCARED ANYMORE." Mel light.

But as Kyoushiro stepped back, his foot suddenly felt something familiar...a torch. He quickly grabbed it, but dropped it on sight when it lit up itself! The light wasn't so well but it did made a silhouette...the dogs the light. they were starring into the faces of a million evil looking rats! They all had blood down their faces, their eyes were so bloodshot! Each one snarling at the two with razor teeth. One of the rats jumped outta the wall and strait to the torch. Then, in an evil chipmunk voice said "Lucy says. Bye-Bye..." with an evil smirk. It blew out their torch...all that was heard was screams of rat and hound.

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