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Lucy PT1

For the longest time, all Toph, Terra, and Beast Boy did was travel and get to know each other along the way. Toph was still wanting to finish that fight with Terra to see who the best earthbender amongst them was, but Terra actually was thinking on holding that until they meet at the Starlight Fighting Championship.

One night, they set up camp in an arid canyon-like area. Beast Boy fell right asleep by the fire as Terra and Toph were talking to each other about things. Toph had her head aimed at the stars as Terra was playing around with some pebbles.

"Well, that was some traveling today, eh?" Toph started, trying to handle conversation.

"Yep. Felt like we've been traveling forever in this crazy place. I just hope my team's okay."

"Who is your team anyway? You didn't tell me yet, you know."

"I didn't? Well, basically I'm missing four friends: Starfire, Robin, Cyborg, and Raven. What 'bout you?"

"Well let's see. There's Aang, Katara, Sokka, Zuko, Weed, Kyoushiro, Mel and Nobutora. So I got some more looking to do." Toph chuckled.

"Yea I guess so. So...I wanted to ask you something."

"And that would be?"

"...Well it's... Ah, forget it." Terra said, shooing Toph away.

Toph simply smirked. "Come on Terra. You started it, you gotta finish. Now just go with that question, I don't care."

"Well okay... Well... How did you become blind?" Terra asked, sheepish.

"Oh that. I was born blind. Learned how to see with vibrations." Toph said, quite nonchalantly actually.

" took that pretty well."

"Yea. Been asked that more then most. In fact I have to remind my pals now and then I'm blind when they oh say, Show me a written piece of paper or stuff like that." Toph laughed. Terra laughed along with her, thinking about how silly it is. Terra looked back at the stars for a second or two.

"Hey Toph? How good of a bender are you?" Terra asked at a point.

Toph, still looking off into space, replied "well, only the best. Better so thanks to my method of seeing."

"Oh...well then can help me?"


"Well if we are going to fight in this championship, I need to be ready...can you train me? Or are you a good teacher?"

"Am I good? Heck yea! I'll make a tough bender outta ya," Toph told her, yawning loudly. "But how's about some Z's first? I dunno bout you but I'm beat!" Toph said, adding another yawn. Terra happily agreed and they both went off to bed. But as Terra took another glance back, something in the distance caught her eye...on top of a dry plateau, far enough to hardly make out, but not too far to not be seen, was a slim flowing figure. It was too far to make out anything else so Terra went back to the camp to sleep.


The next morning, Terra and Toph started up early. Beast Boy, sadly, was more of the work kid, getting the training area ready. After an agonizing hour he was done, completely beat. Even for his T-Rex form he mainly used it was hard work.

"There. Good now?" he panted.

"That will work Beast Boy." Terra said. But BB already fell asleep on the spot. So Terra used her earth bending to move him out of the way.

"Okay Terra. Now being an earthbender as you know, is no frolic in the flowers. You have to be tough, gritty, Never running in a fight! Always on your toes." Toph lectured. Terra was getting lost awfully quick, getting close to loosing consecration. Toph knew exactly what to do here. She quickly disappeared under the earth, she went down so fast. Suddenly she jumped behind her and screamed "ROCKSLIDE!".

This made Terra jump and fall on her back. Toph simply shot her on her feet with a good earth bended hit, and flicked her forehead. Beast Boy tried to not laugh at that.

"Now sweetheart. Focus." Toph said simply, walking back to her post. Terra grumbled as she remained focused. And with that, training began.

Toph began training Terra through easy basics like moving huge boulders, cracking the ground and other maneuvers. Terra went through each of those easy, since she knows how to from the back of her hand...but then the harder courses.

Toph, noticing Terra already gotten pretty much everything, decided to toughen it up by adding training only she herself could do with ease, also mainly blind. Terra kept trying to do it, but each time she had to close her eyes and Toph took away her goggles to make sure she needed to keep her eyes shut. For most of the time, she was chuckled at with rocks, showered with dust, and at one point buried under rubble. She tumbled out of the rock heap a bit dazed.

"Is that all?" Terra groaned.

Toph shrugged. "Well, if you want it to be. You did nail most of the training through the day."

"Until you got my goggles. By the way, where are they?" Terra asked. Toph then stomped the ground, popping up a small platform with Terra's goggles on top, clean and unharmed.

"There ya go." Toph smirked, handing her the goggles back.

"Thanks," Terra replied, snapping the goggles on her face. Beast Boy then decided to come in.

"Hey Terra. So how did training go?" Beast Boy asked.

"Most of the time I was owned by Toph, but other then that I'm good." Terra admitted, wiping off some  dirt off her shoulders. Toph then oddly felt a familiar feeling In her feet. She quickly pressed her hand on the ground and focused.

"Uh...Toph? What'chu doing?" Beast Boy asked. Toph had to wait a bit before answering. The sensory in her hands and feet are sensing very light footsteps...very close to Aang's feet!

"Twinkle Toes?" she thought aloud. She focused on where it was coming from and suddenly got up and pointed to  the edge of one of the plateaus. Sure enough, someone was standing there. The same flowing figure from last night. This time they got a better view of it. It was wearing a large robe that wrapped around its body, matching the rusty red color of the rocks. It's face was black, holding only white eyes. They can also see a long scarf-like rag flowing in the wind.

"Who's that?" Terra asked. No one else knew who it was, but Toph, thinking it was Aang, called out "Hi Aang! Where were you?!"

The figure didn't reply as it  leaped off the cliff! It's robe turned to wings as it made one flap before slowly defending to the ground, lightly landing on its feet like Aang does.

"Uh Toph?...what does Aang look like?" Beast Boy asked. Toph thought about it for a bit.

"Well he's about ye tall. Nomad. Has blue arrow tattoos. Why? Isn't that-"

"No... Not even close." Terra said. The figure then kneeled down and it made a very unique call. It sounded like the mix of canary call, spring peeper frog, and musical note. Now Toph knew it wasn't Aang at all.

"Uh... Who are you?" Toph asked, unsure where the thing is. The thing took a few steps forward and a slip of paper flew from his robe. It spun around and as soon as Toph turned to him, the slip gently rested on her forehead. A sudden light flashed off as the slip disappeared. A few seconds a symbol appeared on Toph's head, and disappeared seconds after.

"Whoa. What'chu do to my forehead?"

Although it can't speak, it then started telepathically speaking to them.

"That special charm will protect you on your journey. You mentioned your arrowed friend. He'll be safe..." It's telepathic voice couldn't show much gender, though it's voice was similar to Aang's in every respect. Even the tone matched.

"Wait. Who are you...what are you?" Terra asked it.

"...I don't have a name. Never had... I'll be back when you all meet." it said. It turned around and started walking. It's robe then turned into wings. With two light flaps, it floated all the way back up the plateau, disappearing at the top. 

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