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Throughout the next few days, Aang and Starfire had been going with Luffy and his crew for a while since the kid got his hat back. Aang was getting all wrapped up in thought and questions race around in his head. For most of the time he spent it up in the crows nest, outta the way of the crew.

Speaking of the crew, Starfire and Aang gotten to know much of Luffy's crew during their sand surfing. There were however only about 6 other members in Luffy's ship, but they weren't all bad. Most they didn't catch names but two they gotten to know well.

One, seemingly closest to Luffy, was actually a young girl named Aaboo. but what made her odd was the fact she had wings for arms, and brown feathers covered her body. She was a harpy. Aang gotten to know her most since she too likes to hang around in the crows nest.

Another one Starfire knew well was named Hajji. He was a bit of a quiet type of human, often keeping to himself. He's still a tough sand traveler, but he's not exactly a talkative one. Starfire tried to talk to him but usually all she got was a shrug or a sigh. Aang and Starfire could only assume it's because he had lost his arm long time ago. He himself didn't say how but Luffy said it was a terrible attack from a sand shark.

Luffy one point found a small camp, usually like that Arab traders use, and decide to stop there. It was too small to even be a town of a sort. Instead it was a Travelers' market. Starfire gotten Aang down from his post and they both got down to check it out. It seemed friendly, no shady characters here so they can rule that out.

"Her Aang, look." Starfire said. Aang looked over at a jewelry tent, with what first seemed like a lizard as a merchant.

"Hello friends. See anything you like?" he asked, kind of in a geeky sort of voice. Starfire was looking at the jewels but Aang was more intrigued in the lizard himself. Of course, he never seen anything like it before.

"What exactly are you?" Aang asked.

"Me? You mean you don't know? I thought my kind are common in the great desert." he replied. Aang, embarrassed, rubbed the back of his head as Starfire was holding an amulet of yellow topaz.

"Yea well I'm new around here. I'm not familiar with the land really." Aang replied.

"Okay I see. I'm actually a type of Mander. An Arab Mander. We're quite common throughout Altonia, and are great as traders. My names Hetch Al'dim, a purple storm mander."

"Storm Mander?" Aang asked.

"Why yes. We manders had practiced arts of ice, fire, and lightning. Watch." Hetch then started putting his hands like an orb and a lightning ball formed. Aang got a little spooked until Hetch Al'dim added "don't worry. It's not dangerous, just a light I use during night shifts."

"How much for this amulet sir?" Starfire eagerly asked, cutting Aang off before he can speak.

"Ah you got a good eye for merchandise sweetheart. That theirs a good fortune amulet from Krokopathra herself. It is able to shine when it senses other gems. Watch." the lizard then took a small piece of copper he had and set it near the amulet as it started to glow and aim an arrow at it!

"Cool!" Starfire said.

"Yes of course. It is a lovely piece. If you're interested in buying it'll be 20 silver please." Hetch said. Starfire wanted to buy it but Aang reminded her that they don't have any money. Bummed out they declined. Hetch understood and let them move on as more buyers walked to him.

"Hey Aang! Star! Come here will ya?!" Luffy called.

"What's up?" Aang asked, walking over as Star floated beside.

"Can you give me a hand with this loot?" he then started to lift a huge bag of coins! Aang and Starfire just starred.

"But how did you?-"

"Won it at a bet. Now let's get going, I ain't planning on staying here." Luffy said.

"Point taken. Let me see." Starfire said. Luffy had a bit of trouble trying to lift it up to her but when he dropped it, Star wrapped the opening and swung it over her shoulder like nothing!

"What kind of muscle does she have?" Luffy asked, mouth agape.

"I dunno." Aang said, also surprised. But as she was walking, suddenly, outta nowhere, a strong gust of wind suddenly blew off the bag in her hands! The coins scattered for a second or two but another gust seemingly grabbed the cash as it flew off back behind a tent!

"Hey!" Starfire called. But it was too late to catch whoever did that, all they got was a glimpse of the person before it raced away.

"...Looks like we're staying for awhile." Luffy concluded.

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