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Zuko and Magmus got in a strong battle stance, each facing the other, ready for the heat of battle (literally). Magmus for one never liked to be called a coward by anyone, especially a boy fighter! Zuko felt a bit more calm and had that winning look on his face as Robin walked over with his cape like a flag.

"Zuko. Magmus. You two ready?" Robin asked. Zuko and Magmus affirmed they were, and Robin gave his cape a quick wave; the fight began.

Zuko started first with a swift fire kick right for his opponent's feet. Magmus literally shot up in the air and started raining fire balls down to him, each one Zuko actually absorbed in a giant fire ball. He waited for her to land and then shot it right for. Magmus however is always on her feet, and dodged the blazing fire ball by inches. Zuko then charged at her with his hands like fire blades but Magmus quickly used a non-fire bending kick to knock him off his feet. Zuko just jumped outta the way right before she did anything and stopped for a brief moment.

"You're not too bad for a rookie, Zuzu. I've been training for five years straight with my firebending and got perfect scores. You don't have a chance!" Magmus shouted. Zuko didn't reply at first, moving out of his battle pose.

"You think you've got the advantage, do you? You think that I've never battled in my lifetime, and just because you're a girl I don't think you're worthy of an opponent? None of that's true." Magmus didn't expect that kind of reply from him.

"What in blazes are you talking about, Dude?" Magmus asked.

"I'm saying you don't have more of an advantage in a fight than I do. I've been fighting my whole life, for my life since I got this." Zuko pointed to his scar along his face. "My father, Fire Lord Ozai. He gave me this as punishment for not fighting him. I was a coward then; a coward that faced the ultimate price for his mistake."

"...and what has that gotta do with OUR fight?"

"I promised myself to never surrender to a fight ever again since then... and I won't give in now no matter who I face!" Zuko shot a stream of fire toward Magmus; he would have bathed her in flames if she hadn't moved first. Magmus tried to blast him again, but Zuko had more tricks than she first realized. He used a special move he taught himself thanks from tips of his uncle. Taking inspiration from the waterbenders, he used the very first fire whip! With one quick swipe, it wrapped around Magmus' leg, not burning it, and gave her a good spinning in mid air before slamming her in the ground. He waited a bit before Magmus sat up, gripping her head as he walked to her.

"AH!! No, no, no, no! You win!" she pleaded. Zuko nodded as she got up.

"Now I know what you're gonna say. I'll go, see!" Magmus said. But Zuko instead walked in her way.

"Hold on, Maggie. I said whoever wins chooses what to do with you...and I say you can stay with us," Zuko said. Magmus was surprised but Robin's mouth fell to the floor, he was so shocked.

"But, but, but-"

"No buts, Robin. I know this will come around. And I decided for her to stay with us at least until we can figure out how to get home. Is that clear to both of you?" Magmus and Robin was speechless for a second. They both honestly didn't see this coming... what choice was there, honestly?

"All right, Zuko. I'll go along with this, but are you sure that it is a good idea?"

"I'm sure of it. Now, let's go. I don't wanna stay around with that T-Rex monster roaming around," Zuko said. Robin and Magmus moved with him to leave, but they were stopped when something walked in their way. Before any of them could react, a huge icy flash knocked them senseless.

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