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Phoenix Kid PT2

Zuko had been traveling alone for a long time in this Altonian world. He just couldn't figure out where he was, or why he was there. All he did know was that when he woke up, he met a strange person named Robin.

The first few days he travelled with him, Zuko found that Robin woke up earlier than he did, and found his body just lying in the dirt. He and Robin also found they had a good number of traits in common.

One day, the two travelers were going through a mountainous range of Altonia, when they found a shallow cave to rest in. Zuko helped start a fire, using whatever firewood Robin had collected.

"Thanks for the fire, Zuko," Robin said after Zuko started the fire.

"Not a problem. So, youýt lost too?"

"Yep. Tossed in here alone and trying to find my friends and figure out how to get home. You?"

"Same thing. Want some?" Zuko asked. Zuko caught a fish in the woods and was cooking it in the fire. Robin took his offer and got the fish from him.


"No problem. Who are you missing?" Robin thought about it for a moment.

"They're close team members of mine really. Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, Terra, and Starfire. Man, I miss 'em," Robin sighed, taking a bite of the cooked fish.

"I know how you feel. My own friends are missing. Aang, Katara, Toph, Sokka, Weed, Mel, Kyoushiro, and Nobutora. A lot more than you need to find," Zuko said.

"Not that many. I have five, and you have eight."

"Yea, I guess that's true...goodnight, Robin," Zuko said as he turned away from the fire. Robin didn't reply and went to sleep too.


The next day was quite uneventful for the two. For most of the day, they traveled - the only action they got was a simple a hunting trip.

"Man. I wish there was a town around here," Robin said.

"Don't worry. You're lucky we're not fighting anything right now," Zuko said. Robin could only groan. He would gladly fight to silence the boredom, but asking Zuko, someone who could turn him into a burnt stick, to fight him was crazy. After all, they had just met, and Robin wasn't the type to make enemies that fast. Suddenly, Robin stopped.

"What's wrong?" Zuko asked, turning around. Robin was peering down the mountain. Zuko followed his gaze, especially when he heard a scream coming from the direction!

What he saw was a girl fighting off a giant beast! The monster was as large as a T-Rex, and just as dangerous, if not deadlier. It had purple scales down its whole body and its arms ended in large stubs like boxing gloves. It also had a huge round horn on its head. Each end of the stub was bright green, dripping on the ground.

The girl was bright orange and red all over, and Zuko saw her try to get it with fire-bending, to no avail as it just blasted off. The beast made a huge roar again and nearly crushed her with one swing of its mighty arms.

"STAY AWAY FROM HER!!" Zuko yelled. He made a giant leap in the air and gave the monster a huge blast of heat, literally soaking it in fire. The beast howled but more in surprise than pain. Robin raced in, and using his martial arts gave a good beat down on the creature. After all that, the animal shook it off. It was about to attack again but then it glanced up the mountain... and ran off in fear of its life!

"Yeah, you better run! ...You okay?" Zuko asked, helping the girl up. Robin was suddenly surprised with who it was. Before he could say anything, the girl replied first.

"Robin?! What are you doing here?! I didn't do anything wrong!" she yelled.

"I was about to ask the same thing, Magmus!" Robin replied. Zuko looked puzzled.

" two know each other?" Zuko asked.

"Yea. She and I go back a while. Now, why are you here?!"

"Like I want to be here! I was knocked in this crazy place by some freak!"

The two kept arguing until Zuko jumped in and stepped between the two, aiming a fire dagger at them both.

"That's enough! I don't know what kind of past you two had to deal with, but it doesn't matter any more. What matters now is to find our friends, and our way home."

"There's no way I'm taking her!" Robin yelled.

"What other choice do you have? Leave her to die? She nearly got killed by that monster a few minutes ago!"

"SO?! Shes still a villain of the HIVE academy'; and it-"

"No longer exists here! Don't forget this neither your world or mine. Different rules apply, and unless she became an outlaw here, she's no more guilty than you and I are."

"You kidding me? She and her friends tried to capture us before!" Robin snapped. Zuko stopped for a second or two and turned to Magmus.

"Is there anyone else from this HIVE that were thrown in here, Magmus?" Zuko asked sternly. She first considered telling him to mind his own business but he had that strong look in his eyes, like one a captain would use.

"Well...maybe? I dunno, there were about three that were with me. It's not like I wanted to come here!" she said.

"None of us do. Now what exactly do the HIVE do where you come from?"

"We're like, uh...outlaws. Villains in training sort of speak, but like you said it doesn't matter now...right?" Magmus felt like slapping herself in the face. Why did she say that? She expected Zuko to snap at her but...

"A villain in you're a student in training to be a bad guy?" Zuko asked, again stern. Magmus nodded slightly for yes.

"...then let's see how well that training did. AGNI KAI!" Zuko said, getting in a battle stance. Magmus didn't know what an Agni Kai was.

"...a what?"

"Agni Kai is a fire-bending duel my people do back where I come from, the Fire Nation. And I challenge you to Agni Kai. Whoever wins gets to decide what to do with you," Zuko said. Magmus and even Robin were taking by surprise with Zuko's decision.

"Come on man! No way!" Magmus said, turning away from him.

"In an Agni Kai, you cannot refuse. When one challenges you, you can't back down. That shows that you can't hold your own in a fight and showing you're weak," Zuko smirked. An Agni Kai didnýshow weakness if you refuse, despite his own with his father, but he knew how to get people to agree to details...even if it meant to mock them.

"Excuse me?! You saying I can't fight?!" Magmus snapped.

"If you don't fight me then yeah." Magmus rushed into his face, a finger pointing up to the smirk.

"You watch your mouth. boy! I can easily burn that smile off your face!" Magmus growled. Zuko just chuckled; she was playing right into his hands.

"Then prove it, hot-shot."

Magmus was boiling with rage and snapped, "AGNI KAI!!"

Their duel was about to start...unaware they had a captive audience.

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