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Weed just laid there at the bottom of that pathway, his leg broke as the large Uragaan stampede started to fade away down the canyon. He couldn't see Mel nor Nobutora anywhere. "Did they make it? Did they die trying?" He didn't know what was happening. He was too tired. His heart was slowing down as he calmed down, but then again that could be from his injury as to why his heart was slowing down. He looked up the cliff where he fell. The dust of the herd was fading away, along with the noise. He also saw the two hunters looking down at him. They both didn't bother with him and went on their way, not giving a second glance at the wounded blue dog.

"It's strange, quiet things can be right after something like this. Weed is going through just that. Silence...only silence." He closed his eyes for what he thought was the last time in his life.

"Aang, I'm sorry. I wish I could of seen you one last time. I never wanted it to end like this. Toph, Sokka, Katara, Zuko...thanks for all of what you've done. Mel, Nobutora, Kyoushiro...please stay alive, for me. For me..." That was all Weed could think before he started to sleep.


The morning sun rose the next day. The songbirds were just starting their calming course of calls as they begin to flutter around a quiet cabin. Inside, in the upstairs bedroom was where Weed was laying. He was quiet, clean and unmoving, at least until he opened his eyes. His eyesight was still very blurry, but he had started seeing again after a few minutes. He was in a friendly room, in the roof by the angle of one of the corners of the ceiling. He looked out the window and could see that the weather was heavenly. But as he tried to get up, he realized his left leg was fully bandaged, but he did not know how that had come to be.

"What? Now what happened? How did I get here?" he thought. He got up and tried to walk around. His leg seemed oddly well over what happened to him back there. He slowly started walking around the house. It was surprisingly well managed for the fact no one seemingly lived here. He hauled himself down the stairs, trying not to fall over his new cast. He felt like he had a peg leg or something as he walked through the living room and pushed open the back door. He took a few steps away from the door onto the bright green grass. The grass felt nice on his feet, but he knew that he would not have come here if it weren't for his injuery. He walked out into the bed of fresh grass and laid down in a lovely bed of flowers.

"How beautiful this place a dream," Weed thought aloud to himself, looking around the place. The small little birdies scurried around him, as if unafraid of him. Weed just smiled. He still wasn't sure if was still alive or not, given the fact that the last thing he remembered was being stuck in a deep revenue after a stampede, not by a calming cabin. As he was looking around, right next to him on a small rock, a tiny skip of paper, size of a postage stamp, with a little flower laid there. "How cute, a little note," Weed remarked aloud. He gently nudged it open with his nose. The message was short, yet warming:

Get well soon-

"That's sweet," said Weed. But he suddenly remembered his friends. Despite his being in this place, he still had to find them, no matter what the case. First though, he required some rest. "I need to see my friends...but this stupid cast. I won't last a minute out there like this. I'm sorry guys. Try to stay alive a while longer, I have to wait on my part," Weed said, looking at the sky. He turned back to the house, seemingly ashamed now thanks to his cast. His cast. How did he get it? As he was thinking he glanced up on the rooftop, a small figure was standing near the gutter.

"Ugh...Get a grip, Weed. Maybe-" But before Weed could finish, his stomach suddenly growled. "Yea, that's it. I'm famished. Wonder if there's some food here," Weed said to himself. Taking one last look at the figurine, he walked back inside, making sure his leg's not getting much pressure. He tried to get a scent with his now bone dry nose. He couldn't get a smell as well as he used to, guessing from lack of use. As he was walking around, he heard something over in the next room alongside him.

"So, what'chu here for?" a friendly voice said. Weed panicked for a second and tried to see who spoke. He couldn't find who was talking to him. "Over here," the voice said. He got a better location this time and turned to the next room. On the bed sheets in the room was another canine. He looked bout his age and size, but he had more of brown fur instead of blue fur. And he also had white shades over his eyes, tips of his ears and a ring shape around his chest.

"I'm sorry, I thought no one lived here," Weed said.

"That's okay. My name's Delath. Who are you?" Delath asked as Weed laid with him by the warming sum beam on the sheets.

"My names Weed. Can you tell me where I am exactly?"

"Well I'm not sure exactly either, but I do know that this isn't a bad place truly. The borrowers are nice, too."

"The what?"

"The Borrowers. You didn't see one yet?"

"No. I don't know what one looks like."

"Well I can't say I'm surprised. They're very small, yet generous creatures. So, that aside, what happened to your leg?" Delath asked, gently nudging the cast.

Weed couldn't exactly remember, but he did know a little. "Well, all I know is that a huge stampede was chasing me and my friend! Oh no, Nobutora!" Weed gasped, suddenly remembering what really happened. He got up to his feet rather too quickly and his leg started to sting.

"Weed, wait. You can't rush things now, that cast-"

"I don't care about my cast! I thank you for bringing me here and healing me, but now I have to go. Who knows what could happen to them!?"

"Who's them?"

Weed then suddenly realized his situation. He was injured, he had no idea where he was, and he had no clue of the fate of his friends. Figuring out that he had no immediate options, he laid back down.

"Look. Delath is it?. My friends... I've been trying to look for them for I dunno...two weeks? Three weeks now? And now I need to gather them together so we can all travel back home." Then Weed got one idea but before he can stop himself he asked, "have you seen them?"

"Hmm...well, I'm not sure. What do they look like?"

"Well, lets see here. One is a medium sized, brown dog with black stripes all over his body. The other dog is a small golden retriever and then a scared white kishu. Seen anyone like that?"

Delath thought about it for a moment. "No. Sorry."

"Then how about this? One kid is named Aang. He's a young monk with arrows around his body. Then there's Katara, a friendly girl with blue clothing. Next is Sokka, same thing only a boy and carries a sword with him. Then there's Toph. She's a bit petite, wears shades of green, and is blind. And there's also Zuko. He often wears red cloths and has a deep burn over his eye. Know anyone like that?"

"Not really. No, wait. There was one person that came by a few days ago."

Now Weed got excited. "Really?!"

"Well, yea. Does this sound like anyone you know? He's about a typical size for a human boy, teenager, black hair-" At first, Weed was thinking it's Zuko, but then he heard the next part. "He also had this odd superhero costume too. Black mask, cape included."

" had me...then lost me. I don't know anyone like that," Weed sighed.

"Oh well, I tried," Delath chuckled.

Weed chuckled along with him. But as they were talking, Weed suddenly heard a set of footsteps from the other room. However, those noises were blocked off by his own stomach. "Oh yeah. Got anything to eat here?" Weed asked.

"Well, maybe. I think the Barrowers are taking care of it though. Look." Delath then pointed over to the hallway ahead as Something rolled in. The object actually was a piece of bread.

"Huh? Eh, food's food," Weed said, walking over to it. He only started taking a few bites of it when someone walked in front of him. It was a girl, human, and seemingly friendly. She was in a red dress, has a rusty color in her long hair, put in a pony tail. She seemed normal...but one catch...her size. She only stood about as tall as a mouse would on its hind legs. Small enough to ride on Weed's head. Weed just looked at her for a second or two before lifting his head. Already that made him a foot taller.

"Morning Arriety. Nice to see you," Delath said. Weed just starred at the little girl in front of him.

"Likewise. Nice to meet you to Weed." Arriety replied. Weed literally jumped to his feet, cringing for a second thanks to his cast.

"How'd you know my name?!"

"I heard you talking to Delath earlier. It's nice to see you're still alright. That leg will be cured in a few days in the cast." Weed glanced at his wrapped leg. Thanks to the little girl, he knew in a sense on how he got the cast.

"Oh. I guess you're a borrower like Delath was telling me about?"

"Right. We often barrow things from the humans that they won't miss. Like sugar cubes, tissues, stuff like that."

"Oh...well thanks for the help, but I really have to go. My friends are still out there, I can't afford anymore time wasted," Weed said, starting to walked towards the open door.

"What? You can't leave yet, you're not in the right condition," Delath stated. But Weed didn't care how he felt. Right now all he cared about it getting to his friends, nothing else. He managed to trot outside, Probably the fastest he'll get for now, when Delath ran in front of him.

"Where are you going, Weed?"

"I'm going to find my friends. I don't care about my injury. As long as I get to my friends I don't care what happens to me."

"But Weed, your leg's broken!"

"I don't care if my backs split in two! I'm getting to my friends, and you can't stop me from that. With all due respect Delath." Weed then walked past him and trotted away.

"Weed...if you really are gonna go, then at least tell Arriety first so she knows," Delath suggested.

"Alright, but I'll have to go, so no long goodbyes please," Weed said, as he turned back to the house to see Arriety standing by the door, outside by the flowers.

"There you are Weed. What's the hurry?" Arriety asked.

"Arriety, I'm going to have to leave early. I humbly thank you for the help but my friends come first before healing," Weed explained. Arriety seemed to see this coming, not looking surprised.

"I understand Weed. You miss your friends, and if you want to go I won't stop you." 

"Okay good. Now if you excuse me, I'll be-" before Weed can finish, suddenly he looked up and he saw a good sized bird flying above them. But it wasn't the bird that got his attention, but what fell from it. A note, neatly wrapped and tied together, fell down and landed by the door.

"What's that?" Delath wondered, grabbing it and bringing it back. When he set it down, it rolled out as advertisement for an event going on: the Starlight Fighting Championship.

"Starlight? Fighting? Championship?"

"Really?! That's going on? Alright!" Delath beamed.

"Wait a minute. What's this championship about?" Weed asked.

"The Starlight Fighting Championship is a yearly event that goes on along the borders of the Wyvern plains and Uragaan savannah. Basically how it works is that fighters who sign up battle it out until a victor remains. Winner gets the prize and is declared champion. The sponger for this is Krokhotep."


"He's like a crocodilian human that judges the games. In charge of the event in a way. See?" Delath said, pointing at the picture on the flier. Weed saw an Egyptian cloths wearing blue crocodile, holding a light blue spear. He did look like a ruler in many sense of the word, but he never really seen a crocodile like him before.

"Krokhotep sure looks royal does he?"

"Yea. He's from a royal family of Kroks that invented the championship. They are more advanced versions of crocodiles, but just as powerful with their bite force. Trust me. You do not want a krok to get mad at ya or you'll get a quick bite.," Delath warned.

"I'll keep that in mind. But what this prize?"

"Changes each year. But each time's something special. Shown over here, see?" Arriety pointed to a section of the flier. The prize was five people, three of which Weed recognized! He looked back to Delath and Arriety. "You gotta get me in."

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