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The Water Children Part 2
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With Tank's help, Katara and Sokka were now making great time. After saving them from the Velociprey, Tank had given them a ride and they had reached the nearest town in very quickly.

The dinky settlement actually looked like a small village back in the world Sokka and Katara came from. It had a few living homes, a local shop, and a few other familiar things, but of course there were a few exceptions. One was the livestock that lived here, one of which walked over and started sniffing Katara's leg. Katara jumped to see it was no more than a dog-sized pig. Nothing scary.

"What's this?" Katara asked, kneeling down to the animal, in turn it sniffed her hand.

"Don't worry about them. They're just the boaradillos that live here. I guess they don't sound like any animal you two might know?" Tank said, scratching his metal hove at the ground.

"Actually, this is the most familiar thing we've met so far. Back where we come from there lots of animals like this," Sokka said as the boaradillo walked over to Sokka and started nibbling on his shoe. "Hey!" Sokka got his foot out as the pig waddled off with it.

Tank just simply chuckled and said, "I call him Bitty. Suits him."

" thanks for helping us here, Tank."

"No problem. Wanted to visit anyway. I like this little town, nice and relaxing," Tank said.

It was now that Sokka noticed that he was speaking loud enough for the others to hear, but they didn't seem to think it was weird. "Are the people here used to you?"

"Oh sure. I've been here many times, so they're used to things like me. Especially since that new guy showed up."

"New guy?"

"Yea, he showed up only a week ago. And coming strait from the horses mouth, he's more unique than I am."

"What's he look like?" Sokka asked, scratching his hair.

"Well for starters he's huge; about this tall." Tank then got on his hind legs and showed his metal hooves as his head height. "Also the guys covered, about ninety percent of him in odd blinking blue metal," he added.

"Wha? Blinking blue metal? Okay, you're losing me."

"Well, simply speaking, he's a blue metal man. Come here, I'll show ya." Tank then trotted ahead until he stopped at one of the buildings.

Sokka and Katara both looked inside and found it quite crowded round one of the tables. "What's going on in there?" Katara asked.

"Showing off probably. Now go on," Tank said, bugging them inside.

"You're not coming in?"

"I'm a horse. What do you think? I'll wait out here until you're good, 'kay?" Tank assured, pushing them through the door before they can reply. They looked over at the table, unaware of what's going on.

What was happening in the crowd was actually an arm wrestling contest. It was between a large brute and that blue metal man Tank told them about. Katara weaved her way through the crowd and got close to the front as Sokka stayed behind at the entrance. The two men had their hands locked together, ready for the round to begin as a young woman held both hands.

"Ready boys?" she asked. They both nodded as they both smirked each-other. "GO!!"

It was amazing what happened next. They started off with no movement, but only twenty seconds into it, the blue guy suddenly winked and with one slam crushed the table like it was nothing, winning easily. "BOYAAH!!!"

Everyone applauded his victory, except Katara whom was still in awe over the man's work. He did look extremely weird. Blue and grey metal all over him except the side of his face.

"Way da go Cyborg!" the girl cheered.

"Cyborg?..." Katara was simply dumbstruck. And it didn't take very long until Cyborg noticed.

"Oh hey! What's up?" Cyborg said. Katara didn't reply at first, still dumbfounded with Cyborg's nuts and bolts and who knows what else on him.

"Uh...hi...Cyborg Is it?" Katara stuttered.

"Yep, that's my name! And what's yours?" Cyborg asked.

Before she could reply, Sokka suddenly walked over. "Katara? What's the hold up?" Sokka asked. It was now that he looked over to Cyborg. "Whoa!"

"Heh. Impressed are ya?" Cyborg asked.

"Uh yea. I mean look at you! What's with the neat-o armor?" Sokka asked.

"Oh this isn't armor in a way. It's more my real body."


"Yea. Long story."

"And who's your friend?" Katara asked.

"My names Aquos. Water-kinetic specialist. Nice to meet you both. You new here?" she said.

"How did you know that?"

"Just a guess really. Were new here too."

"Uh...what's water-kinetic?"

"Watch." Aquos then turned to a water bucket nearby and started waterbending it about like it was an act. Just for a laugh she made a whip and nearly got Katara! Freaking out she used her own waterbending acts to repel it and splash Aquos.

" okay Aquos?" Katara asked. Aquos bent the water out of her hair until it was dry again.

"Yea, I'm fine. Nice trick by the way. Fancy waterbending work."

"Thanks. You're not so bad yourself," Katara laughed, picking her up off the ground.

Their conversation went on for a while longer as Tank was still waiting outside. He was watching each person inside as they were talking to one another.

"Man their taking their time in there...heh. Must be getting acquainted in there." Tank thought, seeing them talking inside and happy together.

"I really should thank you."

Tank got caught off guard and looked around...what he saw was a strange equine literally right next to him.

"Whoa! Who are you?" Tank gasped, nearly jumping off his feet. His panicking nearly cause a Stab from its horn!

"Ssshhh...relax. I'm here for them," it explained, looking inside at Katara and Sokka.

"You're gonna have to get past me! You're not hurting them!" Tank warned, giving him a snort of anger.

"Quiet please. I'm not here to harm them. I just need to talk to them, please."

"Why? Who are you, and what do you want?" Tank ordered, metal hooves at the ready.

"Just let me pass please! This is extremely important, and not just for me!"

"What is it then?!"

Before he could reply, suddenly Tank and the kirin heard a loud horn go off! Tank turned to see what that was and quickly turned back just in time to see the kirin disappear! "What the?..." Tank quickly spun back around and suddenly he saw a large carriage coming towards him. A set of large bovine like creatures called Uragaan. It rolled to a stop, as something else walked out. It actually looked like a humanoid blue crocodile!

"I heard of about three strong fighters here?"

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