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The Water Children Part 1
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The Water Children PT2

In the dry Altonian forests, two lone travelers continued on their way, trying to figure out where to go and how to find their friends. These two were Sokka and Katara, and they were brother and sister.

They two woke up around the same time as the others, but unlike them, they so far had not run into anyone new or from any other worlds, so the trip was quite dull for the most part. Katara was getting very scared for Aang. Having no idea where he is, and the fact that they were deeply in love made Katara very worried. She wondered if he would be okay even if they did manage to find him.

The two Water Tribe siblings were resting over by a shallow stream later that night. They were very beat, having not gotten to rest for very long.

"Hey Katara, you okay?" asked Sokka. "You're not acting like yourself."

"I know I'm not, but what's happening to our friends? What's going on? Are they okay?" Katara replied sadly.

Sokka walked to Katara's side. "Listen, I'm just as worried about them as you are, but we need to be okay ourselves in the meantime. Now come over here and help me start the fire."

Katara agreed and she tried her best to help. They both were having a lot of trouble starting the fire, since they both weren't firebenders. Sokka rubbed two sticks together as fast as he could, but all that did was snap the two into four sticks.

"Oh man! I wish Zuko was here, he can start any fire easy," Sokka commented, throwing the broke stick aside.

"Well, now what?" Katara asked aloud. They sat there for a while, unsure upon what. But then they both suddenly heard a spark from their wood pile and the scent of smoke. And in just a few seconds, a fire suddenly burst to life in well bound glory.

"Sokka, we did it!" Katara gasped. They both were excited that they now had a fire and likewise didn't really question how exactly the fire started. They both were settling in for the night, both unaware of a set of eyes were watching them from across the river.

"Sweet children."


The next morning, Sokka and Katara lazily rose up from their sleeping spots. It's always hard to truly sleep when one's bed is simply a sheet over the bare earth.

"How does Toph get used to the taste of dirt?" Katara asked, trying to spit out the dirt taste.

Sokka shrugged as he got up. "I dunno. She has been with badgermoles since she was a baby."

"Makes sense. Now let's go, maybe well find a town around here," Katara hoped as she used her waterbending to put out the fire. But as they were getting ready to go, Katara glanced over by the stream and saw something in the water. It was pretty big.

"Hey Sokka, look. Over there."

Sokka looked to where she was pointing and he saw that it was a medium-sized package. It was tied together with a small string and had a note attached:

To whom it may concern

That was all it said.

"Funny package... Come on, Katara, let's go. We're good with what we have," Sokka insisted.

Katara took one more glance at the package and decided to open it. One pluck at the strings and it simply opened up strait out. What she saw was an amulet. It was a small, water amulet. Looking like a rain drop with eagle talons wrapped around it.

"Katara, let's go! The sooner we go, the sooner we can find the others," Sokka called, a good ten feet ahead. Katara snatched the amulet and ran back to her brother. It was now that something walked out of the brush, looking calm and content at Katara and Sokka.

"The Water I missed you. You've grown up so much from the last I saw both of you. Katara-Chan. Sokka-San. Wait for me."

It started trotting over to them, but it still was too quiet for Katara and Sokka as it turned to a walk. Its hooves gently stepped along the ground. It took about one hour but finally Sokka glanced behind and stopped.

"Sokka, what's-...what's that?" Katara asked. The thing looked like a cross between an antelope and a unicorn. It had a large curved horn sticking out from its head and its back was covered in black scales. It showed no fear of the two, in fact it had a content look on him...but as suddenly as it appeared it vanished out of sight.

" DID see that right?" Sokka asked.

"Yea, I did...I think. Come on, let's go," Katara replied, scratching her head in confusion. Then things started to get serious when they heard a loud horse screech.

"What's that?!" Katara gasped.

Sokka reached for his sword and got himself ready. They looked up the trail and suddenly a pack of Velociprey, raptors, suddenly jumped out of nowhere, running right to them! Sokka tried basic slashing with his sword as Katara got some water for a ready water whip but most of the raptors just ran past them...all but the largest one whom roared at them both.

"Stay back you!" Katara ordered, whipping its face with cold water. But all that did was caused it to call in reinforcements as they came back and circled them!

"Okay! Someone can help us now!" Sokka called, to no one in particular. The large raptor was just about to kill them when that same horse call echoed all around them, seemingly coming from everywhere!...then suddenly a smaller raptor screeched in pain as something stomped on its tail and was yanked back! The sounds of whacking, kicking, and screeching can be heard just before it was tossed back, a horse shoe print square in the head. The other raptors ran off, leaving the largest one. The kicked raptor shook off the hit and ran off with its pack as Sokka and Katara aimed their weapons over in its direction.

"Hey, hey, hey! Calm down, I'm on your side!" it shouted. The raptor  screeched and ran at it. But suddenly the opponent jumped out, hooves blazing, and slammed its head into the ground with one slam! The thing exactly looked now like a large grey horse with a set of front metal legs! It scooped the raptor up into the air, spun around, and gave it a good hard horse kick, hurling it to the other side of the river, out of trouble.

"Whoa...some slam-down," Sokka said out of impulse. But then the horse actually replied "No sweat!"

"WHA?!...But you're a horse! Horses can't TALK!"

"Heh. Maybe not where you two kids came from. So anyway, you two got names?" it asked, looking at them.

"Oh yea. I'm Sokka, this is Katara. Were not from around here, lost. You know where we are?"

"Tank. And sure I do. Where you at is my territory," Tank said.

"Oh really?...where's your herd?" Katara asked, looking around.

"Kind of a loner."

"Oh...sorry to hear that."

"It's okay. I rather prefer it over a herd anyway, too crowded," Tank chuckled, adjusting himself on his metal leg. Sokka saw this and blurted out "What happened to your legs, Tank?"

The grey stallion did not liking to talk about what happened to him.

"Uh...maybe later...much later," Tank replied.

Sokka too felt uncomfortable along with Katara at this point. But then Katara remembered the reason for their traveling for right now. "Hey Tank? You've been around awhile right? Do you know if theirs anything like a town nearby or something? We both need somewhere to stop and rest," Katara explained. The horse didn't need much time to think of somewhere.

"Oh sure. I can easily take you but ONE thing!"


"Don't nether you nor Sokka ask of my leg until we get better acquainted. Agreed?" The horse said. The two agreed and were about to start walking when Tank got to his knees.

"Now, now, you two. Don't'chu think it's easier for a horse ride instead? Or do ya want a risk of becoming a snack for the Velociprey?" Sokka and Katara understood and got onto Tank's back. He got to his feet easy and with a cue snort started galloping to the next town, all the time the black Kirin was hidden until they were out of hearing range.

"Oh my children. Why did I have to hide from you? But now you have Tank-San as a guide. I'll be with you soon...hopefully soon."

Then the Kirin horse started galloping after them, making sure he wasn't spotted by the horse and Water Tribe children.

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