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Avatar: New Universe
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Avatar: The Last Airbender


Avatar: New Universe II


A Nifrin's Discovery

This is yet another very interesting crossover idea with Avatar. Due to the probable violence of this fanon, it's been set to PG-13.

Main Idea

The story mainly follows Team Avatar on their latest adventure. The day started off normal in comparison towards the war a year earlier, until the team was found by a team of creatures who sent them to a planet in another universe called Altonia! And if that wasn't strange enough, they meet another team that was thrown at them at the same time! Now Team Avatar and the Titans must survive through their time in this new world in order to find their way home.

Despite other names and main characters in this, Teen Titans aren't the only things crossed over! Some of the items, a lot of the animals, etc. are from other universes. Other shows/games that will be crossed into this mess are the following:

  1. Monster Hunter
  2. Elfen Lied
  3. Pokémon
  4. Shadow of the Colossus
  5. Wizard 101
  6. Ginga Densetsu Weed

In this new world, there are whole new types of fauna and flora. Read about them here: Ecology

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Team Avatar

These are the characters from the beginning that are gonna be followed throughout the story.

  1. Aang
  2. Katara
  3. Sokka
  4. Toph
  5. Zuko

Ginga Dogs

  1. Weed
  2. Mel
  3. Kyoushiro
  4. Nobutora (reincarnated into Lycaeon)

Teen Titans

This here is the other team that ends up with Team Avatar after being sent to the new universe.

  1. Robin
  2. Starfire
  3. Cyborg
  4. Beast Boy
  5. Raven
  6. Terra


Lost Arc

  1. Arrival - Team Avatar start off with a normal day...until they get called in on their latest problem.
  2. Enter Titans - As Team Avatar wakes up in Altonia, the first people they meet are the Teen Titans.
  3. A Part of the Herd - Nobutora, Mel and Weed travel with the Aptonoth herd and come across a new creature...and it's electric.
  4. The Sand Travelers - Aang and Starfire continue going through the great desert and find something out of place.
  5. The Village of Spirits - Kyoushiro and Raven got to know each other better, and they reach a very ominous village.
  6. Two Worlds, One Style - After traveling a bit, Toph and Terra decided to fight to see who's the best earthbender.
  7. The Straw Hat - Aang and Starfire had made it to a desert village to get supplies when Star comes across a straw hat.
  8. The Stampede - Nobutora starts to feel something is watching them as they travel through a canyon, and pays the ultimate price.
  9. The Franchises - While waiting for Raven, Kyoushiro finally discovers where they all are from a whole new surprise.
  10. The Water Children PT1
  11. The Water Children PT2 - Fallowing the recap of Sokka and Katara as they travel through Altonia.
  12. Arriety - Weed wakes up to a strange cabin and meets some new friends.
  13. The Phoenix Kid PT1
  14. The Phoenix Kid PT2 - Following Zuko on his traveling through Altonia with Robin.
  15. Pitstop - Aang and Starfire start traveling with Luffy's crew as they stop at an Arib traders market.
  16. Toph's Training Course - As Toph was Training with Terra, they come across a new mysterious character.
  17. Lucy PT1
  18. Lucy PT2
  19. Lucy PT3 - Kyou and Mel wake up in "the house of horror" and try to find Raven in it all.
  20. Air-bending Duo - Following back to Aang and Starfire as they meet another Titan.
  21. Reincarnation - The fate of Nobutora.
  22. Living Trophies - After being captured, some of the team finally meet the queen of Altonia.
  23. Jhen Mohran - Aang was training Ventus when they were attacked by a huge beast.

S.F.C Arc

  1. Starlight Fighters PT1
  2. Starlight Fighters PT2 - The three groups arrived to the championship at last.
  3. The Tosa and X - As training continued, two of the groups reunite and meet two new characters.
  4. Earth Champion - Tophs try for the prize.
  5. Mel's Puzzle - As Terra was trying for the prize, Mel's trying to find out something important.
  6. Tag-Teaming Up - Weed and Kyoushiro's try.
  7. Nightly surprises - The night before the final.
  8. Yin vs. Yang - The final canine fight between Weed/Kyoushiro and Hougen/Genba.
  9. Final Countdown - Reviling at last the horrifying reason their in Altonia.

Colossi Arc

  1. Explanation - Both teams finally figure out why they are here thanks to the almighty Spirit Council.
  2. Colossi of Ole - The gang travels to yet another universe, their now main place of power resurrection.
  3. The Nightly Wanderers - Toube meets the first colossi of Yveltal and J.D
  4. Giant Oxen - Beast Boy's turn to fight his first colossi
  5. Scarab King - Tophs encounter with the deadliest scarab ever.
  6. Swords of Colossal - Sokka's ultimate swordsman fight with the largest of all.
  7. Grand Hammer - BB gets his ultimate form.
  8. Quarter-Ton Horse - Weed's first colossi encounter.
  9. Size Matters? - Mel meets a colossi with the least likely trait...fear.
  10. Wild Hawk - The alien girl of fire vs. the colossi of the air.
  11. Future meets Past - Terra encounters Basiliscus and finds two old friends.
  12. Feared Beard - Mel gets his ultimate form.
  13. Grave Walker - Raven, while fighting a new colossi, discovers a horrifying truth.
  14. The Girl of the Waters - Katara's ultimate dynamic duo battle with Illuminus and Hydrus.
  15. The Shadow on the Wall - Raven gets her ultimate form...but gets an unlikely reaction.
  16. Left Out - Catching up to Zuko when he meets a banished giant.
  17. Colossi in a Half-Shell - experience with the killer tortoise.
  18. Strategy - Sokka's fight with strategus and his ultimate form.
  19. The Blind and the Brave - Toph finally goes against dirge and her ultimate form.
  20. Spider Queen - Robin's first fight with Kuroiyara.
  21. The Flame of Fear - Zuko's ultimate form gathered.
  22. Water Buffalo - Terra's match with Pelegia.
  23. Colossi Dragonfly - Aang's match with the greatest giant among all.
  24. Lion of the Ruins - Catching up with kyoushiro shirogane and his fight with cenobia.
  25. Lacerta - So many things are discovered when they all come together.
  26. Sirens - The trip to reach Raviente grows more treacherous.
  27. Final Attack - The last fight with Raviente.

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