By Jtwin1 Part of the Avatar: Neo Revolution continuity.

The following Chapter Summaries contain spoilers. DO NOT READ ON IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SPOIL ANYTHING.

- Prologue -

A brief history of the world following Avatar Korra and the story of Avatar Lyn's final confrontation with the Clandestines.

~ Book One: Water ~

~ Chapter 1: The Orphanage ~

As Dover and Sedgley, and their friend Erik, discover an unknown truth about the present Avatar, a new and dangerous journey spreads out before them. A run in with a pair of criminals however forces them to ask, 'Is it over before it's even begun?'

~ Chapter 2: The Firebender ~

While Erik faces a disturbance at the Gao Lin Customs Centre, Dover and Sedgley receive an interesting proposition from a mysterious firebender. However, can this firebender be trusted?

~ Chapter 3: The Tunnel ~

While attempting to leave Gao Lin once and for all, the secret tunnel and its inhabitants pose a new obstacle for the gang.

~ Chapter 4: The Northern Healers ~

As some of the boys begin to lose trust in Anurna, she feels she has to somehow prove her alliance. The gang come across a group of waterbenders who are descendants from the Northern Water Tribe, and learn about their heritage.

~ Chapter 5: The Scars of Chan Dai ~

Eager to improve their waterbending, Sedgley and Dover attempt to steal some waterbending scrolls from a local gang. Meanwhile, Anurna tells the story of Chan Dai's social plummet, reflective of the rest of the world's state. Erik, feeling incapable as the only non-bender, invests in other ways to defend himself.

~ Chapter 6: Mother Nature ~

While on their way to Maderia, the green city, the forest proves a haunting experience; as each member of the gang get a visit from their greatest fears. Aran, the chief of Maderia, begins training Dover and Sedgley in plantbending but urges them to connect with Nature when they experience difficulties.

~ Chapter 7: Natural Selection ~

As Maderia comes under threat from a Clandestine attack, the gang must do all they can to defend the city, and escape safely.

~ Chapter 8: The Weeds of Wealth ~

Sedgley, feeling inadequate, wants to prove himself. The discovery of a drug-smuggling, Wasteland tribe proves the perfect opportunity. But he soon realises he bit off more than he could chew.

~ Chapter 9: Into the Wasteland ~

Having entered the Wasteland, the gang brave the elements to keep Sedgley alive. When things start to look grim, the arrival of a mysterious Wasteland Tribe poses yet another potential threat to the group.

~ Chapter 10: The Sunanochi Tribe Part One: Barbed Wire ~

In an attempt to save their friends, the gang must infiltrate a ruthless Wasteland tribe's headquarters. Soon though, all hope is seemingly lost when an old enemy resurfaces. Will the Avatar, whoever it is, prevail?

~ Chapter 11: The Sunanochi Tribe Part Two: Desperation Prevails ~

The gang instills hope in the tribe's prisoners by spreading word of the Avatar. As their plans near a close, an all-out battle ensues to determine their safety.

~ Chapter 12: The Oasis ~

As the heat begins to affect the gang, the weather takes a dramatic turn, much to the delight of Dover. Tensions rise between Dover and Sedgley about who should be the Avatar and secrets are revealed.

~ Chapter 13: The Cabbage Merchant ~

When the gang stumble upon a farm that grows genetically modified cabbages, morals are soon re-evaluated and an opportunity to finally do some good as the Avatar arises.

~ Chapter 14: The Walls of Haven ~

As Haven draws nearer, the gang realises they have made no plans on how to enter inconspicuously. However, Anurna's connections again prove helpful when she tells them of yet another secret tunnel.

~ Chapter 15: All Is Good ~

As the kids are denied to talk political matters inside Haven, they are recommended to acquaint themselves with Haven. Dover and Anurna are introduced to powerful allies, Erik reflects all that has happened, while Sedgley joins an earthbending school. A troublesome girl named Aine comes into the midst.

~ Chapter 16: Children of the Light ~

As a new cult becomes the latest craze at school, the gang discover there are darker things occurring, and must intervene when one of their friends is involved.

~ Chapter 17: The Party ~

While attending an upper class dinner function, a dangerous interruption highlights Evander's strengths. Aine's suspicious behaviour causes the gang to question her neutrality.

~ Chapter 18: My Own Flesh and Blood ~

While trying to discover more information on Aine, the gang stumble upon a shocking secret. However, when they delve into it further - to the debate of some members - it seems they may have gotten in way over their heads.

~ Chapter 19: The Revelation ~

As tensions rise in Haven, Aine becomes a key suspect in all the mishaps. But, as a plan to know the truth about her comes to play, an alliance is put to the test and things take a turn for the worse, as usual...

~ Chapter 20: The Avatar ~

Coming to Haven to seek political asylum, it seems it has proven to be the boys' biggest threat yet. One boy gains new responsibilities while the other's dreams come to a sudden halt when the identity of the Avatar is finally revealed. But, is it too late for the gang to save the day, or to even save themselves?

ʘ Book Two: Earth ʘ

ʘ Chapter 1: Small as Dirt ʘ

ʘ Chapter 2: The Firebender's Tale ʘ

ʘ​ Chapter 3: Aftermath and Afterbirth ʘ

ʘ​ Chapter 4: The Avatar State ʘ

ʘ Chapter 5: Trapped ʘ

ʘ Chapter 6: Fear ʘ

ʘ Chapter 7: The Trials of Life ʘ

ʘ Chapter 8: In Cold Blood ʘ

ʘ Chapter 9: Breaking Free ʘ

ʘ Chapter 10: The Winter Solstice Part 1: The First Snow ʘ

ʘ Chapter 11: The Winter Solstice Part 2: The Cold Tears Through ʘ

ʘ Chapter 12: Disappointment ʘ

ʘ Chapter 13: The Blemished ʘ

ʘ Chapter 14: Behind Walls Again ʘ

ʘ Chapter 15: 'Till Death Do Us Part ʘ

ʘ Chapter 16: No One Like You ʘ

ʘ Chapter 17: The Plans ʘ

ʘ Chapter 18: Up In Smoke ʘ

ʘ Chapter 19: Crumbling ʘ

ʘ Chapter 20: The Sands of Time ʘ

Ϫ Book Three: Fire Ϫ

₪ Book Four: Air ₪

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