Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: Missing Mum in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar: Missing Mum
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This is a new series of Avatar. It is about a young girl named Hana. Her mother been kidnapped and has been given a series of clues to find her that lead to circumnavigation. Meeting friends along the way.


Book 1 - Darkness

Hana is the princess of the Sound Colony. One day she finds her mother missing. She finds a note which reads her mother has been kidnapped by a gang from the Lumiére Commune, a country the Sound Colony is at war with. They kidnapped her so she could trigger the Avatar State and break the Avatar Cycle. They left find clues so she find her mum. One night, she secretly goes to the dock. She paints a ship (so it will not match a wanted poster) and sets sail. She finds a clue telling her to go to the Negro Archipelago. Here, their people practice Darknessbending. She wanders around till she finds a finds young pickpocket, Nebula. She offers to teach Darknessbending in exchange to leave with Hana they agree in Nebula's belt they find the second clue, to go to Pyros.

Book 2 - Fire

Hana and Nebula now at Pyros, are bored and hot so they go to witness an Agni Kai. The winner, Snake is in his private room when Nebula and Hana come to congratulate him he locks the door. He tells them that he hates his uncle because one day day he angered him so much he set a house on fire and severely burnt an old man. The two girls help him. He tells them that he has never had friends and if this is what it's like he likes it. He later teaches Hana Firebending. In Snake's sword case they find the second clue, to go to the Aero Republic.

Book 3 - Air

When group travel to the mystic Aero Republic. They find something their not expecting... a floating country. Carved on the rock wrote 'Believe'. The three believe they are in the Republic. And when they open their eyes their flying towards to Aero Republic. When they search for a teacher they find a boy a boy crying. Hana asks him what's wrong and he says his family has kicked him out because they blamed him of something he didn't do. He has nowhere to go so Hana takes him in. He teaches Hana Airbending. He reveals his name to be Tane. In his hat has the 3rd clue, to go the Earth Nation.

Book 4 - Earth

The arrive at the Earth Nation. Hana is getting frustrated because she hasn't found her mother yet. The group reassure her they will find her. The team refuge in a cave. In a nearby tree they find a sack, Tane flies to it and opens it and inside is 12,000 Geollar (the currency). The group split it into 4000 Geollar each. Hana and Nebula just spend it on clothes and dresses, Snake spends it on new weapons and Tane buys some food and saves the rest. Whilst walking back from town a bear charges towards them a cute Earthbender comes to their rescue. His name is Rumba. Out of gratitude they invite them to their feast. He tells he knows why their here, he was spying on them whilst they were in town. He was the one who put the money in the sack. He offers to teach Hana Earthbending. She accepts, in Rumba's shoe there is a drawing of the sea as the Fourth Clue.

Book 5 - Water

Whilst sailing, a gigantic cube of ice encircles them and the start to sink. Once submerged they each are in bubbles of air. They are in Hydroton, whose people practice Waterbending they live in a gigantic dome full of air. They find many places of attraction. They find a girl Waterbending with great skill and precision. They ask her to help Hana to learn Waterbending and she accepts, her name is Aquilia (pronounced Ak-wee-lee-ah). The last clue is to go to the Lumiére Commune.

Book 6 - Light

They arrive at the beach in the Lumiére Commune. They play while Hana finds a Lightbending teacher. She finds a boy named Photoninius creating light strips in the air. She is struck in awe, Photoninius notices her says his father forbids him from bending, for fear enemy forces come and keep all benders prisoner. He teaches her at midnight for is when the light is at its brightest. Mastering all the elements, Hana and the group go to the gang's Headquarters. Snake and Nebula rescue Hana's mum, Aquilia and Tane fight the Kingpinn's subordinates, Rumba blocks all exits and Photoninius blinds the guards and Hana fights the Kingpin. With a sudden twist of fate they destroy the Headquarters and rescue Hana's mother.


  • Hana- The protagonist, she is a headstrong but caring young woman. A great friend the absence of her mother has created a void in her life. Thus, perseveres greatly for her liberty from bondage.
  • Nebula-A master Darknessbender, is a formidable opponent in any fight. Before Hana's arrival Nebula was a sly but creative pickpocket. Earning fortunes from her 'Rouge Trade' she wanted to leave her destitute life. She is a very enigmatic person.

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