Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: Legend of the Arbiter in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Arbiter finished
Avatar: Legend of the Arbiter
When worlds collide, what will be the collateral?
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Long ago, the Wood Clans lived together... well... more or less peacefully. Then, one day, the Metal Empire attacked.

We were once a proud and strong nation, united by bonds of friendship and brotherhood; but old feuds and grievances divided us... and we fell... Not even the Arbiter, master of both elements, could save us.

It now falls to me, the newly anointed Arbiter, to maintain peace and balance between the now humbled Wood Clans and their Imperial occupiers.

It used to be the Arbiter's duty, once found by the Draconian clerics, to mediate between our world and that of the spirits of nature and the souls of our ancestors. Now it is my burden to stand between the disgruntled Clans and the pompous Imperials, whose hold grows tighter with each passing year.

I strove to be worthy of my weighty station, to keep the two nations from descending into civil war. Each day was a new challenge, but I resolved to face each tribulation head on...but I despaired when my compatriots, the clerics, disclosed a dismaying secret...that on the other side of the world there lay four nations, each more alien and backwards than the next and that they were united in a cause to rebuild their war-torn countries and explore beyond the limits of their realm. It was now my duty to keep both of our worlds separate...

I was beleaguered... if the disparate clans of one small island nation could not accept each other and live in harmony, how could two worlds...


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  1. Vanishings Yes check Done
  2. The Threshold Yes check Done
  3. A Brave New Port Yes check Done
  4. The Wooden Road Yes check Done

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