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2: Exchanging

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Hey world. I am new to fanon/fanficing. If you have any suggestions, please comment them. They will be much appreciated. Also, I am a horrible speller. If I forget to spell check, you are allowed to fix it for me. I am not asking you to, but I am saying that you may.

The Waterbending Avatar: Chapter One. Fishing

Shin rowed out to the sea. The fish were good this morning, maybe some didn't get caught. He looked over the side of the boat to see he was right. There were fish practically jumping into the boat. He waterbended a few into the boat, putting them into the basket he had brought. I'll need as many as I can get, he thought, If I'm going to go through with this. As he waterbended some more into the boat, he looked back on the crazy day.

"Shin Tachibana," Si-Lon, Shin's father, called, "Come down, or I'll have to leave without you."

"All right dad," Shin yelled back down, "I just gotta to get Sifu." Shin rolled out of bed, wishing that the fish would pick a more convenient time to come out. Like noon. But not three in the morning. After he had slipped on his clothes, he climbed the ice stairs up to the roof where Sifu slept.

While shook Sifu's shoulders, Shin said, "Get up you big lug. Don't you want breakfast?" Sifu yawned, showing his huge, sharp teeth, then rolled over. "Come on, Sifu, I won't give you any fish if you don't get up." That started him. Sifu reared up on his hind legs, standing at just over eight feet tall. He looked at Shin, and snorted, as if to say, "You better feed me," then walked down the outside stairs. "Crazy polar leopard," commented shin as he walked down to breakfast.

His father tossed Shin a small bag of blubbered seal jerky. "You can eat on the way," he said, "because you got up late." "Alright," Shin replied, as he walked out the door. "You got a fish for Sifu?" "He can catch his own today," said Si-Lon. "He ate a ton last night." "We had a ton last night," pointed out Shin. "The haul was terrific." "The moon sprits were generous," Si-Lon said. "Come on, let's head out."

Shin climbed on to Sifu's back. "You'll have to catch your own today," he whispers, "You ate a lot last night." Sifu snorts, but doesn't do anything else to prove his disapproval. Si-Lon climbs up on his buffalo yak, Lakota, and they ride to the dock. Shin slid off of Sifu, who promptly sliped silently into the serene water, not making so much as a ripple. Shin and Si-Lon pushed their fishing boat into the lock. "Hey!" Si-Lon Called up to the Waterbenders at the top of the lock. "Can you fill us up?"

In a matter of minutes, the lock had been filled up and they are in the middle of the ocean. The fish were jumping, and they had a new bite almost as soon as they got the other fish off. Sifu would occasionally swim back and throw some on the side for him to eat later. At about seven, they started to head back. But they saw something that they didn't expect. They White lotus ship was docked in the harbor. That wasn't entirely weird. Since Avatar Wai died, There always was at least one member in the city. But the whole Order? Something was up.

As they walked back to the house, they inquired with some other people about the appearance of the Order, but they were all as clueless as everybody else. "When we go to sell the fish," said Si-Lon through a bite of broiled fish, "We'll ask the Merchants, they'll know" But they Didn't, no one had a clue about why the order was there. But they all knew it was important. So when meeting horns were blown, no one was surprised.

The whole city converged out side the Chief's mansion. The head lotus member stood next to the Chief Mo-Lin, with the other members surrounding them. Excitement rushed through the air as everybody waited to hear what ever the announcement was. "People of the Northern Water Tribe," Chief Mo-lin said. "The order of the white Lotus has graced us with their presence to announce something I'm sure you all will care about. Grand Lotus Beifong, I'm sure you would like to speak now."

" Thank you, Chief Mo-Lin," said Grand Lotus He Beifong, turning to the people of the Northern Water Tribe "I ask for your complete attention, As I have very important information. The world of comprised of four elements. Water. Earth. Fire. Air" As he said each element a member of the Order would bend a piller of the corresponding element into the air, holding it there. "There are people in the world that we call benders. Each one can manipulate, or bend, each element. But only one person can bend all of them.

"That person is the Avatar. The Avatar is the bridge between our world, and the Spirit World. It can bend all four elements, and bring peace to the world when needed. It can converse with the sprits, and advocate for our world. When the Avatar dies, It is reincarnated into the next nation in the cycle. As you all know, the last Avatar, Avatar Wai, was an Airbender. The next element in the cycle is Water. We have learned, that the next Avatar lives here, in the Northern Water Tribe. Shin Tachibana, Please come up."

End of chapter 1.

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