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Hey! THis is my second chapter in, Avatar: Legend of Shin, formerly know as, The Waterbending Avatar. To write this, I have paired up with a fellow FanFicer, Great Expectations, and She's going to help me write. She wrote all of Tayra's story, whitch think is fantasic.

Avatar: Legend of Shin: Chapter 2. Exchanging

Tayra Ran. The Woods flew by, branches whipping her as he ran past. Yes, I finally got away for them she thought. Once he thought that he was far enough, he started to search. There were always caves near here, she thought, But where are they? I'll need somewhere sleep tonight.. Then, she spotted one. High up in the mountains. The climb up wasn't entirely hard, but on the way up, she saw that there was a light in the cave. That didn't matter to her. If she needed to, she could protect herself.

She climbed into the cave, to see what appeared to be an earthebender. He wore all green, and had a gold pin on his shirt that went down into a gold stripe. He had a stone spike on his shoulder, and a camp fire at his feet. He looked to be in his late teens. "Hello," he said, "Are you lost?"

Tayra had to think. She didn't want to say she was a run away, but she also didn't want to say something stupid. "I just needed a place to sleep." She finally decided. Yes, she thought, erroneously that keep him form asking questions.

"You want to sleep in a cave, but you're not lost. That doesn't make sense." He snapped his fingers "Oh I know what you are."

"What," asked Tayra flatly.

"You're a runaway," The boy mused. "I get a lot of them up here. Don't worry. I'm not going to turn you in."

"Well, I'm not really a runaway," Tayra said. "Technically, they let me go."

"That's what the last one said."

"Well I'm not the last one," Tayra said rudely. "I'm a whole different person."


"You know what? I'm going to find a new cave," she snorted, getting up to leave.

"There aren't any, sweetheart," The man said. "They are already taken at least."

"Well I'll go try my luck with the Platypus Bears then."

"You'll have to."

"It's fine by me."

"I'll watch from up here as you get mauled."

"Whatever Earth Hippie."

His face looked angry. Suddenly, the man did something most unexpected for someone wearing Earth Kingdom clothes. He lit a fire in his palm.

"You can fire bend?" asked Tayra, incredulous. He put the flame out. "Yeah...Sit down, I'd like to tell you a story."

Theterius stood next to his father. This was one of the proudest days of his life. He was going to go to an official government meeting. He was 16, and that was the age that fire princes joined their fathers in the counsel room. "They must learn the ways of the government young," was his fathers reasoning. "We don't want them starting a war, now do we?" Theterius didn't really want to be the Fire Lord one day, but this was an important meeting, and he was excited to come. The Earth King, Bosco, was visiting, and Theterius's father was holding a diplomatic meeting with him to discuss the aftermath of the recent war. What regions need he rebuilding, where there were still rebellions after the was officially ended, stuff like that.

Theterius walked into the room. It was full of brightly colored flames. Green flames burned by the ceiling, Bright yellow one dance in spirals up the pillars, and then there was the wall, keeping the Fire Lord and the meeting area separate. It was all made of Fire, in colors you would not believe. Every color of the rainbow was there; blue, green, violet, indigo, it made your head spin just to look at it. There was a low table in the middle of the room, with a map of the four nations on it. Earth King Bosco, and the Fire Lord were already there. "Sit," said Theterius's father. "Join us for tea."

They discussed stuff, drank tea, and generally had a good time. But there was something nagging in the back of Theterius's skull. Something was wrong, and there was danger near. Something was going to happen. Then he saw something. It was not much, just a shadow. But every shadow has a caster, and the three of the should be the only people in the room. As soon as he noticed the shadow though, it disappeared. That's peculiar he thought.

Suddenly, FWOOSH. A blast of fire shot past Theterius's head, right towards his father. His father, startled, barley had time to block it. More came, but this time, they were ready, the repled the attacks, and charge forward to the assailant. It ran out dodging a fire blast from Theterius. "You force them to work in sweat shops!" it yelled, blasting a wall of fire at the trio. "They're children!" Then the guard came in. But the Earth King had things under control. He bended the ground at its feet, and he soon tripped and was taken in. "What was that all about," panted Theterius. "I don't know son. I don't know."

"Who was attacking? Why did they attack?" Tayra shouted curiously, interrupting.

"Oh now you're curious, huh?" He smirked.

She rolled her eyes, "It's just an interesting story."


"So, what happened next?" Tayra asked innocently.

"For his own protection, Theterius was sent away to a boarding school." The boy replied, "He didn't like it there, and so he ran away, and changed his name. His mother was an earthbender, and she had made him some earth nation clothes. So he took those, and moved to the mountains."

"Really, Should I bow, then?" joked Tayra.

"Haha, very funny. So what about you?"

"Why would I tell you about me?"

"Because you're a runaway, and if you don't I can always tell whoever your running from exactly where you are."

She tried not to look at him directly, "What makes you think I'm running from someone?"

"It's obvious. Trust me."

She sighed, "Fine. I'll tell you my story..."

Orphaned Tayra was stealing an apple one day when someone noticed her. "Thief!" They shouted for everyone to hear. The townspeople turned in shock and looked at her. She was very small then and just looked at them helplessly. A couple of Fire Nation guards walked up to her, ready to question her, but she firebended them away and they all gasped. Some Equalists were in the market one day and noticed her.

They grabbed her and told the people of her hometown that she was a menace because she was a bender and all the people believed her. They sent her later that day to be executed. Meanwhile, a wealthily yet ruthless diplomat named Tars Da Wen was visiting the little town on his way back to his private mansion. He saw that Tayra was a firebender and wanted her as a pawn for his game of rich people politics.

He willingly adopted her and took her back to his home. Once there, she was forcefully pampered and treated like an animal by her mean adoptive mother, Luna. She constantly criticized what she looked like, wore, and acted like. Tayra was so fed up but couldn't leave cause they kept her prisoner. She hated the spoiled rotten life they forced down her throat. They even went to the extreme of locking her up permanently in a basement, and only showing her in wealthily clothes and makeup while guests were over.

During parties, she was a puppet, but in her home, she was a slave. She grew to love fighting and hate girly things. She broke out one night, packed her things quickly, and went into her old royal room. She tore off her rich clothing and put on her civilian Fire Nation outfit. She fled, not caring where she went, as long as it was far, far away.

"That's why I'm running away...are you happy now?" Tayra said.

He sits in silence for a moment, but finally says, "You're not as I expected.."

She is looking down, but looks up and meets his eyes, "You're not either, prince."

"I go by Pyroze now."

"Whatever, Princey."

End of Chapter Two

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