Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: Legend of Ryu in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar: Legend of Ryu
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Avatar: The Legend of Ryu is an Avatar series by Avatar226.


Avatar Korra had brought peace to the World. She accomplished many things, but sadly, time in this world had ended and the Cycle of the Avatar starts again.


Ryu: A 16-year-old kid who is the Avatar in the Earth Kingdom. He and his family live in Omashu until he left to travel around the world to pursue his destiny.

Asami Sato: Sadly, only Asami and Bolin are left of Team Avatar after Mako and Korra died. She has retired and has given Future Industries to her daughter, Kyoko Sato. She trains Ryu in self-defence.

Bolin: Bolin is Mako's brother and after Korra and Mako's death, he moved to Ba Sing Se to try and move on after Mako's death. He trains Ryu in earthbending and owns the National Earthbending Academy in the middle ring of Ba Sing Se.

General Ozai: General Ozai is the son of the United Forces General Iroh. He is on leave from the United Forces to train Sen in firebending.

Jinora: Jinora is Tenzin's daughter and Ryu's airbending teacher. She moved to the Western Air Temple after Tenzin's death. Her mother Pema currently lives on Air Temple Island and her sister Ikki is currently living in the Fire Nation Capital to explore Fire Nation culture.

Princess Miku: Crown Princess to the throne and daughter of Azula. Zuko's daughter gave her the throne because she had no heirs to the throne. Unlike her mother, she is very kind and gentle. She is a very powerful Firebender and possess the blue flames, inherited from her mother.

Lee Beifong: Son of Lin Beifong and a powerful Earthbender, inherited from her mother and grandmother.


Book 1: Wood

Chapter 1: Korra's Death

Chapter 2: Trapped

Chapter 3: Azula

Chapter 4: General Ozai

Chapter 5: Trip to the Sun Warriors

Chapter 6: The Return of the Comet Part 1: The Eternal Flame

Chapter 7: The Return of the Comet Part 2: Ran and Shaw

Chapter 8: The Woodbender of Wulong Forest

Chapter 9: Woodbending Training

Chapter 10: Master of Wood and Fire.

Book 2: Energy

Chapter 1: Escape from Spirit World Part 1: Avatar Korra.

Chapter 2: Escape from Spirit World Part 2: Energybending

Chapter 2: To the Southern Air Temple

Chapter 3: Jinora the son of Tenzin

Chapter 4: Airbending Training

Chapter 5: Entropy

Book 3: Entropy

Chapter 1: Waterbending Training

Chapter 2: Bloodbenders

Chapter 3: Rava and Vatu

Chapter 4: Avatar Ryu

Chapter 5: A new timeline.

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