Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: Legend of Kung in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar: Legend of Kung
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For generations, the Avatar has been the protector of the world, to keep the balance of the four nations. But the world was missing an Avatar for 76 years since the one before that. In Republic City, an orphanage for young benders realize the new Avatar is among them. A firebender named Kung who is destined to save the world. But the Fire Nation realize that it is their time to attack. Now Kung needs help from his friends to master the elements, protect the innocent, and save the world.


Kung- an firebender who is the Avatar. He must now learn Air, Water, and Earth.

Meng- a firebender and best friend of Kung.

Kalae- the orphan girl who is helping Kung learn waterbending.

Tibo- Kalae's deceased brother.

Cho- an earthbender who also is an orphan who Kung found in the streets.

Hayen- an airbender with an air bison.

Limeng- a Kyoshi Warrior who left to help Kung. She is also a chi-blocker

Uwai- Hayen's air bison.

Yung- Kung's dragon animal guide.

Xen- the prince of the Fire Nation.

Len- the princess of the Fire Nation.

Alin- a firebender who is a close friend of Len.

Zao- a firebender who is a close friend of Xen.

Lo Ten- a fiebender who is a friend of Len and Xen.

Fire Lord Jen- a bossy, mean ruler of the Fire Nation. His wife deceased a year after Len's birth.

Phoenix King Shen- Jen's father and is a hero to the Fire Nation for killing Avatar Koti.

Avatar Koti- the Avatar that the whole world never knew about.

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