Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: Legend of Krin in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar: Legend of Krin
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This fanon is in process, but I want know what you think of the plot, the orthography and conjugations, my English is medium.


75 years after the events of Legend of Korra, Krin - a naughty and confident guy - is the new reincarnation of the Avatar Spirit. He has great skils in Skatearth (A type of skating with earthbending) and wants a normal life, but that is not in what the Order of the White Lotus and The Earth Advisors have decided for him; because they want Krin go to train firebending in the Fire Nation. Krin decides to escape form Omashu with his best friends, Zila and Kangin, to learn fire, air and waterbending and confront the Desearthers; a new group who plan to dominate the world. This is Krin, the New Avatar


Krin: The new Avatar. He is a naughty and confident guy of 15 years old, and from Omashu. Krin is a very good Skatearther, and is best friends with Zila and Kangin. Although he thinks being the Avatar is not important and wishes to have a normal life, through learning all four elements, Krin discovers his role in the world and the importance of being the Avatar.

Zila: The best friend of Krin. She is a strong, determined and friendly girl and the great-granddaughter of Toph and, hence, is a great metalbender.

Kangin: Kangin have 15 years old, and a Waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe. His dad is the owner of a big company which sells ice cubes. Kangin is somewhat silly and pretentious, but is always willing to help his friends.

Leng: The cousin of Krin and the great-great-grandson of Avatar Aang. He is something of a womanizer, but is also very intelligent and quite advanced in airbending; teaching Krin airbending.

Mehk: A firebender that helps Krin to learn firebending. She is cool, bossy and slightly sinister. Although Mehk is a very strong firebender, she always takes care of her femininity.


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