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  1. Reunion and Rebirth
  2. Beginnings and Losses
  3. Thieves and Benders Revealed
  4. Strangers and Surprises
  5. Doubts and Desires
  6. Prison and Practice
  7. Companions and Complications
  8. Short and Sweet
  9. Bending and Break Out







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The two came rushing through the smoking doorway and out onto the landing pad. A stench was in the air Kaito didn't recognize and it stung his nose. The airship, which had seemed small from the ground, loomed menacingly in the background and was still docked to the landing pad. They also had a great view of the mountains from this high up but this was no time to admire the scenery.

Kaito and Khan had interrupted some sort of presentation.

There were a dozen or so Yi Yang guards all standing in formation behind one man. Kaito felt that he vaguely recognized the man but maybe that's because he seemed so important looking. He had brown hair with a few streaks of gray, a formal blue suit with a red tie, and black gloves covered his hands which he had half stuffed in his pockets casually despite their interruption. He seemed amused at their disturbance.

Kaito thought he saw the flash of a familiar face at the back of the crowd. It was the man from behind the gardening shed who had been paying respects to the Lake Spirit, Saia. When he looked again though there wasn't anyone there.

There was a beautiful woman to the right of the man in the suit and Kaito assumed it was his girlfriend. She was a head taller than her companion and bigger than most men. She looked to the two over but not with the same amusement the man seemed to have, she seemed disgusted by them.

In front of the man and his tall yet gorgeous companion, stood a line of five Yi Yang guards but something was different about their uniform.

They had gold trimmings on their shoulders and each of them held some kind of long wooden weapon. It had a long cylindrical tube made of metal and it was fashioned to a wood stocking and towards the butt of it was a narrowed out section to throw it over your shoulder. These must have been the rifles he had heard about. It launched iron balls faster than an arrow but he didn't think they really existed. Kaito had always thought they were made up tales to scare Benders.


Kaito atop the landing pad.

Kaito saw a dozen people in gray uniforms in a row on the ground, their hands had been bound behind their backs; they were the missing Benders. Some of them were knelt on the ground shivering and shaking while the others lay motionless on the ground in a pool of their own blood but with unseen wounds. It didn't look good.

"They're prisoners you idiots! Protect, the Chairman!" The Warden's scream from the left of the formation of guards broke the silence, Kaito hadn't even noticed him. He did, however, suddenly realize that the man who was dressed so well was none other than Chairman Hectus, Party Leader of the Equalists and Chairman for the Republic State.

The Yi Yang mob behind him started to rush forward to surround Hectus. Kaito raised his fists and prepared to fight just as Khan brandished his hook swords. Kaito scanned the gray uniformed benders on the ground and saw Azora and Yakiri were still alive. Azora was grinning widely as if nothing was wrong and Yakiri seemed terrified but relieved at the sight of their rescuers.

The Chairman raised his hand and the Yi Yang halted almost instantly. The Chairman closed his eyes and grinned before looking to the Warden.

"You assured me these fires posed no threat, Warden." Hectus said calmly and then looked to Kaito and Khan who both remained still when his gaze rested upon them. The Warden seemed terrified.

"Don't worry, Warden. I consider this a stroke of luck." Chairman Hectus raised his gloved hands and gave each of them a tug. "These two prisoners have walked right into our little demonstration. It seems like the perfect test environment to see our new weaponry in real combat. Lady Kaboshi, if you please."

The Warden nodded enthusiastically and was obviously grateful that he wasn't being punished.

The woman next to the Chairman made no sign of emotion when she gave the men their orders.

"Reload!" She commanded. Each Yi Yang pulled at a leather sack attached to their belts and started to pour some kind of powder in the back of the barrel.

"Kaito, run away! They'll kill you!" Azora screamed at him and he could hear the fear and urgency in her voice.

Kaito was done running.

He flung his right arm across his body and an arc of fire sliced through the air towards the Yi Yang who had been attempting to reload their strange new weapons. They were too fast, however, and each one rolled or leapt out of the way. In their absence, the flame had hit nothing and roared past it's intended mark and now it was streaking towards Chairman Hectus.

In seconds, Kaito's attack had closed the gap and was about to collide with the Chairman who still hadn't budged an inch; either he was unaware or unconcerned.

Just as the arc was about to burn through the Chairman a figure in all black leapt in front on the incoming blast from out of nowhere, he wore a long black coat that resembled a cape, he flung his coat wide and the fire washed over him and the Chairman.


Kaito, the Firebender.

Once the smoke cleared the Chairman's protector was still standing with his back facing Kaito and Khan. It was obvious by his black clothing that he wasn't Yi Yang.

The man finally turned to face them and when he did Kaito and Khan's mouth dropped to the ground. He wore an eerie all white mask that was in stark contrast to the rest of his attire. It had slits for eyes but nothing but black could be seen through them. The mask had a red line drawn across it where the mouth would be as if they were thin pursed lips. He pulled a long knife from inside his coat and then let his arm hang; as if he was deciding whether to try and kill them or not meanwhile his jacket was still smoking; it must have been fire resistant.

"Thank you, Zei." Chairman Hectus thanked the strange man who made no sign of acknowledgement. "Kill them." Hectus said calmly to his bodyguard.

As fast as lightning the man leapt unnaturally high into the air and brought the knife high over his head; the sun was gleaming off the sharp steel point of the blade as the man descended upon them. He landed without any noise directly in front of the two; he dropped to one foot and in one fluid motion swiped his other leg at their ankles.

Kaito was abruptly swept off of his feet and went crashing to the ground but Khan had jumped at just the right time and managed to avoid leg sweep.

Khan jumped backwards to put some space between him and Zei but the bodyguard was too fast. He sliced at Khan with deadly precision and speed as the sound of the knife's blade cutting through the air could be heard. Khan was huffing and puffing while dodging and weaving, he was teetering off balance as he very narrowly avoided every slash of the knife.


Zei, Chairman Hectus' silent bodyguard.

Zei's speed was frightening. Khan only got a few attempts to counter but they struck nothing but air.

There was a clink of metal as Khan raised both of his hook swords in front of his body to block an overhead swipe from Zei. It was obvious by Khan's face that he was struggling to block the attack and after a few seconds there was a snap and the knife had cut through the first of Khan's hook swords.

Surprise came over Khan's face and the snapping of his sword and the small opening was all Zei needed. There was a tiny metal ring that hung from a metal box on Zei's belt, he tugged on the ring and revealed that it had been attached to a long wire that must have been raveled inside of the box. He stuck his thumb through it and pulled himself out some slack, Zei then wrapped the wire around Khan's head with his free hand, swiftly and suddenly ducked beneath Khan's arms and in one motion had gotten behind Khan and now was squeezing the wire around his neck. He applied pressure to his throat and Khan dropped his other sword as his face started to turn red. Zei was choking him slightly but not enough to kill Khan.

Kaito pulled himself up to help and was surprised to see Chairman Hectus had his hand raised to prevent the Yi Yang from joining the fight. "Zei can handle himself. I want to see the live demonstration, Lady Kaboshi."

"Give me that!" She snarled and Lady Kaboshi snatched a rifle from one of the differently dressed Yi Yang and threw it over her shoulder then pointed the barrel at Kaito's head.

"Fire!" She commanded and the Yi Yang whose rifle she had taken took a match from his belt and lit it, then he inched closer to Lady Kaboshi and went to place the match where they had loaded the powder earlier.

"Leave, you idiot!" Azora screamed from the ground.

There was a deafening bang from the weapon and it launched an iron ball towards Kaito's head. He didn't even have time to move but he felt something go whizzing by his head and suddenly the top of his ear felt like something had bitten it off. He clutched his bleeding ear and looked back to the woman confused. She hadn't missed technically and his missing bit of ear was proof of that.

"Reload!" She screamed and the Yi Yang guard fiddled with the bag of powder on his belt.

"LEAVE!" Azora pleaded with him again but this time she screamed so loud she had drawn everyone's attention.

"I'll shut her up, Chairman." Lady Kaboshi said to Hectus just as the Yi Yang had finished reloading her weapon. She then pointed the barrel to the back of Azora, who was staring at Kaito with gentle eyes for the first time he had known her.

"Fire!" Kaboshi ordered and the Yi Yang struck another match and lit the rifle.

"NO!" Kaito screamed and rushed forward.

There was another deafening bang and Yakiri who had been watching in silence screamed. Azora's eyes remained fixed on Kaito until they slowly closed shut. Azora gave a last great sigh and her tiny frame then slumped forward, a hole in her back was visible and a pool of blood had already accumulated moments after the wound had been inflicted.

Kaito stopped in place as tears started to well up in his eyes. It was obvious she had stopped breathing.

"Reload!" Lady Kaboshi broke the silence with her brevity. There was no indication in her voice that she had just committed murder and this infuriated Kaito.

Something overtook Kaito and he fell to his knees.

"You see, Chairman. The Bender accepts that if he continues to fight us he will die." Kaboshi cackled. "Fire!" She commanded.


The Iron Lady, Lady Kaboshi, with one of her infamous rifles.

Kaito looked up from the ground as a few drops of tears fell to the metal of the landing pad floor; he had shed them for Azora but his sadness was quickly replaced with rage.

The tears were only trace amounts of water but unnaturally the two tear drops on the grounds had started to gain volume and suddenly they were puddles. They then conjoined into one large puddle and it glew unnaturally blue.

Kaito's pale amber eyes had started to glow blue. The blinding light emanating from his eyes grew brighter and the onlookers of the landing pad had to cover their own eyes. Severe gusts of wind had started to pick up and bombard the top of the landing pad. The Yi Yang, Khan, Zei, Kaboshi, the Warden, and even Chairman Hectus now looked on in shock and awe as Kaito stood from the ground. The wind was now roaring around him and a sphere of air had encased him; his messy brown hair was fluttering wildly and slowly Kaito lifted off the ground.

"The Avatar.." Chairman Hectus mumbled to himself and he seemed genuinely scared. He then turned in place and started to run at full speed towards the air ship. Zei dropped Khan and took off after his master.

The glowing puddle that had amassed from his tears started to make a noise that sounded like rushing water. Suddenly, a dragon of foaming white water burst from the tiny puddle. In width the dragon was narrow but it was extremely long.

Once it was free of the puddle the dragon did a large loop and positioned itself directly behind the floating Kaito. It roared and took off towards the clouds above until it was out of sight.

Hectus and Zei were still running and getting closer to the airship.

Kaito ignored them; the fixation of his rage was Kaboshi. His eyes flashed and the sphere of air surrounding him exploded outwards. The wind was deafening and the Yi Yang guards on the landing pad were violently blown off and over the sides.

Lady Kaboshi smirked as she stared up to Kaito and started to reload her rifle. She was fearless.

Kaito pointed his open palm to Kaboshi and shot a stream of compressed air at her. Kaboshi fired her rifle but because of the wind she missed and a second later had been blown from her feet and sent spiraling into the air. She went crashing into the airship at the other end of the landing pad.

Kaito's eyes still aglow; he spun in the air and at the end of his rotation he opened his palm and now pointed it to the large prison wall. A geyser of flame roared from his wrist and Kaito brought it smashing down upon the prison wall with an explosion. Dust and black smoke filled the air and where there was once a solid wall to contain the prisoners there was now a huge smoldering gap. A few prisoners could already be seen running to their freedom at the realization of the new gap in the wall; others had been staring up at the light coming from the landing pad unsure what had been going on up there.

Suddenly there was a THOOOOOM of crashing thunder and the sky above grew suddenly black. There was another burst of sound and from the clouds above came pounding a torrential downpour of rain. Within moments the desolate ground of Camp Hu Saia had retained all the moisture it could and it had started to flood.

Kaito raised his hands and two spouts of air started to twist like tornadoes around Yakiri and Khan. The vortexes raised his two cohorts up to Kaito's elevation and with a gentle sway of his arm the air currents carried them high into the air and up over the wall. The sphere of air kept them safe from the rain and although the wind was howling and violent it didn't seem to effect the airbending shield.

They were flying over the land surrounding Hu Saia and the myriad of prisoners below them looked like little gray dots each spreading off into their own direction as the water rapidly collected.

They sped over the landscape and finally started to descend to the ground at the foot of the mountains that enclosed the small valley.

Kaito landed and set the other two down safely.

They had traveled miles within minutes and Hu Saia was just a speck behind them now. The storm raged on; eerily isolated over the lake. The blue glow faded and Kaito fell to the ground, his body, mind, and spirit had finally been exhausted and darkness took him.

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