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Reunion and Rebirth
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Beginnings and Losses


It has been fifty years since the death of Avatar Korra. In her youth, she quelled the Equalist's attempts to start an Anti-Bending revolution by defeating Amon in combat. For the remainder of her life, there was peace in the world. The United Republic of Nations and its thriving capital, Republic City, were restored by Korra to the utopia that Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko had intended. For many decades the newest nation continued to flourish and progress technologically.

After Korra's death, however, the new Avatar was never found or was possibly never born. The absence of an Avatar proved extremely detrimental to the world as peace eventually faded and war began again. Non-benders began to rely on technology to even their odds and most benders have become corrupted by their own power and years of hate. The evolution of bending from classical to modern forms has left few true Masters in the world. As non-benders look to science for answers and equality, the benders are worried they may have been abandoned by the spirits... permanently.


  1. Reunion and Rebirth
  2. Beginnings and Losses
  3. Thieves and Benders Revealed
  4. Strangers and Surprises
  5. Doubts and Desire
  6. Prison and Practice
  7. Companions and Complications
  8. Short and Sweet
  9. Bending and Break Out


Chapter 1: Rebirth and Reunion

Many decades after Korra's death

The moon hung full and bright in the night sky. It was shining far above the world but its reflection was captured much closer in the calm ocean below it. A glowing orb of white among the cloudless sky, its only backdrop was black except for the stars which dotted the horizon behind it. The sea had been tranquil all night and despite the fact that it was high tide the waves were small and breaking almost silently along the small bit of shore just below a towering rock wall which ran along the shore as far as the eye could see. There was a small cottage that sat on top of the land above it, and despite a small backyard most of their land would be considered cliff side. You could see a magnificent view of the moonlit ocean from any part of the property but unless you were looking closely you couldn't have noticed a small black blur bobbing out in the distance. Even with the full moon it was barely visible from how far out it currently was from the house but alas, something was there and unfortunately unseen.

A small boat was being rocked weakly by the waves as it neared closer and closer to shore, despite the lack of wind and little help from the waves the boat somehow started to pick up speed and started to close the distance between itself and the shore although no oars were visible or sound of an engine heard. As the boat neared closer to shore the mass became distinguishable as a group of people within it. They were all dressed entirely in black and their faces were covered by black head masks. No physical features were visible save for their eyes.

"Set us on the edge." A gruff voice said with authority from the front of the boat to one of the other four unnamed passengers also dressed entirely in black, save for a small emblem on the center of the mask that looked like a White Lotus. He had gestured towards the house at the top but made no mention on how the party would scale the treacherous cliff side.

A slim figure that appeared to be female stood up from the back of the boat and with a reaffirming nod to the man up front she stood and planted her left foot forward and her right foot back. She relaxed at the elbows and took a deep breath as her arms began to slowly move forward and back in fluid motions, her wrists were slightly craned as she shifted her weight between her front and back foot in perfect unison. As her pace quickened the water surrounding the boat began to behave similarly, it seemed like an invisible hand was stirring the water around the boat. Her deep breathing and the distant sound of breaking waves were in rhythm and her arm movement became fully synchronized with the push and pulls of the water below. Finally, with one large overhead sweep forward of her arms the water mimicked her movement and lurched forward, the boat was now a victim to the water's and her own intertwined will. As the wave began to increase its speed it collected more water and grew in size, it was rising drastically towards the sky and was rushing towards the shore with unnatural speed. The woman in black within the boat kept her stance fixed and the boat teetered perfectly in place on top of the rushing wave that carried it. Her similarly dressed companions began to brace the side of the boat as the shore and the house drew closer.

The wave crashed into the shoreline and what was once land below the cliff side was now covered in water. The wave was just high enough that the boat slid safely onto the land above and water rushed underneath the boat carrying it a few yards inland and conveniently towards the small cottage which now had no lights on inside of it. The group in the boat wasted no time and within a few seconds of being on land they hopped out of the boat and in a single file line they sprinted towards the home. When they were nearly at the threshold of the cottage they split up without conversation. Two of the figures went to the right side of the cottage and the other two went to the left while the man in the lead paused before the door. He looked to the group on his left and right to ensure they were in position. They nodded when his gaze met their own and the masked man who gave the orders in the boat nodded back apparently satisfied with their readiness. He prepared himself to burst through the door but just as he got into place there was a deafening explosion.

A flame erupted from inside the cottage and the door was blown off its hinges out into the night air. The masked man who had been standing in front of the door was knocked backed from the sudden impact of the flaming projectile which was once the door. The man in black landed with a thud and after a few seconds on the ground he starts to move and pushes the smoldering and splintered remains off of him before collapsing onto his back. The wood was still burning and it gave off a faint glow of just enough light that you could see the man still lying there. The other masked figures seemed shocked as they made no noise or sudden movements to aid their ally.

Suddenly someone leapt out of the smoking doorway and landed firmly on his bare feet in the grass. He had long black hair and pale golden eyes. His face was stoic despite being under attack and it was apparent he had sacrificed his door purposely in order to surprise the trespassers. He wore a red vest with no shirt underneath and gray pants of some shiny material, he seemed dressed for bed. The figure that had been launched aside started to move on the ground and the smell of singed cloth and burning wood was now heavy in the air as he struggled to push himself up on his hands and knees.

The man from inside the cottage wasn't taking any chances and as soon as he saw his attacker was still alive he straightened his back and spread his feet a bit apart, with closed fists he drew back his arms and jabbed twice in the direction of his fallen foe. His jabs had hit nothing, but the air in front of his fists combusted into flame like it had been ignited by his quick movement. Fire had erupted at the end of his punching motion almost seamlessly as if an extension of his arm and suddenly two missiles of self-produced fire lit up the night sky and streaked through the air towards the recovering man on the ground.

Finally, the man's companions had snapped out of it and the woman whose waterbending prowess had gotten them safely over the jagged cliff obstacle had opened a cylinder that was hanging from her belt. She uncorked the top and with a whip of her arm the water inside the container reacted to her movements and a whip-like lash of liquid went flying through the air and collided with the airborne flame. The fireballs sizzled out into wisps of smoke very close to their intended target and as the man from inside the cottage realized what had happened to his attack he also realized he was outnumbered. He raised his fists obviously readying to defend himself against all five of them, if necessary.

The man struck by the door had finally gotten to his feet. He patted down the areas of his black uniform that had been smoking still and looked towards the Firebender. "It's always a little saddening to me when Benders are forced to fight one another. We can still avoid this Kai."

"You're right Zhang, we can. You can still leave." The man referred to as Kai snarled and leapt off the ground, he spun while in air and unleashed a round house kick towards the man called Zhang. Almost like a natural reaction, a crescent of fire was flung horizontally from Kai's outstretched leg as it whipped through the air.

The masked man, Zhang, set his feet and clapped both his hands flat together with his arms fully outstretched in front of him and braced himself for the impact. The attack hit the arrowhead shape his hands had formed and suddenly he was overwhelmed with heat. Zhang grit his teeth and groaned as pain started to overtake his hands, it was obvious by his face that he was struggling to dissipate the fire. His fingertips started to burn from contact with the unfriendly fire and with a groan he flung his arms wide and wrenched his hands apart and the crescent flame had split down the middle. He threw his arms behind him and the incoming attack was diverted, it ripped through the grass on both sides of Zhang and left in its wake two long trails of scorched grass. Zhang remained standing and physically unharmed.

"There are so few of us left now. I don't want to kill you, Kai." The masked figure pulled back his black disguise to reveal his face to Kai; his tone of voice had changed and seemed softer as if he knew the man. He had black hair, for the most part; the rest of it was graying underneath. A long scar was visible along the left side of his face and crossed over his left eye. That particular eye was milky white and it was obviously damaged in the same incident he got that nasty scar but the rest of his face was pale and smooth.

"Then leave, Zhang. Please." Kai responded sternly.

"You know we can't do that. You can't just hide forever, Kai. Whether you want to ignore it or not there's a war going on still. It will find you and your family eventually. You know that." Zhang spoke now as if he was a father consoling a son.

"He won't be used, Zhang. Not for anyone." Kai remained firm in his stance and his eyes would occasionally dart between Zhang and the other four darkly dressed figures.

"It's bigger than that Kai!" Zhang shouted at the man still obviously poised to defend himself. "We can restore balance to the world." He trailed off and very slowly started moving towards the Firebender Kai whose fists were still raised. Zhang approached him cautiously and chose his words carefully as he slowly closed the distance between them. "Kai, it's fate, it's our destiny. You think that after all that has transpired that this blessing is mere coincidence?" He asked while still edging closer to Kai.

"It's not our choice to make." As Kai finished his words he looked quickly to the house behind him and after a glance through the window he clasped his hands together and intertwined his fingers. He bent his knees and lowered a little closer to the ground, after a quick inhale he unlocked his fingers and spread his arms suddenly wide. Fire flew from his fingertips and the wide burst of flame was expelled towards the five unwanted visitors. It wasn't enough to truly incapacitate any of them but it's purpose was more intended to momentarily stun. Kai screamed at someone unseen in the cottage behind him. "Run, now! Now!"

Kai's momentary lack of awareness was quickly taken advantage of. The largest figure dressed in black stomped his foot and a concentrated shockwave tore through the ground. The earth rumbled and quaked beneath Kai's feet and a solid block of ground below him shot upwards and tossed Kai from the ground. Kai was launched airborne and before he could try to regain his composure a tendril of water wrapped around his body and once it had him within its grasp it slammed him into the ground face first, he lay motionless after that but still ensnared by the water.

"Yuriko, check the house!" Zhang had been speaking to another of the figures in black and it was safe to assume this was a woman as well by her small frame but she was much taller than the female waterbender, who at this point was bending the water to raise Kai off the ground to face Zhang. His face was covered in blood and his eyes were closed. His nose was bleeding and despite some deep cuts he appeared to still be alive.

The taller woman ran through the open doorway and began tearing through the house. She turned over the beds, desks, and tables and after she didn't find whatever she was looking for she started rummaging through the drawers and flinging open cupboard and closet doors. Just before she was about to return to Zhang to tell him she found nothing she felt a rush of cool air.

She looked to the window that had opened to the back side of the house and saw that's where the light breeze had come from, the flow of air had the curtains fluttering against the wall. She sprinted to the window and looked out into the lawn facing the opposite side of the beach. She could just barely make out two small blurs bobbing up and down as if running for their lives across the expanse of field; they had nearly reached the line of trees which signified the edge of the lush forest behind the cottage and without a word the woman leapt through the window and took off towards whatever or whoever was escaping.

She was running as fast as she could and got about halfway to the tree line when she realized she couldn't catch them on foot. She leapt into the air and pulled from her side a small wooden rod, her thumb pushed a tiny release switch and the rod extended into a full staff. While still airborne she twirled in place and away from those she had been pursuing and landed so that she was facing back towards the cottage, using the momentum she had gained in air she swung the now fully extended staff over her heard and slammed it to the ground. A gust of wind suddenly surged up behind her and started rushing towards the sea. The blades of grass and the leaves on the trees all fluttered in the same direction and streaked from behind her back. She had intended for the wind to rustle up those escaping.

After a few moments, she ceased the airbending display and turned to scan the forest for a sign of them. She saw nothing but trees and littered debris that had been blown around. She thought she saw a flicker of movement off in the distance between two large trees but before she could give it another thought there was an explosion from the front of the house. Her gaze snapped back towards the house and she took off towards where the noise had originated from and out of view.

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