Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: Legend of Kaito in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Ran and Shaw
Avatar: Legend of Kaito
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The Legend of Korra

: Check out the great review of Kaito that was featured in the Ba Sing Se Times


It has been fifty years since the death of Avatar Korra. In her youth, she quelled the Equalist's attempts to start an Anti-Bending revolution by defeating Amon in combat and for the remainder of her life, there was peace in the world. The United Republic of Nations and its thriving capital Republic City was restored by Korra to the utopia Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko had intended and for many decades the newest nation continued to flourish and progress technologically.

Long time after the Avatar's death, however, a new Avatar was never found or possibly never was born. The absence of an Avatar was proven extremely detrimental to the world as peace eventually faded and war began again. The non-benders rely on technology to even the odds and most benders have become corrupt from the power and years of hate. The evolution of bending from classical to modern forms has left few true Masters left in the world. As non-benders look to science for answers and equality, the benders are worried they may have been shunned by the spirits....permanently.


A heavy influence on this fanon series will be from the great Hayao Miyazaki's animated epic Princess Mononoke.


  • Avatar: Legend of Kaito - Kaito|Kaito}}
  • Kazuma
  • Avatar: Legend of Kaito - Azora|Azora}}
  • Yakiri
  • Khan


Chairman Hectus - Character Page Coming Soon

Lady Kaboshi

Zei - Character Page Coming Soon

Book 1: Fire

Book 1: Fire of the Avatar: Legend of Kaito saga is essentially a prologue. The author wanted to try out the fanon waters with a story and a character he could develop organically. After he fleshed out the beginning the story is now basically set and all that's left to do is finish writing it.

Book 1 is less action driven but deals with the new Avatar, Kaito, discovering he's the Avatar and accepting his role as a bender in a world where bending isn't accepted. Major characters and plot points are introduced in Book 1 but the author intends on delving directly into the conflict of the world and more action in the next books to come.


  1. Rebirth and Reunion
  2. Beginnings and Losses
  3. Thieves and Benders Revealed
  4. Strangers and Surprises
  5. Doubts and Desires
  6. Prison and Practice
  7. Companions and Complications
  8. Short and Sweet
  9. Bending and Break Out
  10. Fire

Book 2: Air

Book 2 is currently being written and will delve more into the war between benders and non-benders. It will also deal with the missing Avatar before Kaito and shed light on the connection between the Avatar to the strange happenings between the physical and Spirit World.

  1. Mountains and Lotuses

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