Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: Legend of Aiden in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Film - Northern Water Tribe
Legend of Aiden
Will Aiden master the four elements and keep balance?
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My name is Avatar Aiden. The year was 1256 B.S.C. and I had just turned 16 years old when my waterbending master, Master Uniki, and the members of the White Lotus announced I would be the new Avatar. To most people, they would believe that being the next Avatar was a dream come true, but definitely not me. I have a life here in the Northern Water Tribe, and by becoming the Avatar, all that means to me is I have to leave everyone I know and everything I am behind, in order to become a fully realized Avatar. Though as much as I love bending, I can't see myself being the all powerful bender that keeps harmony between the four nations. I'm not exactly sure as to what the future has in store for me, but since I'm the Avatar, it certainly will be, interesting.......



Aiden - The new Avatar of the Northern Water Tribe and main protagonist of the story. He is 16 years old, shy, gooofy, strong, good looking, has deep blue eyes and jet black hair, and is very good natured.

Dominik - A waterbender and best friend to Avatar Aiden. He travels with Aiden across the world as he learns the four elements. He is 17 years old, very tall, athletic, good humored, has hazel eyes, and a loyal friend to Aiden.

Laura - Tribal princess of the Northern Water Tribe and daughter of Chief Sarlock. She is 15 years old and is the love of Avatar Aiden. She is a very sweet girl and has auburn hair and deep green eyes, loves to smile, funny, and becomes close friends with both Aiden and Dominik.

Kristine - Aiden's future firebending teacher. She has deep brown hair, green tinted hazel eyes, medium height, and very clever. She is kind, witty, and a master fire bender. Dominik has a deep crush on her but she is oblivious of his affection towards her.

Kayli - Aidan's mother and wife to Huruk. She is a non-bender and is a loving mother who cares deeply for Aidan and Roek. She shares many features with Aidan like her black hair and deep blue eyes. She is a very spiritual woman who believes Aiden will become an incredible and wise Avatar.

Huruk - Huruk is Aiden's and Roek's father and is husband to Kayli. He is rough on his boys and is very disciplined, but cares for his family. Huruk has light brown hair and very light blue eyes, and is over 6 foot. He is a master waterbender and expects his boy's to be as great as him. He is very excited that Aidan is to be the next Avatar and expects great things to come from him.

Roek - The brother of Avatar Aiden. He is 14 years old and a "ladies man." He is a waterbender like his father and brother, but doesn't take his abilities as seriously as Aiden. He is jealous over Aiden being the Avatar and feels like he "can't measure up", but still loves his brother and they share a deep bond.


1. Fanon:Avatar:The Legend of Aidan (Chapter One: Life in the Northern Water Tribe)

Author's Note

Hey guys! This is my first Fanon on Avatar Wiki and I'm reallly excited to share this story with you all. In real life I have co-written a published book and I absolutely love to write. My dream one day is to possibly become a published author. I'm always ready for ideas and suggestions, so either comment or inbox me. I sincerely hope you like my story and enjoy!

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