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This is a list of the chapters that appear in the fan fiction story Avatar: Legend Of Fire

Book One: Air

Chapter One The Sages Apprentice Takeo is an apprentice who lives in the Fire Temple located in the capital city of the Fire Nation. Born and raised there, Takeo longs to see the world outside the Fire Nation and the temple. While receiving constant bullying from his fellow apprentices and being generally disliked by the sages due to his hot headed attitude and ability to be a complete klutz, Takeo never felt at home here. Meanwhile, the Earth Kings forces are breaking through the Fire Nations defense and if The Avatar doesn't manage to master the four elements and stop them as fast as he can, this whole world is in danger of a war.
Chapter Two Awaiting Bliss Some time has passed since Takeo's previous scolding, he attempts to stay out of trouble and fights and awaits his sixteenth birthday with glee. Meanwhile, The Earth Kingdoms forces advances onto the Fire Nation.
Chapter Three Heat Takeo and his two bullies come to blows as Takeo receives a gift from an old friend.
Chapter Four Cut Short Takeo deals with the aftermath of his fight.
Chapter Five Urgency Takeo discusses his upcoming duties and realizes he must bid farewell to his home.
Chapter Six Departure Takeo begins his uneasy journey to the Southern Air Temple and is introduced to his new travel companion. A couple of days trip turns into a nightmare.
Chapter Seven Pirate Trouble The companions run into some trouble with pirates
Chapter Eight Five days gone Awakening some time after his bout with the pirates, the young Avatar learns about what has happened and suspects that he isn't being told the whole truth about his journey.
Chapter Nine Truth Finally arriving on Whaletail Island Takeo and Jin quickly come to find a horrific sight and Takeo finally hears the truth about his journey from Jin.
Chapter Ten Battle Of Whale Tail Island Pt.1 Confused, scared and lost, the Avatar questions whenever or not he is capable of performing his duty and what it might be, but quickly comes to a realization that he needs to be more decisive as the Battle Of Whale Tail Island begins, he finds himself drawn into a conflict he had known nothing about.
Chapter Eleven Battle Of Whale Tail Island Pt.2 The battle continues as Takeo attempts to warn the prince about the impending danger, he must fight for his own life, while Jin and Captain Cho fight on the front in the Earth Kingdom camp.
Chapter Twelve Storms Hit by a raging storm, the two companions seek shelter whilst both of them finally express they long withheld feelings about each others annoyances
Chapter Thirteen Stranded Injured, stranded and lost in a jungle on a deserted Island, Takeo and Jin try to survive and encounter an unlikely friend.
Chapter Fourteen TBA TBA
Chapter Fifteen TBA TBA
Chapter Sixteen TBA TBA
Chapter Seventeen TBA TBA
Chapter Eighteen TBA TBA
Chapter Nineteen TBA TBA
Chapter Twenty TBA TBA
Chapter Twenty-One TBA TBA

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