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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Avatar: Legend Of Fire
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Legend of Fire is an ongoing fan fiction story written by ChromeXW. It follows the adventures of a previous fire Avatar and his struggle to master the four elements to save peace of his time. Taking place hundreds of years before the century long war, this story focuses on the fire Avatar that lived before Yangchen it follows the young teenager as his ideology, beliefs and everything he had learned so far shatters as he sees the worlds true colors. While the world remains greatly similar; technology and learning come to a halt as one of the darkest times in the worlds history begins. Spirits begin to rampage without warning.

The world needs a hero more now then ever, but pressured by everyone into doing his duty, the young Avatar fears he might not be strong enough to do so. As the Earth Kingdom threatens to begin a war, the other nations are uneasy, with the Water Tribes taking greatly into their barbaric nature; no one is safe from their crusade. The Air Nomads remain ever neutral, hiding in their temples from danger, predicting that if the Avatar doesn't stop this fighting, the world will fall into darkness.


Takeo is a skilled fire bending teenager living as one of the apprentices in the Fire Temple. Rather disliked by everyone due to his constant ability to be a total klutz and hot head, he spends his days studying and training with the other students. Being bullied by many and somewhat incapable of standing up for himself, he ends up doing other peoples work and being guilt into doing it without arguing. All of that changes however, when he is told that he is the next Avatar and he must master the four elements before the Earth Kingdom begins a full out war. Somewhat hesitant at first to fight and travel, he soon sees this as a chance to see the world behind the walls of the temple.

The Nations

Fire Nation

The Fire Nation is one of the most prosperous nations at this point of time. Being the capital of knowledge, philosophy and art it is considered to be the epicenter of the world's scholars and teachers. It's ruled over by Fire Lord Sento, who is considered to be one of the kindest, yet strictest Fire Lords in the nation's history. The Fire Nation is currently at war with the Earth Kingdom, while attempting to solve it diplomatically, despite it being unsuccessful the Fire Lord is very hesitant to send an attack force, still believing that an agreement can be found.

Notable Characters

Earth Kingdom

Ruled over by King Xanshi, The Earth Kingdom is in its darkest time. Poverty, starvation, death- all of them occur daily in the Earth Kingdom cities. Due to Xanshi's paranoia, anyone even suspected of treason or rebelling is instantly killed. Despite its decrease in life quality, the Earth Kingdom is like a giant fort, everywhere you go- military bases are constructed and thousands of soldier's patrol the perimeter daily. Ba Sing Se remains the largest city, with the giant walls being recently constructed by the paranoid king. Due to the mining operations, looking for gold, gems and crystals entire forests are mowed down and mountains are excavated, because of this- the Spirit World is in complete chaos, randomly appearing in the nation and attacking.

Notable Characters

Southern Water Tribe

The Southern Water Tribe is a large village situated in the South Pole. Led by Chief Sahatuk, the Southern Tribe are considered to be barbarians and savages. They intercept various ships and attack everything they can. But, the Earth Kingdom, they aren't trying to expand their land, but simply raid the lands they can. Feared by many as fearless excellent warriors, no one has attempted to sail into the southern tribe for over two decades. While not as big as the Northern Tribe, the Southern Tribe has a similar city of ice. Despite being barbarians and savages, they still closely interact with the Northern Tribe. After a long time of no contact between the two, the two sister tribes are trying to restore their relationship as powerful allies.

Northern Water Tribe

Unlike their sister tribe in the south, the Northern Water Tribe is highly educated, wise and uphold the Water Tribe traditions. Civilized like many large cities, their one city of ice is considered to be the largest city, but many count it as many cities fused with one and other. Spreading across half of the North Pole. Unlike their sister tribe, the Northern Tribe isn't barbaric or savage, they have established trade routes with all the nations and try to stay out of conflicts between the nations. In the North Pole, Waterbending is considered to be a sacred way of battle; men learn how to fight from renowned masters while women learn to heal, such as the order for centuries. Women are forbidden to learn Waterbending and besides that have very limited rights. The village is very isolated from the rest of the world, it's said that they only let trade ships through their ice gates to trade, but do not let them into the actual city. Many claim that the only way to reach the Northern tribe is to have a flying companion. Despite the attempts to restore the relationship between the two tribes, many citizens of the North believe the south brethren to be savages without education and any kind of sense of moral or manners. The Northern Tribe is led by the wise Chief Arkka.


  • Avatar Takeo is the new Avatar, born into a fire temple located in the Fire Nation capital, he is shy, fun loving and at times hot headed. He is an exceptionally skilled fire bender for his age and is even considered to be a master by some. Despite his bending prowess, Takeo is very shy and easily guilt led into it things and finds it hard to stand up for himself and what he believes in. Before being told that he was the Avatar, Takeo was an apprentice the fire temple, trying to become a sage, like many of his ancestors. Coming from a long line of renowned sages, he has no choice but to choose this profession. Born and raised in the temple, he hasn't seen much of the outside world. For the most part, he was raised by the Great Fire Sage Zhin Tsu and often considers him to be like a father to him. His own father died before he was born and his mother died giving birth. Having somewhat of a lonely childhood he grew up rather isolated from others. Despite fearing the duties of being an Avatar, Takeo genuinely believes this to be his chance to see the real world outside of the temple walls and outside of the Fire Nation.
  • Zhin Tsu is the Great Fire Sage of the capital city and head of the council of sages. He is quite old, but despite that he is far from senile, he's very wise and is often seen meditating and giving advice to others. Zhin Tsu is very close to the Fire Lord as the two have been good friends since the lord's birth, similar to Tsu's friendship with Takeo, who constantly gets in trouble and has a hard time connecting with others at the temple. He sees himself responsible for the boy and more often then not, instead of trying to lecture him, he'll play Pai Sho and teach him fire bending. Despite his age, Zhin Tsu is one of the strongest Fire Benders in the whole nation, he is well known to be capable of generating lighting and being one of the few people who trained the Fire Lord. He's as strong if not stronger then the Fire Lord bending wise and much wiser then anyone can ever hope to be.
  • Firelord Sento is a kind and strict ruler of his people, Sento is known as one of the most powerful benders alive. Being the Fire Lord, he rules the nation as a monarch and makes sure to rule it with an iron fist. Despite being a strict ruler, he is greatly loved by the people, who see him as someone who brought an age of prosperity and learning to the Fire Nation
  • Earth King Xanshi is the paranoid and tyrannical ruler of the Earth Kingdom. He holds a grudge against the Avatar for his own personal reasons and believes that the whole world is inferior to the Earth Kingdom- which is advanced in both culture and technology far beyond the other nations. His people fear him and he openly has his men execute those that he even thinks oppose him or question him.
  • Council Of Five the Earth King's military council which oversees all military operations in other nations. They are wise and powerful strategists, all renown in the bending arts and in tactics, they are greatly feared leaders and are extremely loyal to the Earth King.


List Of Chapters

The chapters will be separated into three books, each book representing a different element that the Avatar must master.

Book One: Air


None yet.

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