Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: Jinora's Travels in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar: Jinora's Travels
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The Legend of Korra

While Korra has new experiences after arriving Republic City, Jinora gains new friends and has new experiences of her own.


Jinora befriends Saki, a girl capable of both earthbending and waterbending. Also, Jinora's cousin Kuzon spends more time with her, and the three form a team that is a little similar to Team Avatars.

They have fun in Republic City, with Air Temple Island as their headquarters. This "fun" includes solving crimes, probending, fighting Equalists, etc.

The Trio's team

Like Team Avatar, the team consists of benders from all four nations, thus they can try creating harmony between the four nations and benders/non-benders. Also, the members balance each other - while Kuzon and Saki want to have adventures, Jinora remains calm; and while Saki shows aggressiveness, both Kuzon and Jinora are less violent.

The team is different from Team Avatar, because there is no non-bender, although two non-benders have much to do with the trio. Also, they don't have name, despite Kuzon suggesting "Bender Team", "Trouble Trio" and "Team Avatar without the Avatar".


Meeting Saki and Kuzon

While in Republic City, Jinora meets Saki, who shows aggressiveness for no reason. However, after she visits Air Temple Island, they become friends and Korra teaches Saki a little waterbending.

The next day, Saki invites Jinora to the probending arena to watch the Fire Ferrets. There they meet Kuzon, who suggests being a probending team like his and Saki's favourite .

War of Republic City

After the happenings of Turning the Tides, Jinora leaves her family to help Korra. She joins up with Saki and Kuzon, and the three go into the Equalists' lair. They rescue Lin and began looking for Team Avatar.

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