Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: I Am the Avatar in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

This is a fanon about the fire-bending fugitive Karenza and her path to finding who she is and what happened "that night", by Thelightningboy, comment, question, and suggestions on how to make this better, any mistakes that I missed and edit the mistakes if you see them. This takes place four hundred years after the events of Aang's life and three- hundred after Korra and the Avatar remains a mystery, since he/she has not yet been announced. Thank you Thelightningboy (talkcontribs) 01:12, November 25, 2010 (UTC)Thelightningboy

Chapter One: The Escape

Beep! Beep! sounded the prison alarms of an Earth Kingdom jail as Karenza, breaks out of her cell and rushes for freedom. Why? she asked herself, running for her life. What made me kill him? It was just an acident! Wasn't it? Was it me that night or was I... Her thoughts were interrupted by the fire of gun shots coming her way. Earth Kingdom soldiers held their guns, armed with earth bullets, charged for Karenza, shooting at will. Karenza turned around and fired a fire blast towards the men, engulfing them helplessly in flames. She continued down the smooth metal hallway with the pandemonium of alarms, her former cellmates applauding her escape and more and more soldiers rushing for her.

Darn it... she thought to herself, seeing a dead end made by a dozen soldiers blocking in front of her and behind her. "In the name of the Earth King, I command you to return to your jail cell and we will not fire", one soldier yelled, nervously shaking at the sight of her. Karenza just shook her head at the soldier's obvious fear of her and blasted fire from both fists, blowing the soldiers away. She continued her escape, her short brown ponytail waving through her face and a little fear bit at her, but her confidence wouldn't let it overtake her. Karenza reached the end of the hallway and sprinted outside into the large brown yard leading to the prison's metal fences. Snipers from every corner of her inside watch towers scowled at her, pointing their guns.

"You just had to try to escape, didn't you?" a familiar voice from behind her asked. Karenza slowly drifted her head sideways to check who it was. Great... she thought. The warden...even worse is the fact this clumsy, tubby man is holding a gun, straight on the back of my head... "You know..." the warden began. "I'm not pleased by this stunt you pulled Karenza, I truly thought better of you."

"I guess you don't me that well", Karenza said. "If you did, you would have known I was planing this a long time ago, and I'm not done yet." The warden smirked nervously, knowing the rumors of Karenza's past and that she was said to be "one who wouldn't surrender." "Well you can't do anything now..." he bluffed. "I'll just shoot ya, and there's nothing you could do about it. You have only two options: die to my gun fire or surrender and live another day." Karenza giggled at the worry of the warden's voice, it was frail and childish. "I'll go with you", she capitulated raising her hands into the sky. "That's right", the warden said escorting her back inside the jail. "Be a good little girl and...." the warden's words were cut short as Karenza powerfully elbowed him with fire.

The snipers saw their commander tumble to the ground and fired shot after shot, but Karenza twirled around in a sphere like fire wall. The shots created an explosion and smoke emerged. As the smoke disappeared, Karenza was gone. "Where'd she go?" was the question of soldiers surrounding the warden, stumbling back onto his feet. "She couldn't have gotten too far, only one hundred of you go search for her, on foot and on jets, we can't let her escape or you'll all be fired!"

"Huh...huh...huh", painted Karenza, sprinting through the smooth, rocky streets of OmaShu in her all black jail suit. She heard the smashing feet of Earth Kingdom soldiers marching her way. Where, where can I go? she thought as she glanced below towards the sewer fence. This wouldn't be very fun... She gasped the last amounts of clean air and leaped into the sewers. Coughing her way through the sewer pathway, rats and cat gators inhabited the area, the smell of bathroom waste (poop...sorry I'm a kid so...yea...) funneled into her nostrils and watered her eyes, Karenza finally reached an opening gate. Freedom! she cried in her thoughts as she opened her way through. Great old freedom...

Chapter 2: The Search

Smelling like she just came out of the sewer (in which she did...), Karenza ran through town after town looking and longing for home. While traveling all she heard was "Man, this girl stinks", "Take a bath, you're killing my nose", "You are so gross", but those words meant nothing to her, all she cared about was home, but she only followed instict, not really knowing where she was really headed towards, just going. It was as if she was just a nomand, in a strange land, not like her old. Where am I going, she asked herself she stopped at a small Earth Kingdom village, glancing upon a poster in the dark night sky. "Wanted", the poster read. "Prisoner Karenza escaped from her OmaShu cell, give any information on this fugitive and you receive a reward of five hundred gold." She frowned upon the sight and sighed, knowing she should just keep moving, but before she could move anymore, she froze to the rumble of her stomach. That's right, I haven't eaten a thing since... she thought as she fainted.

"Are you all right lady?" a young male voice asked. "Lady? Wake up!" "Hush that Arvin", chided a woman who seemed to be his mother. "Let the woman get her rest." Karenza awakened her eyes to the faces of a young brown haired boy, seeming no older than ten and his mother, no, miss", the mother pleaded. "You should stay in bed and rest, I'll", her son then nudged her for his attention as she continued "We'll take care of you. My name is Adsila and this is my son--" "Arvin", the little boy said, blushing towards Karenza. "What's your name, miss?"

" name is...Ka-Karen", Karenza lied. Yeah, that'll do Karen, it's simple too so I probably won't forget... "Hello Miss Karen", Arvin greeted. "I'm ten years old and would you like to play? I have a lot of games, you might not like them though, not many girls do, but while you're here maybe we can play. You don't seem too old, you look maybe 'round fourteen. I know, because I know a lot of teenagers and how they look. So would you like to play?" Karenza smiled pleasantly, thinking. How old am I? Well I guess Karen at least is fourteen... "So do you wanna play--" Arvin asked as his mother interrupted. "That's enough, Arvin, Karen needs her rest", Adsila scolded. "We're having dinner soon, would you like to join us?"

"Um...well", Karenza thought about it while gazing upon, Arvin's joyful face. "Well, yes, I guess. Thank you. But I must get moving afterwards, I'm travelling home and my mom..." she paused for a moment on those words my mom, "My mom will be waiting for me..." "Not in that condition!" Adsila protested. "All I see when I'm walking home is some lady's body on the ground, unconscious and if I were you, I wouldn't go anywhere after collapsing like that!" Karenza was going to begin to argue, but she felt something come over her. She felt like she was home again, like the good ole days.

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