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This page lists the chapters in the Fanon series Avatar: Guardian.

Book One: Water

Chapter # Chapter Title Summary
Chapter One Tensions The premise for the series is set up.
Chapter Two From the Ashes Team Avatar investigates an explosion near the edge of the Fire Nation Capital.
Chapter Three The Dai Li Arise The team interrogates a traitor from their battle the prior day, and are ambushed.
Chapter Four Sokka's Training A month before the start of the series proper, Sokka is dropped off at Piandao's house to resume his training.
Chapter Five Memories of Ozai Ozai is on a ship, heading to the base of the Phoenix Warriors. He speaks to their leader.
Chapter Six Wisdom of Iroh At the opening of Iroh's new tea shop, a young earthbender asks him and Bumi for advice, which reveals much about his past.
Chapter Seven The New Adventure As the group picks up Sokka, Aang gets distracted and fights the Firefighters.
Chapter Eight Ever-Changing Plans Team Avatar, along with the other organizations plan their next moves.
Chapter Nine Announcing a War Zuko works on a letter to be read to the people of Fire Nation, and Sokka decides to find a place to eat. The team follows him and meets a troubled teen from a nearby village who's village was taken over by the Firefighters.
Chapter Ten Liberation Team Avatar liberates a Fire Nation village controlled by the Firefighters.
Chapter Eleven What We Have Become Zhentu, Mitros, and Aang react in very different manners to the battle from the previous day.
Chapter Twelve Being Assaulted Toph and Aang train a bit more, and the entire group is ambushed the next morning. This leads to another battle with the Firefighters, this time a more elite unit.
Chapter Thirteen Flood Damage The Aqua Assaulters attack the group again, this time almost drowning Toph. Aang uses the Avatar State to defeat them, but flees after the battle to get a handle on the current situation.
Chapter Fourteen The Follow-Up Aang flies away after the battle, and decides to take some time to think. Mitros and Katas attack him, leading to yet another battle.
Chapter Fifteen Retaliation Aang arrives back from his confrontation with Mitros and Katas, only to realize that he was followed.
Chapter Sixteen The Last Stronghold Mitros and Katas retreat back into their only remaining village still held in the Fire Nation. Mitros receives more news about the status of their holdings in the Fire Nation.
Chapter Seventeen The Fall Team Avatar stumbles into the village that Mitros and Katas are in, leading to another battle.
Chapter Eighteen Aang Goes Home Aang takes the Team to Southern Air Temple after they lose Mitros' trail. Meanwhile, Mitros reveals his motives about sailing south.
Chapter Nineteen The Ambush Mitros confronts Hakoda with his demands, and reacts harshly to Hakoda's decision.
Chapter Twenty Counterstrike Mitros continues his battle with Pakku, while Zuko and Aang face Katas.

Book Two: Earth

Chapter # Chapter Title Summary
Chapter One The Hunt Begins While resting from the battle at the South Pole, Team Avatar receives a note that reminds them that the Firefighters weren't the only threat to world peace.
Chapter Two Like Old Times Team Avatar catches up on their adventures between the end of the War and when they met up again.
Chapter Three New Discoveries Zuko shows Aang some final Firebending moves while the Dai Li find some information they are after.
Chapter Four The King and the Peasant Bumi trains Cheng in his own, unique way.
Chapter Five Town of Fear The Dai Li attack a villager to gather information for a raid while Team Avatar arrives in Torung Village
Chapter Six Infiltration Team Avatar searches for the mayor of Torung Village, though they encounter some trouble.
Chapter Seven The Bunker Long Feng attempts to escape from the underground base, but he encounters some problems.
Chapter Eight The Mayor's Tale Team Avatar takes the mayor back to Torung Village, and he tells them what he told to Long Feng. Meanwhile, Long Feng utilizes the information he got from his talk with the mayor.
Chapter Nine Turbulence As Team Avatar heads to Omashu, they encounter some turbulence.
Chapter Ten Omashu Attacked Part 1 After the Dai Li have attacked Omashu, Team Avatar arrives to help repel them.
Chapter Eleven Omashu Attacked Part 2 After the Dai Li have attacked Omashu, Team Avatar arrives to help repel them.
Chapter Twelve Ursa's Story Zuko is reunited with his mother after many years apart. While talking, she reveal that she stayed with a family known by a member of Team Avatar.
Chapter Thirteen Roads and Pathways Team Avatar realizes that they must leave Omashu to find the Dai Li, and Iroh begins taking Ursa back to the Fire Nation.
Chapter Fourteen The Airbending Master Aang attempts to master the art of lightning generation, but encounters a roadblock. He decides to ask an old ally about why.
Chapter Fifteen Evading an Agent A man escapes from the Dai Li and makes his way to Team Avatar, who find out information of the Earth King's whereabouts.
Chapter Sixteen Return to Gaoling Team Avatar follows a lead on the Earth King to Gaoling, and find soldiers with unusual orders.
Chapter Seventeen The Mansion Team Avatar enters the mansion of the family that has a vendetta against the Avatar, only to realize that it's a familiar family.
Chapter Eighteen A Master and A Traitor Aang tells the team about the new Nomads he created. He then leaves to meditate, seeing another old friend. Meanwhile, the rest of the team is ambushed by Dai Li agents, and find what they were looking for.
Chapter Nineteen The Dai Li Part 1 - The King's Return The Earth King is welcomed back, and in a meeting with Team Avatar, he tells of his travels around the Earth Kingdom.
Chapter Twenty The Dai Li Part 2 - Kyoshi's Revenge The Dai Li continue their advance into Ba Sing Se, as Team Avatar tries to stop them. Eventually, a past leader of the Dai Li comes forward to stop them.

Book Three: Fire

Chapter # Chapter Title Summary
Chapter One The Burning Threat Team Avatar hears about the Phoenix Warriors' exploits, and leave Ba Sing Se to defeat them.
Chapter Two Bitter Reunion Part 1 On the way to Haru's village, Zuko recognizes the village of his young friend Lee, who rejected him after discovering his identity.
Chapter Three Bitter Reunion Part 2 Team Avatar stays in Lee's village, hoping to rid it of the soldiers who oppress the citizens.
Chapter Four The Camp Team Avatar arrives in Haru's village, but realizes it was too late.
Chapter Five Wildfire Tyro and Team Avatar lead an attack to regain control of their village.
Chapter Six Penalties Zifu faces the consequences of running away from his mission.
Chapter Seven Orders Various people give and receive orders.
Chapter Eight Ruins Team Avatar learns about plans to invade the North, while some in the Phoenix Warriors make plans.
Chapter Nine Denial Team Avatar takes a detour on their way north.
Chapter Ten Timeless Security Part 1 - Preservation Aang is forced to defend his new homeland.
Chapter Eleven Timeless Security Part 2 - Future Peace The battle for the Temple concludes, eventually creating casualties on both sides.
Chapter Twelve Burning Ashes Iroh's trip home from the Fire Nation after dropping off Ursa takes an unexpected turn for the worst
Chapter Thirteen Reborn in Fire Azula receives visitors in her mental hospital, some meaning well, and some others meaning harm.
Chapter Fourteen The Revolution Zhentu, bored of the constant barrage of questions, decides to ask Jiang Rha some questions of his own. Jiang on the other hand, has some unfinished business to settle.
Chapter Fifteen The New Direction Both Team Avatar and the Phoenix Warriors choose different paths to follow.
Chapter Sixteen Clash of the Warriors Part 1 The Phoenix Warriors arrive on Kyoshi Island.
Chapter Seventeen Clash of the Warriors Part 2 The Phoenix Warriors encounter more than they bargained for on Kyoshi Island.
Chapter Eighteen The Capitol Part 1 - Absolute Rebellion Jiang Rha and Zhian launch the Phoenix Warrior's largest endeavor.
Chapter Nineteen The Capitol Part 2 - The Final Journey The meeting of several groups produces drastic results.
Chapter Twenty The Capitol Part 3 - Blazing Passion As Team Avatar arrives in the Fire Nation capital, the Phoenix Warriors plot their ultimate triumph.
Chapter Twenty One The Capitol Part 4 - The True Heart Zuko encounters Zhian for the final time, as the two decide to put an end to their struggle. Jiang attempts treason, though he is stopped by the last person on his mind.

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