Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: Four Nations (Second Life) in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.


A Avatar:Last Airbender role playing sim on the game Second Life, based 310 years after Aang's victory over Fire Lord Ozai. Currently located at

Current Story

Long ago Avatar Aang saved the world from the Fire Nations war by defeating The Firelord and bringing the nations into an era of peace.

The Air Nomads regrew and reformed and the Teoist order was born, the Southern Water Tribe was rebuilt and expanded with waterbenders migrating into the lower reaches of the Earth Nation and the Ocean Tribe formed.

The Nations came together and created ties like never before in the history of the world, and the City of Gao Li (city of four nations) was born.

Created in the very center of the continents, Gao Li was founded to create a bond between all the elements, to alleviate political tensions, promote trade, and create a community of four separate people living together in harmony.

Unknown to the rest of the world, a new Nation that had been growing from the poor exiles of the Earth Kingdom, The "Metal Empire" made its presence known by attacking and occupying Gao Li, expelling the citizens of the other nations.

Led by Chieftess Kit of the Water Tribe and Avatar Rune, the refugees fought back, soon the conflict escalated into a war and the losses were terrible on both sides.

Seeing the destruction, Avatar Rune sacrificed himself in a final act of peace, through the Avatar State he bent the spirits of those on both sides of the conflict, altering their very being and creating the Archons.

The Archons became bridges between the elements, powerful benders with mastery over two elements, the Archons brought peace to the city of Gao Li and remain a driving force in the world. As a bridge between the elements and the nations, the Archons await the return of the Avatar to be born into the Water Tribe.


In the Five Element's world there are currently five types of elements available for bending; Fire, Earth, Water, Air, and Metal.

Fire Bending

Fire Scroll

Basic Techniques

Basic Fire Bending relies on dynamic stances and aggressive movements, it is an art of speed and power, but beware fire is not easily controlled and without care a firebender can easily become their own worst enemy

Burnt Fist - Two quick long ranged blasts of flame that can set your opponent on fire

Inferno Fist - A large long range blast that will set your opponent on fire if there is anything left of them after being hit

Fire Spin - A series of brutal strikes and roundhouse kicks that end in a large wave of fire

Fire Dome - Projecting a Fire around you in all directions, useful as a ward and defense so long has you don't set yourself on fire in the process.

Flame Wheel - A versatile overhead kick that can be used to block an attack, cut off an opponents escape or a brutal overhead strike.

Dissipate - Focusing their power a firebender can kill another benders flame rather than blocking or evading it.

Fire Pillar - Create a swirling pillar of flame that maintains it's form for a short time, an excellent rode block or trap if you intend on a barbaque.

Intermediate Techniques

Xi-Ken: Blue Flame Kick

Blue Fire Palm

Advanced Techniques

Lightning Strike Blue Flame Wheel Blue Flame Sphere Blue Flame X & Y Technique Blue Flame Spin Blue Flame Wall Level 2 Dissipate Blue Flame Charge

Water Bending

Basic Techniques

Water Whip Water Strike Water Geyser Water Wave Light Fog Dispersion Self Healing Heal Other Water Guide

Intermediate Techniques

Freeze Form Southern Whip Freezing Whip Southern Strike Ice Shards

Advanced Techniques

Freeze breath Water Shield Ice Death Disks Southern Wave Water Surfing

Air Bending

Basic Techniques

Air Wave Swish Funnel Down Spiral Wind Dance Air Sphere Airate Air movement

Intermediate Techniques

Wind Run Wind Wave Rhung-Gua

Advanced Techniques

Metal Bending

Basic Techniques

Metal Spike Metal Fan Metal Katana

Intermediate Techniques

Advanced Techniques

Fire Nation

The Fire Nation is ambitious and driven. The people carry on the tradition of Firebending learned from the Dragons. Firebending uses dynamic movements and can conjure flames of intense power. With focus Firebenders can destroy any obstacles in their path.


People of the Fire Nation are dynamic and driven, calculated and brilliant they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.


Firebenders can be inspiring and warm, bringing light and hope to those around them.


Firebenders can let their drive get the better of them, becoming cruel, selfish and destructive.

Water Tribe

Water is the Element of change, the northern, Southern Swamp and Ocean Tribes learned Waterbending by studying the push and pull of the waves. Waterbenders let their defense become their offense and focos on softness and breath.



Waterbenders are held together by strong bonds of unity, they are nurturing, empathetic and will protect their loved ones at all costs.


Beware the Waterbender tainted by hated, they are as cruel and malicious as they are nurturing, Waterbenders will absorb their environments for good or ill.

Air Temple


A Female Air Nomad, at the Air temple holding a glider.

The Air Nomads detach themselves from material possessions, seeking enlightenment. They learned Airbending from the sky-Bison and utilize fast circular movements to create powerful manifestations of their element. Air Nomads typically live in Temples (or wherever the wind takes them) and have no immediate family, raised as monks.


Air Nomads concentrate on freedom, they are friendly, fun loving and enlightened.


Air Nomads choose peace and detachment over conflict.


Air Nomads can be detached to the point of ambivalence, allowing the ends to justify the means, They can be unfeeling, judgmental, and utilitarian.

Earth Kingdom

Earth Scroll

Amatsu Dezno

The Kingdom is large and diverse. It's people carry on the tradition of Earthbending. Earthbenders utilize strong stances and powerful movements, giving them the ability to shape the terrain to suit themselves.

The Earth Kingdom is very diverse but can be very structured, considering themselves to be the height of civilization in some areas.


The people of the Earth Kingdom are strong and enduring. They are direct, forceful and powerful.


Earthbenders are stable and wise, not quick to act be indomitable in the face of adversity.


Earthbenders can be stubborn, cling to tradition and possessions and slow to adapt.


Fire Roles

Fire Lord: The Fire Lord demands respect and those who would challenge his/her authority beware. All citizens of the fire nation must bow before the Fire Lord in greeting and defer to his decisions or face the full wrath of the nation's military.

The Fire Lord is both figure head and military leader.

Fire Nation Prince/Princess:

The Princess/Prince of the Fire Nation will have complete authority over the activities of the Fire Nation Citizens in Gao Li. He/She is given the task of making sure the Fire Nation is well represented in Goa Li and that they are never at a military disadvantage. The Princess/Prince must also attend the Political meetings of the ruling nations and speak for the Fire Nation.

The Prince/Princess may choose whether or not to become directly involved in the military dealings of the Fire Nation in Goa Li, and may choose to elect someone else to that position.

Fire Admiral The Admiral of the Fire Nation is the field commander of the Fire Nation military. Responsible for training/organizing troupes, devising strategies and overseeing military operations. The Fire Admiral reports to and often consults the Fire Lord in matters of battle and assumes command of the Fire Nation should anything happen to the Fire Lord, heaven forbid.

Fire Sage

The Fire Nation is not very spiritual, but there is a small group of fire benders known as the Fire Sages who oversee the Nations spiritual condition. Fire Sages are wise and powerful benders but more peaceful then most of their national brethren. Fire Sages are often called upon to train warriors in advanced fire bending and are sometimes called to consult for the Fire Lord in the rare unexpected spiritual... complication.

The Royal Designer The Royal Designer is a skilled artisan in charge of maintaining and creating the elegance and impressiveness of the Fire Nation. The Royal designer has access to special building privileges and must be in consult with the Sim Owners.

Water Roles

Water Chief The head of the Water Tribe, the Water Chief overseas the well being of her people and concerns herself primarily with upholding quality of life, maintaining supply and trade. The Water chief is also the head of the Water Tribe military, and often found on the front lines of battle should war reach her homeland.

Tribe Healer The Tribe healer is the most skilled healer in all the land. He devotes himself to saving lives and promoting the quality of life wherever he goes. The Tribe Healer takes an oath to never use his bending for harm and to always aid those in need of healing regardless of their national status or association. Their severely injured or ill often travel to the Water Tribe in search of his assistance, but do not be mistaken the Tribe healer is loyal only to the Water Tribe, and while he will not refuse to treat the injured when he finds them, he may choose to avoid them all together. The Healer may take on as many apprentices as he chooses, though they will not take the oath of healer until their training is complete and are given the title of an acolyte.


The Tribes royalty are the leaders of its military. And the prince and princess act as field commanders of the Water Tribe. They are responsible for training and leading their warriors into battle. When not attending to military matters they are given more freedom and often choose to enjoy their royal status.

Tribe Shaman The Shaman of the Water Tribe is the great Spiritual leader of his/her people. Often found in the spirit oasis the Shaman has the power to cross over to the Spirit World and communicate with the water spirits. The Shaman May take as many apprentices on as he/she chooses.

Water bending Master The Water bending Master is a water bender of great skill and knowledge, who is charged with teaching all Water benders in the tribe and is often used in battle to protect the Water Tribe.

Water Tribe Wolf Warriors

The Wolf Warriors are effective fighters in the Water Tribe Military. They fight under the leadership of the Chief and will do anything to protect their tribe.

Earth Roles

The Earth King /Queen The Earth King/Queen is a figure head of their nation. Their authority is supreme among their people but they leave major decisions to their political and military delegates. The Earth King/Queen maintains order and structure of their nation and is heavily guarded by the elite Imperial Military and Dai li.

Royal Vizier Royal Vizier The Vizier manages matters of the State, organizes the imperial guard, and overseas the lifestyle of all citizens in the Earth Nation, as well as advising the Earth Queen on all Matters.

The Earth General The Earth General is the leader of the Earth Kingdoms offensive military tactics. Organizing, training, and strategical to his heart's content. The Earth General does not need to seek approval from the Queen before putting plans into action but she can overrule him.

Earth Nation Emissary

The Earth Nation Emissary is the head of all Earth Nations citizens in Goa Li (City of Four Nations). He/She is responsible for their welfare and conduct and cultural heritage. The emissary is the highest authority and the last appeal for any IC complaints about the treatment of Earth Nation Citizens in Goa Li. The Emissary must also attent the Political meetings of the ruling nations and speak for the Earth Kingdom.

The Emissary is also in charge of the Dai Li, he/she is not their field commander, but has the final say in their activities.

Grand Historian The Historian is responsible for gathering and maintaining the history and records of not only the earth nation but the entire world. Wise and knowledgeable the Grand Historian knows much and guards his secrets well. He is in charge of the Earth Kingdom Library and responsible for keeping records of all major events as they transpire.

Imperial Guard Imperial Guard: The Imperial Guard are the royal guardians of the Earth Queen, and the cultural heritage of the Earth Kingdom. They are skilled Earth benders and the only citizens trained to open the great gate except for the Earth Queen.

Dai Li

The Defenders of the Earth Nations Cultural Heritage, The Dai Li are controlled by the Earth Nation Emissary, they must be skilled earth benders and must be willing to sacrifice themselves to protect the Earth King.

Air Roles

Air Council

A Member of the Air Council must sit as an adviser to Gao Li and an ambassador of his people. Air Council members do not govern the actions of the Air Nomads but they do give advice and guidance when requested and are responsible in the other nations eyes for the activities of the Air Nomads in Goa Li. Air Council Members are usually teachers and often spend their time instructing and advising.

Air Nomad Your job is to explore, have fun, and interact with the other nations, promoting peace, fun!, and sanctity of life wherever you go. Air Nomads will not instigate a battle and will do whatever they can to diffuse conflict. Air Nomads promote the spread of information and are often hired as messengers from the other nations.

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