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This page lists the chapters in the fanon Avatar: Energy Saga

Book One: Beginnings

Chapter Chapter Title Summary
One The Jasmine Dragon The gang congregates at the Jasmine Dragon. Aang has an illuminating conversation with Iroh.
Two Earth Kingdom Bandits Aang travels to visit Jeong Jeong to learn about energybending. Team Avatar helps out a village. Things seem just like old times.
Three The Parting of Ways The gang goes to a tea shop and examines the mysterious attacker's weapon. Then they bump into an old friend.
Four Enemies of the Fire Lord Team Avatar reunites after a long time apart. Some old adversaries show up along with some new discoveries.
Five Seclusion and Kindred: Part One Aang starts retracing some old steps in order to learn about energybending. He also does something bold.
Six Seclusion and Kindred: Part Two Aang learns about energy and discovers something he did not anticipate - but something so much more.
Seven The Energybending Teacher Aang and Sokka leave the Eastern Air Temple and Aang finally learns how to bend energy from an old friend.
Eight The Search for a Candidate As Aang takes his first steps toward starting a new family, he receives a disturbing warning in a vision.
Nine Azula's Release Zuko's sister Azula is released from the mental hospital where she has been since the end of the Hundred Year War.

Book Two: Rise

Chapter Chapter Title Summary
One The New Air Nomads Aang starts a new family and a new nation in a peaceful world.
Two Changing Winds Zuko thinks obstacles are arising which threaten the world's newfound peace. Kaddo learns an important waterbending lesson. Aang has a disturbing conversation with the Council of Elders.
Three The Calling Statue Aang's and Zuko's families spend some time together. Sokka reunites with Piandao. Zuko deals with disturbing developments at a war meeting. Aang feels drawn to a mysterious statue.
Four Migo Team Avatar begins a new journey, encountering new friends and old enemies.
Five Cave of the Ancients: Part One Aang has another dream relating to energybending and learns a secret about one of his past lives - and has a startling vision.
Six Cave of the Ancients: Part Two As if Team Avatar has not experienced enough for one day, shocking confrontations prove to them that their peaceful world will not remain so for long.
Seven Mobilization As a new war has begun, Aang begins traveling to different nations to send aid to Zuko's government in the Fire Nation. Meanwhile, his troubled student shows him something even more troubling.
Eight Reflections As Aang and family travel to Omashu to see Toph, other characters in the World of Avatar adapt themselves to the new war going on in the Fire Nation.
Nine Omashu The gaang visits Omashu where things aren't quite as they planned. There they plot their next courses and experience some family drama.
Ten Fire Nation Pirates Aang and the New Air Nomads go to fight pirates in the Fire Nation. Meanwhile, Migo joins other earthbenders in Ba Sing Se for training. Here he learns a terrible truth.
Eleven The Phoenix Rises Team Avatar's first official battle with the Fire Nation rebels, now dubbed the "Phoenix Army."
Twelve Misfortune and Reproach Migo goes back to Brawki. Tenzin meets a new friend. Aang recovers and encounters one of his past lives in a dream, but where is he exactly?
Thirteen Gatherings and Struggles Everyone recuperates and makes plans to head to the Fire Nation Capital, where an inevitable decisive battle will be taking place.
Fourteen Revelations Team Avatar congregates in the Fire Nation Capital, anticipating the arrival of the Phoenix Army soon. Jeong Jeong suddenly has a lot to tell Aang.
Fifteen Battle at the Fire Nation Capital: Part One The battle for the fate of the Fire Nation - and probably the fate of the world - finally begins. Team Avatar is in for a rough fight and some unexpectes surprised along the way.
Sixteen Battle at the Fire Nation Capital: Part Two The battle at the capital continues. Team Avatar endures a lot of struggles and makes tough decisions. But once this is over for them - what next?

Book Three: Atonement

Chapter Chapter Title Summary
One Hopes of Redemption Aang begins a new journey to correct a devastating mistake.
Two A New Journey Aang encounters some unexpected difficulties on his quest. Meanwhile, Tenzin is having issues of his own.
Three Shifting Gears Aang and Kaddo get into some new trouble and find a fresh mystery to solve. Foreshadowing in the Earth Kingdom and elsewhere.
Four The Air Lord When Aang returns to the Southern Air Temple, he encounters something he never expected.
Five Three Children, Three Journeys While Aang's carrying on with his quest, lets see what the kids are up to!
Six Realignment The Avatar goes to Ember Island, where he learns a new skill and recruits someone for his mission.
Seven Infiltration Aang and Azula both travel to the Southern Air Temple while the Fire Nation receives an unsolicited visitor.
Eight Friends and Traitors Decisive battles in the Fire Nation and the Air Nation. The Avatar and company endure triumph and tragedy.
Nine The Lost Island Aang mourns the loss of a close friend and does some exploring, around the island he wound up on and about himself.
Ten Legends Team Avatar reunites in Ba Sing Se and forehadowing revelations are made.
Eleven Reunion and Discovery Avatar Aang reaches out to find secrets hidden in his distant past. Meanwhile, all hell breaks loose.
Twelve Ghost of an Avatar's Past TBA
Thirteen Fire Nation's Final Hope TBA
Fourteen The Avatar Legion TBA
Fifteen Battle of the Six Armies: Part One TBA
Sixteen Battle of the Six Armies: Part Two TBA
Seventeen Shihang Shi TBA
Eighteen Return to the Cave of the Ancients: Part One TBA
Nineteen Return to the Cave of the Ancients: Part Two TBA
Twenty Return to the Cave of the Ancients: Part Three TBA
Twenty-One Return to the Cave of the Ancients: Part Four TBA

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