Secrets Uncovered
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Avatar:End of the Line


1:Toph Bei Fong



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February 25, 2011

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A Shadow Revealed


Okay, so if you read the last chapter, you'll know what's going on. If you didn't, this sections for you!

Previously on A:EotL, Sokka and Suki were wed on Kyoshi Island, and decided for a honeymoon in Ba Sing Se.

Later they, Team Avatar and the Kyoshi Warriors arrived and are being held captive by Earthbenders. Enjoy!

Secrets revealed

"Woah, woah, WHOA!!! Back up, man," Aang exclaimed, "You're saying WE killed All those people!?! What reason would we have?!?"

"How stupid do you think I am?" The Earthbender said. "After the leaders were dead, the world would, well, is, thrown into lawless chaos. In that state of chaos, people would follow any faction with sufficient power to protect them from all this crime. You are the have quite a bit of power stored up in there. You could just blow anyone in your way down. That's why you can't be left alive long enough to do th-"

The rest of his words were deafened by an explosion of smoke and sound.

Toph was confused. Everything happened real fast after that. Multiple heavy vibrations came in around them, Sokka yelled, and something hard hit her head. Then she was consumed by clinging blackness...

Aang began to wake up. He heard many things, but saw so much less. He heard sounds of pain and anguish. He saw a cell he was in, with a small window letting in scraps of light. Inside his cell, he saw his own feet, Sokka, and a dark-haired teen laying with his back to them in a corner. Where were the others?

Sokka was yelling something, but Aang couldn't hear well right now. The dark-haired teen glanced over his shoulder, and turned back around. He was freckled, and he appeared sleep-deprived. Aang pitied him, but he didn't know why. He got up, and yelped as he learned he had a terrible pain in the back of his head. He approached the teen. His hearing was coming back, Sokka was screaming, "Suki! Where are you?!? SUKI!!!" Aang rocked the teen gently, and he turned over.

"What do you want?" He half-whispered.

"Who are you?" Aang asked. "Set...My's Set," he said, "did you see us get brought in?" Aang asked.

"Yeah, yeah I did. You were conscious, barely though, and that one was already screamin' like he was dyin'. They already were holding you two and they threw 'ya in here with me."

"Was there anyone else?" Aang asked. "Oh, yeah, they took a woman with 'em somewhere else, I didn't see where, though. Why?" Aang was shocked to here there was only one woman. "What did she look like?"

"Um, she had black hair, blind eyes, and no shoe-" "It was Toph!" Aang yelled. "Who?"

"Toph! Are you sure there was nobody else?!"

"Um, yeah, nobody else, just her....why is she so interesting?"

"Because she's one of us!!!"

"One of us?"

"Yeah, I'm the Avatar!"



"I was arrested for believing in you!!!"


"Yes, really!!!"

"Why don't you tell us you're story?!?"

"Some other time, right now we gotta get outta here!!!"

"You've got a plan?!?"

"Of course I have a plan!!!!!! Let's go!!!"

With that, Set jumped up and grabbed Sokka's mouth, silencing him.

"Okay, guys, this is how it's gonna go down..."

Sorry to keep you hanging, but, TO BE CONTINUED


  • Set will show up a lot throughout the rest of the next two books.
  • Suki, Katara, and the Kyoshi Warriors' story will be told next Chapter.
  • Toph's story will be told in Chapter 4.

See 'ya later!Seth-218: Still standin'! ^.^!!! (talkcontribs) 17:11, February 26, 2011 (UTC)

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