Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: Division of Souls in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar: Division of Souls
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We start out in the Avatar World where the nations are divided into four countries Water, Fire Earth & Air. Each country having a select few who are born with the ability to bend there nations element or control it with their minds and bodies. Only one person is able to control all four elements he is the link between the normal and spiritual world, the Avatar.

It's been 180 years since the great Hundred Year War of the Fire Nation and the most recent Avatar Korra has just passed away. The Republic City where all four nations as well as benders and none benders live together in peace is prospering and growing improving each person tolerance and understanding of each other in greater depth.

Hidden from main stream view there is an association who hold the old prejudices taught to them by the founders of the Black Lotus. Their mission is the extermination of the (impure) non benders. They have this deep hatred left over by the Equalists. (A group of non benders who hated the benders because of the special powers they possessed.) The Black Lotus organization started strange experimentation on all sorts of levels but eventually the experiments paid off when they used combinations of spiritual and scientific rituals on pregnant woman. At that point they were able to create spiritually strong people who could bend not only one but two elements bringing them closed to their goal of creating an artificial Avatar someone strong enough to serve them and assist in destroying the non bending humans.

But something is wrong, something isn't right with the flow in the spiritual world.

The normal flow is that all the past lives of the Avatar are available to lend the Avatar their knowledge and strength whilst he is in the Avatar State. But the strength of the Black Lotus experimental rituals was strong enough to confuse the spiritual connection and it pulled three ways between the children meant to be born at the same point in time. The soul that was originally destined to become the new Avatar was stolen away at the last minute by a darkness; it was stolen away from his destiny of greatness and fused by the darkness with dark and terrible energy.

Then the connection originally meant for the Avatar pulled between the other two children left in that position and split into creating two half Avatars.

Born into the world and taken from their families at the age of ten. They taken to the black mountain top and trained for five years in all four elements with the rest of the double benders. Unlike the rest of the double benders who can only really bend one element to mastery and the other only slightly, these two children where much stronger able to master both of their elements with great potential.

The children meet one day when the more timid boy was saved by the hot tempered up beat girl. The boy named Mizu Sprito was from the Northern Water Tribe and was very smart, timid, but very loyal and committed to his friends (green eyes, white hair almost to his eyes, tribal colored skin). The females name is Setsuca a very spunky hot headed yet sweet smart girl who loves to fight. She is from the Fire Nation and she loves fire red just like her hair and eyes it what she always wears.

After discovering a horrible plan against their freedom by the Black Lotus they are able to help all the students escape and take off on a journey of battles adventures love and deception. Eventually taking on the anti-Avatar almost killed on the first attempt but saved by a close friend they are then pulled in to the Spirit World where the spirits declare that a darkness has interfered with the human world so they now have the right to directly help them trained by the Sun and Moon Spirits the go back with new found strength and confidence to save their friends and (her lover) and the entire world from corruption.

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