Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: Destiny Rewritten in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Avatar: Destiny Rewritten
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The Storm

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Hello everyone. I began this story over on and will post my initial chapters and continue the story here. You may or may not have seen the story, I'll probably end up changing a few things in certain chapters but my ideals are the same for this story. It has received positive reviews there and I do hope you enjoy.


In an alternate universe, Aang never froze in the iceberg. His journey to become the Avatar is still hurried as the tides of war are threatening the entire world. With the help of an old friend, he must travel the world and master the remaining elements and prevent the fragile Balance of the World from coming undone.


  • Aang: The current Avatar. He has already mastered Airbending but is reluctant to accept his role as the Avatar. All the pressure is on him as he attempts to master the elements and stop what seems like imminent war.
  • Gyatso: After learning Aang has run away in an attempt to escape his duties as Avatar, he becomes quite distressed. But Aang returns and the Elder Monk decides to accompany the young Avatar on his journey.
  • Appa: Aang's spirit animal companion. He aids Aang and Gyatso in their travels across the world of Avatar.
  • Luya: One of Aang's Waterbending Masters known for her fierce style, many say she would fit right in with the Fire Nation.
  • Tano: Aang's true Waterbending Master. Over the last few years he has lost his will to truly teach anyone Waterbending, but the arrival in Aang sparks his interest once again. Though he has the will, that doesn't make him any less forgiving on the young Avatar. 
  • Bumi: Aang's childhood friend and one of his Earthbending teachers. Wild and full of insane ideas, the two get along grandly.
  • Sozin: Known for his devious plots to expand his Empire, Avatar Roku put an end to his plans. But after the mysterious death of Roku, Sozin has begun to plot again but this time it's worse than ever before.
  • Koh: After a terrific battle that involved Aang and an old foe, he is left mortal and has sworn revenge on the young Avatar. What his next move is, we can only guess....
  • Kari: Aang's first Earthbending teacher. She believes in being patient with the young Airbender as she knows the form will not come easy to him. She is also head of the Kyoshi Warriors and the first member to be an Earthbender since Kyoshi herself. 


Book 1: Acceptance

Book 2: Balance

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