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Chapter 7: The Assassins

Her eyes darted this way and that. She hated large crowds; it always made her feel like she was being watched by every one. She had spent too much of her life being watched and she hated it; she couldn't wait until she was free to leave.



She covered her ears, but the sound still reverberated in her head. She looked up to see what the source of this horrible noise was that made her uncomfortable.

Stepping onto a small platform was the princess. She glared at her; she wanted to kill her right then and there. In the back of her dark mind was the princess already screaming in her grasp. She enjoyed the thought that the princess would never see the light of day again. Entertained by the thought, she couldn't help but grin, even though she knew that now was not the time. But it would come. For now, she would just wait and buy her time, knowing that one day the right time to strike would arrive.

"My Lady?"

She turned to see a short attendant staring at her with big amber eyes. "Yes?" she answered coolly.

"Are you from the Fire Nation?" he asked.

Pondering over the question for a moment, she soon formed her answer.

"No." She coldly replied, before turning her back to the man and leaving the room.

As she walked out a guard stopped her.

"Why are you leaving? And were are you going?" he inquired on a harsh tone.

"Isn't that the same question?" The guard stared at her, surprised by the girl's audacity to talk back to him. "I'm going home," she said before the guard could fully recover from his surprise.

"Are you a Firebender?"

The girl grew annoyed by the guard, so she lazily answered the guard while drawing a knife that was hidden within the folds of her dress. "Yes, why do you ask?" Before the guard could answer, however, she stabbed him with it; the guard's eyes widened with shock one last time. She bent down to make sure that he really was dead: She cut his throat and stabbed his heart with a quick thrust. She erected herself and looked down at her victim; the man's eyes were wide open and blood oozed out of his chest, creating a large red spot on the floor.

Suddenly, she felt the cold kiss of a knife at her throat. Her attacker grabbed her hands and pulled them behind her. She tried to worm her way to freedom, but to no avail: Her attacker had her pinned down. Numerous escape plans passed through her mind, the one more realistic than the other; her eyes shifted from side to side, furiously trying to find that one opening she needed to escape.

"Now tell me, why would my precious White Jade still be here when she knows that right after you killed someone you ..."

"... Must leave the scene of the murder." She finished. "Yes father, I know."

"If you know so well, then why are you still here?" he asked.

"Because you still have me in a quick lock."

She spun around to see him the moment her father released her. He had a dark cloak around him and the hood obscured all of his facial features, but not even the shadows could completely cover the thin ragged scar that donned most of his face. He had a buff posture with a sword hanging from his waist; his hand was tightly around the hilt of the sword, thus emphasizing a bright ruby ring that she had never seen before.

"Been doing a little work?" she asked while pointing at the new piece of jewelry.

"Yes," he answered looking down at the ring. "I was doing a little job for a friend of mine, but I'll save that story when we get home. Come on, we need to go."

"Home," she thought dreamily. The thought made her wish for her koala sheep wool stuffed bedding; the nice walks through the gardens; the daily practices with her swords and knives in her fathers make shift gym; discovering new ways of torturing, which she experimented on young animals. Hearing their howls for help always made her day. That thought made her smile, knowing that a new animal had arrived.

The duo had kept to the dark shadows, their eyes always on the look out for someone who would try to stop them for questioning. As they turned another corner, her father stopped her. She waited patiently while her father scanned the road ahead. He tugged her sleeve, signaling that the coast was clear; they swiftly made their exit through the open gates of the palace.

The next day

"Dragons blood, what is that smell!" A thin guard looked at his buff companion with distaste. "Did you just..."

"No, I swear it wasn't me." He answered.

"Well if it isn't you, than what is it?"

The two men turned the corner to find a body lying on the ground in a puddle of blood; the person's throat was slashed.

The guards stared at the horrifying scene, neither capable of uttering a word, until buff guard whispered, "I told you it wasn't me..."

The two men stared not knowing what to do.

"Sound the alarm!"

The two ran toward the watch tower.

Author's Note

This chapter is for my little sister. You are amazing and wonderful (even if you get on my nerves).

Yes, I've added two new characters in this chapter: White Jade and Father (yes, that is his name). Their backgrounds will become clear in the next chapters, so keep reading!! I do realize that it is a little confusing with suddenly focusing on the new characters without a previous explanation and so "late" as you might say in the story, though that is what I like about it. One of the reasons why I added some new characters was because this story sort of felt incomplete without a teen voice in the story. Thank you so much for reading this chapter.

I would like to thank to my wonderful editors you make my day.

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