Beauty From Fire
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Chapter 6: Beauty From Fire

As I walk through the parted curtains, I hear the sound of a gong clashing. When I enter the room, my eyes travel around to the magnificent ice sculptures and huge rock formations. I have never seen anything like it before. There are tables with different types of food too. I spot my favorite, roast turtle duck. I guess that the head cook had spent the whole time running around, yelling at everyone around here. My eyes start searching for what the Fire Nation has on display, but I see nothing. Surely my mother had not forgotten about the Fire Nations contributions.

I suddenly realized that everyone from the Fire Nation was bowing to me. My face flushed at noticing my mistake. I walk through the path that was made out for me leading to my parent's throne where I should be sitting on my fathers left side, to show that I was his one and only heir. I make my way down the path as quickly as I dare.

When I get to the end, I make a respectful bow and take my seat. Soon every one is up and about. I see people admiring the things that were brought from all over the world. I now saw different Fire Nation things: Our cloth, tools, weapons, a small scale model of a new airship, and different musical instruments, but I saw nothing that was about Firebending.

"Dad?" I asked "Where is our Firebending?"

"Now that is a special treat." He replied with a soft grin.

We were soon served food. I got a big chunk of roast duck and a little of the Water Tribes sea prunes, which were disgusting. The platypus egg surrounded by moon peaches from the Earth Kingdom, on the other hand, was delicious. However, it wasn't until Katara told me later that I found out the peaches were supposed to be dipped into the egg. For dessert, we had the famous Air Nomad fruit pies; they were made by the Avatar himself. While we ate, he told the story of how he and his mentor would launch them into the air and land on meditating Air Nomads. The story made me laugh.

After we had all eaten, my father seated every one and said, "Now If I may present: The Fire Nation Academy for the Bending Arts!"

Four boys and girls came out from either side of the room. They first bowed to the Fire Lord. They then split into groups of two, and, with their groups, created pictures of animals and spirits. I was in awe; I had never seen anything like it before. They created the Moon and Ocean Spirits: Two fish circling each other. Soon, Armadillo Wolves ran in a pack and four cat-owls flew through the room, but my favorite one was when they all came together an created a large dragon. It was full of such beauty and heat that it made everyone just stare in amazement and wonder. It looked as if the dragons had been reborn.

Author's Note

Hey guys,

I know that this was not my best writing. The reason for this is because I wanted to give you a little trip into Ursa mind. As you can tell she is a very bad writer and also she doesn't take in a lot of detials. Even though it wasn't the best chapter I hope that you at least enjoyed it. This chapter was meant to be longer, but I decided against it.

This chapter is for my friend Jonathan. You can take a picture and turn it into your own. You are always there when I need someone to tell all of my problems to. I love it that you get my jokes and will laugh at them, no matter how cheesy they are.

I would like to thank all of my fans who have been tracking me for so long. Thanks guys, when I see your comments, they make my day.

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