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Butterflies and The Wait
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Chapter 5: Butterflies and The Wait

Excitement swelled in her chest. She looked in the mirror while a maid did her hair. Was she nervous? Excited? Or just flat out all of them together?

"Your Highness?"

She turned toward the voice. It was a slender women who had her hair down in a ponytail, which was odd for a maid to have her hair done in that style.


"Your mother was wondering if you were ready," she asked.

"Almost," Ursa answered. "Will you please tell her that I'll be down in a minute?" She ended the sentence with a small smile that didn't give away how nervous she really was.

"Yes, your highness," the maid said, bowing out of the room.

For some strange reason, she felt a little bit of the nervousness go away. Looking back at the mirror, Ursa lifted her head higher. She was more confident now, but her stomach was still turning. She finally made up her mind that she was both, excited and nervous.

Her maid was finished. Hair was up in the traditional top-knot, but there was still one thing missing. She picked up the small ornament, the one and only thing that truly proved that she was the rightful heir to the throne. How could something so small mean so much? Ursa truly did not know the answer to that mystery.

Ursa placed it in her hair; it fit perfectly within the knot as she slid the pin in that held it in her hair. Now that she was ready, Ursa walked out the room and went down the long hallway.

If you looked at her now, you would have never guessed that she had been half dragged, half flown to the royal gallery. She still had the memory of her mother's face when she saw her daughter being "flown" into the gallery by a little Airbender girl. That look would most definitely stay in Ursa's mind for as long as she lived. She smiled now thinking of it.

Following behind her were two guards, and behind them were two servants ready to be dispatched at a moment's notice. In truth, she hated being followed constantly. She felt as if she was a little weakling, which she wasn't. She could take care of herself. She could Firebend and she wasn't afraid of shedding a little blood here and there. She was confident that she could take care of her self.

As she neared the doors that would announce her presence, she took a deep breath and let it out. Her stomach turned as she reached the doors. This was the part she hated the most: the wait. The wait for the man to announce that she was about to enter. The wait for people's eyes to stop staring at her. The wait, the wait.

Author's Note

This story is for my wonderful English teacher who has been giving me the strength to not stop this story. You have encouraged me in a way that I can only say in words that I would never be able to describe. Thank you for being my #1 fan. I love you, Ms. D. Also, I would have never been able to write this without my wonderful editors. You guys rock my world!!

P.S.: My teachers name isn't Ms. D. I'm just making sure that none of you guys know her real name.

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