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Avatar: Daughter of Fire


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August 2010

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Chapter 3: Non-stop-talking

Ursa woke up in an unfamiliar room. The room had very high walls and hanging from the ceiling in a vertical line, were Fire Nation banners. They were right there, and it was impossible to miss them, for they were right there. The bedroom (or at least she thought it was a bedroom) had no furniture but the bed that she was laying on. On her right, were tall windows that streamed in light from the sun.

She yawned, rubbed her eyes, and when she opened them, she screamed in surprise. There, sitting on her bed, was Kya. Her bright blue eyes were wide open (to a wideness that she personally thought was impossible), with a silly grin on her face, her teeth showing.

"Finally," Kya sighed over dramatically. "I've been waiting for you to wake up for two whole hours! Do you have any idea how long of wait that is?!"

"What happened?" asked Ursa while rubbing her tired head. Then, realizing that her hair was down and not up like it always was.

"Oh, you fell off Appa's back," she replied as if it wasn't a big deal at all. "Oh, don't worry. My dad caught you before you hit the ground. You know, if you hit the ground you would've died. Then your dad would be mad at my dad, and my dad would even be more furious with Tenzin and then he would be in more trouble than he already is." At this point she took a long breath, but before Ursa could intercede she was off again, "Plus, if you had died I wouldn't have someone too help me with my damnable plans. I do have some really good pranks..."

"KYA!!!" Ursa yelled, interrupting her. "Where. Am. I?!"

"You're in the east wing. 2nd floor. Fourth door on the right," she said quickly.

"Why am I not in my room?"

"Well, they were going to put you in your room, but servants were still cleaning your room, so your mom decided to put you in here. May I add that your room could benefit from a good cleaning?"

"Where is everyone?"

"Your dad is in a meeting. Our moms are preparing for the anniversary of the end of the War in the Royal Gallery. My dad is meditating because, boy, was he mad when he got his hands on Tenzin. He even almost went into the Avatar State. Which even scared me a little."

"A little scared?" Knowing Kya, she might have over done it, for she was the most overly dramatic and the most talkative person she knew. To her, Kya was a little ball of energy ready to explode any second.

"Okay, okay, maybe a little more scared then I thought I was." Suddenly her eyes widened. "Come on! We have to hurry," she said, yanking Ursa out of the of bed. "Your mom is going to kill me with two daggers and a sword through my chest."

"Why would my mother try to kill you? And my mother doesn't even know how to use a sword, so you can cross that off your list of weapons my mother is going to kill you with."

"Because she said to tell her when you were up," Kya said while she yanked the door open and dragged her down the hall.

Authors note

The idea for Kya came from one of my good friends and which this chapter is dedicated to. You are joyful and know how to make me smile. You are an awsome friend, never forget that.

I know Tenzin's punishment wasn't told. Poor Kya forgot to add that little detail. :-(

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