Azula's breakdown
The Prisoner Without a Heart
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August 2010

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Chapter 2 :The Prisoner Without A Heart

An ear-piercing scream interrupted her thoughts. She got up to look through the only window in her tiny cell. When she looked out, she saw what you and I would think terrifying, but to her was exciting entertainment. Her eyes widened with excitement.

What she saw was a flying bison, flying at a very sharp angle; and on the end of its tail was a small figure hanging for dear life. From this distance, she couldn't tell whether it was a girl or a boy.

"Fall, fall, fall," she chanted. She was chanting as if it would happen, and if she chanted hard enough it would happen. She started to laugh with delight, for what she had asked for came true.

A guard ran in, wondering what the noise was. When he saw her, he yanked her from the window and beat her. She screamed in pain, horrible pain. The sting and the crack of the whip was too much for her. She soon crawled up in a ball and cried silently.

"What have I done to deserve this?" she asked in a hoarse whisper.

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