Fire Lord Zuko
She's Got Her Aunt's Eyes
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Avatar: Daughter of Fire


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August 2010

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The Prisoner Without a Heart

Chapter 1

Zuko looked down at the newborn girl that he held in his arms. After two miscarriages, Mai had finally given birth to an heir, a baby girl. Finally, the Fire Nation had an heir. The baby squirmed in his arms until, finally, she opened her eyes. Zuko gasped and almost dropped the baby in surprise. The baby girl, his baby girl, had amber eyes. And not just any amber eyes: his crazy sister's eyes.



The very same sister who had tired to kill him (on too many times he could remember), and who had gone crazy. Azula was now locked up in an asylum.

It had been reported many times by the guards who worked there that voices could be heard in her room while she slept. And not just any voices, but the voices of his mother Ursa and his great grandfather Avatar Roku.

And now he was looking into his sister's eyes. The menacing eyes of his sister Azula looked up at him. He blinked twice before he truly believed they were hers and not Azula's. At first he thought of waking up Mai, but when he saw his wife sleeping peacefully, he brushed away the thought. This would be only between himself. His wife would find out sooner or later. When he looked at his little girl again, she was fast asleep. He then realized how sleepy he was himself.

"Good night, my little Ursa," he said as he placed his daughter in her cradle.


"ONE... TWO...THREE...YIP, YIP, Appa!" yelled Tenzin. The small, seven year old boy laughed with glee as the large flying bison leaped into the air.

Meanwhile, the young, five year old Princess Ursa was screaming her head off. She had never been on a flying bison before, and truthfully, she was quite scared.

When her friend's older brother had asked if she wanted a ride on Appa, she said no because her father, Fire Lord Zuko, would probably disapprove. Tenzin did what any other young boy would do: he taunted her, saying that it wasn't true, that her father didn't want her to go, and that she was only saying that because she was afraid. Ursa's friend Kya was appalled that her brother would do such a thing. He never taunted anyone before, let alone a princess!!

As she watched her friend go off into the blue sky screaming, Kya ran for her parents.

Authors note

I am very happy to be writing my own fanon. If you see any misspelled words please spell them right for me. Just don't change the whole story. Thank you!!

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