Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: Control in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar: Control
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In a future world where the nations are much more connected and multicultural cities and families exist a terrible tragedy has stricken the world. Avatar Gaia of the Earth Nation has been beaten, she must reconstruct the once peaceful land of before after a certain family has conquered the world.



Avatar Gaia: A funny, determined 15 year old Avatar who has started, but not yet completed her mastery over the elements. Gaia is particularly good at earthbending and attempted to defeat Karu and his family and though many were beaten, the main driving force of their son remain.

Doru 16 year old airbender whose airbending principles opposed her families immoral streak caused her to leave. She has trust issues and rarely lets those into her inner circle she became Gaia's closest friend and ally. Her airbending skills are average, though she has high potential as she hid her airbending from her family for years.

Leon 14 year old Fire Nation boy who is extremely proficient with various fighting techniques including weaponry, chi-blocking and martial arts. He uses a combination of martial arts and chi blocking to mimic and disable bending opponents. He is quiet and introverted but can be very witty when he decides to talk. He has a small crush on Gaia.

Kiora 15 year old waterbender. Kiora is a powerful waterbender who knew Karu when growing up and despises him. She normally utilises plantbending but when she doesn't her style of waterbending is aggressive and unrelenting much like her personality. She can be stubborn and grumpy too, but is the comedian and tactician of the group


Karu: A 13 year old waterbending prodigy and mathematical genius who has mastered every sub-style of waterbending. He manipulated those around him into unwittingly assisting his family into seeking control of the world. However those around him have nearly all been killed and only he his sister Kiora and his demanding parents who have become bored with politics and leave it to their son remain. He has a rocky relationship with his sister who confronted and left him at the start of the war.

Zulee: A near unrivalled firebending master, Zulee is melodramatic and demanding of his children, even involving them in the war. While Karu surpassed his expectations, Doru refused to partake in the ordeal and was shunned by her father. He tried to attack her with a blast of fire but she blocked it with air, revealing her airbending status. This was a result of Zulee's controversial Air Nomad genes. After this she ran away and is now a fugitive.

Avani: Karu and Doru's mother. She is a master earthbender and metalbender with immense skill and power, though she rarely carries it out. Avani is a talented manipulator who uses her intelligence and beauty to get what she wants. She tends to keep away from her children who she sees as a PR mechanism. Karu's waterbending genes are inherited from Avani's waterbender father.


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