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Clash of Worlds
Avatar: Clash of Worlds
When Worlds Clash!
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Flash, Vaznock, Avatar, Twilitlink, Zukofan


Flash, Vaznock, Avatar, Twilitlink, Zukofan


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Avatar:Clash of Worlds 2

Avatar: Clash of Worlds is an original crossover story of several Avatar fan fictions. The story mainly centers around humorous and bizarre interactions between the original characters of each story. The Clash was conceived by three fanon administrators during July of 2009, and eventually developed into a five part series.

The crossover was pitched to the Avatar Fanon community through a blog. A large amount of users took interest, and the participating stories were collected. Avatar: Better World, Kyoshi Revolts, The Phoenix Chronicles, Avatar: Wanted, and Avatar: The Legacy of Fire. One other less-known story was set to participate, though it was eventually removed due to inactivity. The crossover began in August.

The crossover was a great enjoyment for the fanon authors to partake in and was well received by non-participants, which lead to the introduction of a sequel, and later another sequel. On May first 2011, a third sequel was proposed, with two of the authors from CoW 3 alongside six new-generation series and their authors, however this ended up being cancelled. In April 2013, Suzon received permission to do Clash of Worlds 4 from Twilitlink, the series is currently in development.


Avatar: Clash of Worlds was originally conceived without a name on an IRC discussion between Avatar Fanon Wiki users SuperFlash101, Vaznock, and Waterkai. The idea was the make a crossover between every story on the wiki at the time. The idea was still kept but nothing was announced, planned, or designed, and over the next several weeks, a discussion occurred on the canon Avatar Wiki about merging it and the Fanon Wiki in order to raise Google rankings. Eventually, the merge occurred; Vaznock then wrote a blog to pitch the idea to the Fanon side of the community.

After much discussion, to make matters simpler, Avatar, made a forum. The stories to use were as well laid out, which were Avatar: Better World, Kyoshi Revolts, The Phoenix Chronicles, Avatar: Wanted, The Way Things Were, and Avatar: The Legacy of Fire. The story's authors (SuperFlash, Vaznock, Waterkai, The avatar, Twilitlink, Firelord Hangh, and Zukofan123, respectively) quickly decided that it would be completely humorous, but have a thin plot tying it together, and what stories would be mainly in each chapter. However, Firelord Hangh was on vacation and could not release his part. So, Zukofan agreed to finish the story.

Later on, a Clash of Worlds 2 was announced. [1] In CoW 2, running gags from the original CoW are used, including certain characters being addicted to drugs, comedic name changes, among others.


Chapter Number Name Summary
1 Part 1 The entire universe is thrown into chaos when Lee Koisho's undead body escapes from the Spirit World. Lee returns to his mortal world, though after a brief fight with Avatar Aang, he is thrown over to a new world where the apparently bumbling and dimwitted Avatar Chen presides.
2 Part 2 After the universe is thrown into chaos, the Rebel City has some surprise visitors: Avatar Mian and Shiungi. Meanwhile, Lian must fight Princess Mitsuki to keep her crush, while Yino tries to score employment from Azula. A strange coincidence also occurs when two very similar girls meet.
3 Part 3 The state of the universe worsens as Team Rebel, Aang (Better World) now called Peter, and Team Strike find themselves in yet another world. Matters are made worse when an ambush by each worlds' respective villains takes place. Meanwhile, Shiungi continues to disrupt everyone's lives, mostly Takeshi's.
4 Part 4 Nero, after being killed once more from Mitsuki and Lian's accidental assault, teams up with villainous assassin Yino to put the world back in place. Meanwhile, Avatar Chen is given Airbending lessons from Lu Ming, while Shiungi bears an attack on two totally unsuspecting souls.
5 Part 5 Shiungi is finally apprehended, and Takeshi and Selira finally share a kiss. Tensions eventually reach their peak among the heroes and villains, and a great climactic battle ensues. Finally, after five long hours, the fanon characters decide to return to their normal worlds, and balance is finally returned to the world.


Critical reception to the series has been largely positive, and authors of the stories that are mocked in each chapter have each praised their characters' portrayals.

Clash of Worlds was nominated for four Fanon Awards at the 1st Annual Fanon Awards: "Outstanding Comedy Series," and three "Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series" nods (SuperFlash101 for Part 1, Vaznock for Part 2, and Twilitlink for Part 4). It won for "Outstanding Comedy Series", and for Vaznock's writing.

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