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Avatar: Clash of Mind and Spirit-Prologue
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Avatar: Clash of Mind and Spirit



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March 2nd, 2014

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Chapter 1

The era of the Avatar continues, yet I wonder if it is any use these days. I have lost faith in the elements, and technology has taken over. I was born into a world of science, and Korra's plan to live in peace with the spirits has failed. We use our technology to fight the spirits, and lately we have been winning. As the Avatar I am supposed to have a say, but with such a large population... What does anyone's word matter to the masses? Not to mention the inhumans—oh, yes, they do not enjoy the word aliens. They say we use it with a negative connotation. We work together, though it's mostly to fight the spirits. What is strange is that nobody during Korra's time even thought about inhumans. All they were concerned about were the spirits. So now we have bigger problems. The humans are trying to unite an entire world to try and unite with entire inhuman worlds to unitedly fight the spirits.

The world is desecrated, and where there are not buildings there are dense forests now known as the Demon Dwellings. The human population grows at a staggering rate, and there are possibly millions out on other planets unaccounted for. The planet's animals are all but extinct, and we slayed the last lion turtle for food long ago. I feel there is great knowledge lost to the hands of science.

The humans don't believe that we require nature any longer. Science is the key to life, and we hold it in our hands, they say. With all of our meddling, we have made the spirits angry, and this is why we must destroy them. I have been asked to close the spirit portals, and still I refuse. I hope the humans will again learn to live in peace with nature. Because of my refusal, I have lost almost all respect among my people. Yet the inhumans still find the Avatar an interesting idea. They try to merge themselves with spirits on their own planets, and let me say that the episodes are horrific. They can't control the spirits on their own worlds, nor can they open and close the portals. All of that power lies in the hands of the humans, and especially in my hands. My followers, who are few and in between, try to protect me from the wrath of the humans and the inhumans, but I do not know how long peace will be kept between us. I am supposed to be the protector of mankind, but... who can protect me from mankind?

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