Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: Clash of Mind and Spirit in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Cosmic pathway
Avatar: Clash of Mind and Spirit
It is the year 3,076, and the Avatar must now bring peace to an entire universe...
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The Legend of Korra


In the year 3,076, 2,095 years after Korra reset the cycle of the Avatar. The new Avatar is an airbender named Julin Grol, but science has taken over, and, because of this, Julin fears the Era of the Avatar is nearing its close. The world finds the use of the elements to be no more than a tool, and all that is blocking their way into a fully scientific age is the spirits. To make matters worse, inhumans (or "aliens") have been discovered far out in the galaxy, and tensions are strung high. Will the Avatar have to close the spirit portals once again? Or will he be able to create peace among his people, the spirits, and the universe?


Julin Grol

The Avatar is 26 years old and has found he is an outcast of his people. He advocates for peace with the spirits, but most of mankind wants nothing to do with his preaching, and would rather him fix their problems. He has a calm attitude with a sense of humor, and enough patience to make monks fall asleep. He has earned the tattoos of a learned airbender, and while he wears the modern clothing he still stays true to the airbending colors.

Hatio Fiara

Julin's lifelong partner. She has a strong will and fights whatever comes her way, and she has the clothes, scars, and muscles to show it. But otherwise she is very quiet, and prefers to carry out sneak attacks. She's the brains and the muscle behind all of Julin's plans (or should we say her plans?), and is there for back up when something goes wrong.



  • To determine the bender the Avatar would be for Avatar: Clash of Mind and Spirit, the number of Avatars after Korra was calculated.

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