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By Evatar114 See other fanon and fan fiction works from Evatar114.

Book 1: White Bones

Chapter Name

Ch. # Description
Prologue: Nightmare Aang has a disturbing dream and gets a message from Roku.
Dreams Really Do Come True 1 Aang, Katara, and Toph are flying over the Earth Kingdom when they see the boat from Aang's dream.

Watch Me

2 After having a slight breakdown, Viola tells the Gaang part of her story. Meanwhile, Todd is stuck in the Spirit World.
Truth and Trust 3 Trust issues start to form between the Aang, Katara, and Viola.
The Forgotten 4 Todd encounters problems in the Spirit World. In the Physical World, Zuko has a fight with Mai over something (or someone) that can not be ignored.
Remembrance 5 The Gaang encounters an old enemy who wants them dead and will stop at nothing to get the revenge he wants. Todd leaves the Sisters to find a way back to the Physical World.
Fall 6 The Gaang travels to the Western Air Temple with many injuries and an unconcious Aang.
Things Not Seen 7 Zuko goes to Iroh for advice on what to do with Azula. Aang enters the Spirit World and unknowingly brings someone with him.
Falsehoods 8 Zuko tries one more time to convince Mai to let Azula live with them. Aang and Viola encounter countless enemies in the Spirit World.
Parallels 9 TBA
Gifts 10 TBA

Book 2: Red Guilt

Book 3: Dead Black

Book 4: Morning Light

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