Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: Centennial Embers in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Avatar: Centennial Embers
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Avatar: Centennial Embers is a fanon series written by Avatar Kuruk 1. It continues the story of Team Avatar after the final battle of the war against the Fire Nation. The first chapters were published on 3/27/11, and new ones are expected to come out every couple of weeks.


Avatar: Centennial Embers picks up immediately where Avatar: The Last Airbender ended, just several weeks after the end of the war. Civil unrest is growing in Ba Sing Se, as the peasants and refugees aren't satisfied with their lives, even with the war being over. The Earth King has not yet returned from his exile, and while it is presently unknown to the citizens, it could cause major problems if the secret is leaked. The Council of Five are faced with a challenge, as they are now the only real authority within the city. Team Avatar must find the King before things get out of hand. Potential questions that could be answered in this fanon include:

  • What happened to Ursa?
  • What were Ozai and Iroh like as children?
  • What were Ozai's reactions to the end of the war?
  • Each Nation's response to the end of the war
  • What happened to the Dai Li?
  • Where is the Earth King?
  • What's the future for technology in the World of Avatar/ Where's the Mechanist?
  • What happened to the Freedom Fighters?
  • Note: Nothing is finalized yet. These are just a few of the ideas Avatar Kuruk 1 has that could be implemented in some way.


Most of the classic characters will be returning, with a few new ones as well.

New Characters:

New Organizations:

  • The Boulder Bash Gang


This series will take place around the world, with the majority of the first book in the Earth Kingdom. Many locations will be entirely new, but some old ones will play important parts in some episodes, too.

New Locations:


Avatar Kuruk 1 began thinking of ideas for Avatar: Centennial Embers in February 2011. He finished the basic outline of Book 1 in March of 2011, and then began writing the first few chapters. The first two chapters were released on 3/27/11, and more are currently in production. After the first six chapters were published on a fairly regular basis, the series experienced delays for three months from the end of May to the middle of September when production began again; however, the next chapter wasn't released until January.

A total of seven chapters have been published so far.

The exact number of chapters is cannot yet be confirmed, but at least 15 have been planned for the first book, with several more if the author can work out the specific plot details of others that he has in mind.


Avatar: Centennial Embers Chapters
Book 1: Earth
Unrest - Escalating Danger - An Unsettling Detour - A Lingering Flame - Young Gangs and Old Games - Embers Unearthed - Reunion
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