Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: Birth of a Nation in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Fire Nation map
Avatar: Birth of Nation
"Those were the darkest days for the Fire Nation..."
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Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance




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Avatar: Birth of a Nation is an upcoming Fanon series written and directed by NightBird. The story narrates the rise of the modern Fire Nation, the events that lead to the Fire Lords as supreme rulers, and the Avatar involvement that lead the Fire Sages to fall from power. Currently, the 25 original chapters are being re-writing in order to better fit the World of Avatar before the War.


In ancient times, the Fire Sages and Nobles ruled in the Fire Empire in equilibrium but not in harmony. After the Crimson Wars, there was no doubt the Fire Sages had to lead the people. A golden age began soon. The sages brought peace and prosperity, the once war-plagued dragon, the Fire Empire, was at last now at rest. No longer brother fought brother or war-drums beat to the thundering of armies marching. To avoid further conflict, all Avatars native to the Fire Empire would be trained by the sages. For five cycles this was so.

The uneasy relationship amongst Sages and Nobility dependent on a small chance of luck. The chance that the Avatar was not born on a noble family and so the sages and Nobles will never come into conflict and bring chaos again. Five times the Avatar was born amongst mud and toil, for five life-times the Avatar was nourished by the breasts of the peasants. The Fire Nation trembled to the idea of an Avatar of noble-birth. We all trembled to the chance that one day, our golden age would end.

Avatar: Birth of Nation follows journey of Zorin to Ba Sing Se. Where she hopes to meet again with the most important person in her world. A rebellious and careless girl that saw the ascension of the Fire Nation, and the nearly-collapse of the world. Along her odyssey, Zorin was witness of the need of the Avatar. Moreover, her adventures lead to the raise of the Fire Lords.




Book I: Rising

Book II: Rebellion

Book III: Redemption



Zorin : A rebel teenager from the Fire Nation. A serene and sarcastic girl looking for independence and to explore the world. After embarking on a journey to Ba Sing Se, she finds herself in the middle of the storm. She during her journey begins to have feelings for her former lover.

Kuros: A merchant from Ba Sing Se. Member of the Se Merchant Guild, he has travelled the world in the trade routes. Neglected as a child, but recognized for his devotion to the guild, he meets Zorin and decides to travel with her, keeping a promise to a dead relative.

Sanyatin: Zorin's former lover. After he was exiled into Ba Sing Se by the Sages, he met Zorin in one of his journeys. His current whereabouts are unknown.

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