Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: Beyond the Void in the last hundred years.

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Avatar: Beyond the Void
Discover the Fifth Element and journey into the Void
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Avatar: The Last Airbender
Avatar: The Promise
Avatar: The Search


Avatar: The Rift
Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Avatar: Beyond the Void is a continuation from after Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Promise and The Search left off. The Hundred Year War left instability in the world, and though the Four Nations are at peace. Conspiracy and Underground Secrets still remain, as well as unanswered questions after the departure of Sozin's Comet.

Author's Notice

I acknowledge that I am not Michael Dante DiMartino or Bryan Konietzko, and that this isn't how they or anyone who worked on Avatar: The Last Airbender and/or The Legend of Korra would have written this. This work isn't canon and I write about the characters from my perspective and if you do not agree with how I have interpreted them, their use of words or their lack of development, I am sorry. I also acknowledge that my work is not the best of writings, and that not everyone, if anyone, will think that this is any good. If you wish to point out anything in any of my work, please leave a creative response so that I can build on that, but I do not wish to view any criticisms in any review without any proper pointer in how I can improve on it. Thank you for your patience.

I started this before "The Rift" was out so this is a timeline that links from the end of "The Search" to "Avatar: The Legend of Korra". The events will likewise take place between "The Search" and "The Rift", but will make no attempt to link up to "The Rift".


Though the Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom, Water Tribes and Air Acolytes are at peace with each other, there are still enemies lurking in every nation that threaten to topple the new era back into war. All the peace is toppling from the appearance of a Second Airbender. Can the appearance of the Voidbender have anything to do with it?



Team Avatar

  • Avatar Aang 14, The Avatar and the Last Airbender
  • Katara 16, Waterbender and Aang's girlfriend
  • Sokka 17, Nonbender and Katara's brother
  • Toph Beifong 14, Earthbender and founder of the Metalbending Academy
  • Fire Lord Zuko 18, Firebender and Ruler of the Fire Nation
  • Suki 17, Nonbender, Leader of the Kyoshi Warriors and Sokka's girlfriend
  • Ithar 15, Voidbender (*Bloodbent*: Book 1: Ch 2-16)


  • Ty Lee 16, Nonbender, Kyoshi Warrior, Master Chi Blocker (Book 1: Ch 1-10)
  • Iroh 52, Firebender, Grand Master of the Order of the White Lotus and Zuko's Uncle (Book 1: Ch 1-3, Book 2: Ch 2-3)
  • Guru Pathik 152, Nonbender, Guru of the Eastern Air Temple (Book 1: Ch 6-7)
  • Shyu 62, Firebender, High Sage of the New Moon Island Temple (Book 1: Ch 8)
  • King Bumi 114, Earthbender, King of Omashu, a member of the Order of the White Lotus (Book 1: Ch 9)
  • Daneya 16, Nonbender, Second-in-Command of the Kyoshi Warriors (Book 1: Ch 9-10)
  • Zonshuk 18, Waterbender, Water Tribe convoy commander (Book 1: Ch 13-16)
  • Prince Palagaq 25, Commander of the Northern Navy and Prince of the Water Tribes, Nephew of Chief Arnook (Book 1: Ch 14-16, Book 2: Ch 1)
  • Water Chief Arnook 52, Chief of the Water Tribes (Book 1: Ch 14-16, Book 2: Ch 1)
  • Chit Sang 47, Firebender, Former convict of the Boiling Rock Maximum Security Prison (Book 2: Ch 4)
  • Mura 51, Nonbender, Sister of Tongzhi and Aunt of Mai and Tom-Tom (Book 2: Ch 4)
  • Mai 18, Nonbender, Former girlfriend of Zuko. (Book 2: Ch 4)
  • Earth King Kuei 27, Nonbender, King of the Earth Kingdom (Book 2: Ch 4 - present)
  • General Zong 67, Earthbender, One of the Five Generals of Kuei's War Council (Book 2: Ch 4)


Main Article: Avatars
  • Avatar Roku, died at 70 (82 - 12 BG), Firebending Avatar before Aang (Book 1: Ch 7)
  • Avatar Kyoshi, died at 230 (312 - 82 BG), Earthbending Avatar before Roku (mentioned)
  • Avatar Kuruk, died at 33 (345 - 312 BG), Waterbending Avatar before Kyoshi (Book 1: Ch 15)
  • Avatar Yangchen, died at 155 (500 - 345 BG), Airbending Avatar before Kuruk (Book 1: Ch 7)
  • Avatar Tzenno, died at 112 (612 - 500 BG), Firebending Avatar before Yangchen (Book 1: Ch 8)
  • Avatar Uru, died at 146 (758 - 612 BG), Earthbending Avatar before Tzenno (mentioned)
  • Avatar Wan, died at N/a (c. 9829 BG), The first (Firebending) Avatar (mentioned)



  • Daika/The Overlord 16, The Main Antagonist and the Penultimate Airbender (Book 1: Ch 16-present)
  • Shen/The Commissioner 17, Waterbender (Book 1: Ch 14, 16-present)
  • Long Feng/The Minister 47, Earthbender, Commander of the Earthbenders army (Book 1: Ch 13 - present)
  • Hahn/The Commander 19, Nonbender, Commander of the Waterbenders army and elder brother of Shen (Book 1: Ch 15-16)
  • Tongzhi/The Governor 50, Commander of the Firebending army, Mai's father (Book 1: Ch 16-present)


  • Hama 80's, Waterbender/Bloodbender (Book 1: Ch 2)
  • Combustion Man, Firebender (Book 1: Ch 3-4, 12)


  • Shi, a giant dragon bird spirit, guardian of the Timeless Zone. (Prologue)
  • Ni, The spirit of belief, splits into two separate personalities with half a face between them. (Book 1: Ch 10)
    • Ni-A, face of ideals, of what can happen
    • Ni-O, face of truth, of what will happen
  • Tui/Yue, The moon spirit (Book 1: Ch 16)
  • La, the ocean spirit (Book 1: Ch 16 - Koi Fish form only)


Book 1: Wood (木)

Prologue (p: 6 Oct 2013)

  1. The Void (p: 20 Oct 2013)
  2. Night of Blood (p: 29 Oct 2013)
  3. Air Acolytes (p: 9 Nov 2013)
  4. Combustible (p: 17 Nov 2013)
  5. The Storyteller (p: 23 Nov 2013)
  6. The Eastern Air Temple (p: 30 Nov 2013)
  7. Autumn Equinox Part 1: Winter Comes (p: 7 Dec 2013)
  8. Autumn Equinox Part 2: Avatar Tzenno (p: 13 Dec 2013)
  9. Back in Omashu (p: 20 Dec 2013)
  10. The Two Faces of Ni (p: 30 Dec 2013)
  11. The Flute Warrior (p: 8 Jan 2014)
  12. Return of the Combustion Man (p: 20 Jan 2014)
  13. The Sky and the Sea (p: 30 Jan 2014)
  14. Shen (p: 10 Feb 2014)
  15. Battle for the North Part 1: The Commander (p: 2 Mar 2014)
  16. Battle for the North Part 2: The Two Airbenders (p: 21 Mar 2014)

Book 2: Metal (金)

  1. What If Part 1: The Fifth Element (p: 14 Apr 2014)
  2. What If Part 2: The Genocide (p: 25 May 2014)
  3. The New Ozai Society (p: 4 July 2014)
  4. Escape from Capital City (p: 29 July 2014)
  5. Ba Sing Se's Second Tales (p: 27 Aug 2014)
  6. Longest Nights (p: 30 Sept 2014)
  7. The Sight of Azure
  8. The Han Legacy Part 1: The Princess of the Fire Nation
  9. The Han Legacy Part 2: The General's Son
  10. The Man in the Mirror
  11. Team Reassembly
  12. The Lost Spirit
  13. Earth Rumble VII
  14. The Star of the Sea
  15. The Black Phoenix Part 1: Seven Kings
  16. The Black Phoenix Part 2: Ritual of the Five Rings

Book 3: Lightning (閃)


  1. The Tundra (p: 6 Oct 2014, set between Book 1: Ch 16 and Book 2: Ch 1)
  2. The Spirit Wild (set to be published 25 Dec 2014, set between Book 1: Ch 16 and Book 2: Ch 1)
  3. The Blizzard (between Book 1: Ch 16 and Book 2: Ch 1)


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