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Avatar: Battle for Kazuten Island



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Avatar kuruk yangchen kyoshi

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Chapter 2: The Meeting (temporary name)

CHAPTER ONE: Revelations

Soon after the war, I, Avatar Aang continued to bring peace and harmony to the world. All was fair and fine until a recent trip to the Northern Earth Kingdom City of Tianze. Tianze is quite a quaint town found at the west of the Northern Air Temple. We went to this place because we came from the Southern Water Tribe to drop off Katara for a while. Suki visited Kyoshi Island, and Toph also wanted to "see" her parents again. So it was just me and Sokka. Chief Kazuka of the Northern Water Tribe, the eldest nephew of the deceased Chief Arnook, needed to speak with me personally. Before flying to the tribe up north, me and Sokka stopped at Tianze to rest for a while. As we were about to fly on Appa's back, Sokka accidentally knocked off an old Tianze citizen.

"Oh, I'm sorry old timer! I didn't see you there!" Sokka said with a big grin.

"You Water Tribe people are really arrogant you know? You just knock off a Tianze citizens like that!

"I said sorry, didn't I?"

"I didn't hear you. Besides, you Water Tribe citizens are just filled with too much pride to accept your defeat over Kazuten Island!"

"I'm sorry but we really have to go."

"Don't you run away from me!"

Sokka ran to Aang and they both flew off riding Appa. Sokka's face turned pale.

"What was that about Sokka? asked Aang.

"Oh, it's nothing!" Sokka said with a guilty face.

"Why is your face pale? Are you hiding something? It seems that you are!"

"Stop asking questions Aang!"

"Why would I?"

"Okay, I will tell the story of an old Earth Kingdom - Water Tribe war."

"What? another war?"

"It is just a legend. but I'm going to tell it anyway."

"Okay, I'm listening."

"I heard this old tale from Gran Gran. She said that about 400 or more years ago, the time when Avatar Zesroa died and Avatar Yanchen was just born into the Air Nomads. Avatar Yangchen was still young and had no knowledge about the war. Eighteen years of war began between the Kingdom of Tianze and the Water Tribe. That was the time when there was only a single Water Tribe which is at north. There is this unnamed island which was said to be the island of boundaries. The Island was miraculous because it was found exactly at the middle of the Earth Kingdom - Water Tribe border. Half of it was covered with ice and snow, while the other half was filled with trees and luscious terrain. The heart of the island contained a crystal, if worn, that person would be able to bend all the other elements like the Avatar. In search for this "crystal" each nation searched everywhere til they got tired and fought each other for the island's ownership."

"Why would they fight over an island which doesn't have a use?"

"It is said that: "In the land of Ice, you must control Earth, In the land of Earth, you must control Ice." Hence, they need to fight each other so that they could go over the border and find the crystal that was dubbed as the Avatar's Crystal."

"Cool story, you should continue that after we've landed."

"Okay, sure."

After a few hours of flying with Appa, Sokka and I landed at the Northern Water Tribe. We were greeted by the tribal guards and I paid respect to Chief Arnook's burial ground. The hours flew by and I received a message from hawky. It was from Katara.

"Dear Aang,

I will be at the Northern Water Tribe soon. I am going to pick up Suki at Kyoshi Island and Toph at Gaoling with Grampa Paaku's boat like we originally planned. We will be there in three days or less. Bless us a safe trip.


"Hey Sokka, Katara, Suki ,and Toph will be here soon."

"Really? when?"

"Three days or less."


"Cheer up. Enjoy the city. I have an important meeting with Chief Kazuka in a few minutes."

"Okay, see you around"

I went to the Chief's temple and sat on the floor facing Chief Kazuka. It was a very large room and both of us were the only people there. I remember that the last time I've been in this room was at the siege of the north.

"Aang, I wanted to talk to you about something. It is very important."

"What is it Chief?"

"Perhaps you've heard about the story of Kazuten Island."

"Sokka just told me the story a few hours ago, why?"

"Did he tell you the right way?"

"He said the story was just a legend."

"The story was no legend. If you want to hear the story. Listen up."

"Okay chief."

"It was about the united Water Tribe and Tianze. We both fought for the island's ownership because it contained the Avatar's Crystal. It killed a lot of people. The Crystal gave the person wearing or holding it physically able to bend the other elements like any other Avatar. Sixteen years later, Avatar Yangchen came to the island. She just mastered Waterbending here. She tried to bring peace , but she failed. Instead, she renamed the island "Kazuten." It was named after Chief Kazuo and King Saraten. Two years after mastering all the elements, she came back because she heard of the war's rekindling. She went into her uncontrolled Avatar State and sunk the island single-handedly. A lot of people who were in the island died. Chief Kazuo's daughter also died because she was fighting for the island's ownership. Chief Kazuo declared that women will not be allowed to waterbend anymore except to heal. Many left because of this new decree which gave birth to the Southern Water Tribe."

"Wow. what a really cool story." said Aang.

"Yes indeed. Aang, may I have a favor?"

"Yes, what is it Chief Kazuka?"

"I'm asking you to rise Kazuten Island up again so we can regain the Crystal."

"Why would I do that?"

"In that way, we will bring peace on Earth."

"How will that bring peace?"

"Only one person in the world would be able to bend all the elements and that's you, the Avatar."

"Why do you need me? You could do it yourself."

"Yes, I am a waterbender, but I am no earthbender."

"What do you mean?"

"You need to bend both Water and Earth to revive a sunken island."

"No, I wouldn't do it. The Crystal is sleeping down there so let it be."

"I will relaunch a war against Tianze. The Earth Kingdom government didn't recognize it as a part of the Earth Kingdom since Avatar Yangchen sank that Island. Did you know that was the former Earth Kingdom capital? Now it is weak and pathetic!"

"No you wouldn't!"

"Try me! Guards! Escort the Avatar out of here, out of the Northern Water Tribe."

"You can't do this!"


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