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The Legend of Korra

Avatar: Age of Din is the sequel to The Legend of Korra and the third instalment in the Avatar Universe. The story is set thirty years after the events of The Legend of Korra. The story now follows Din, the new Avatar after Korra, a stubborn and rugged man from the Earth Kingdom.

Plot Edit

Thirty years prior to the series, the world underwent a second transition as a result of the action of Avatar Korra. Technology and culture continued to thrive, with new inventions and fashions developing. During the last years of her life, Korra and Asami got married and had a child. Furthermore, with a newly developed Air Nation, a new airbending technique is developed, Sonicbending. However, in the year 185 AG, Korra died of a mysterious illness, resulting in the new Avatar being born in the town of Suiro, Din.

In present times, Din has spent over 10 years of his life as a nomad with his saber-tooth moose lion, Roda. Despite mastering earthbending, airbending and firebending, he has yet to fully grasp waterbending. During a shopping trip in Republic City, Din detects a lava flow under the city, which he prevents but reveals himself to the world.

Not wishing to take up the responsibility of being the Avatar, Din tries to return to his nomad life. However, he soon finds that the world is now facing a new crisis. A plague has spread across the world, killing off benders and rapidly bringing their number down to the few hundreds. So of the benders left are kidnapped and forced to participate in dangerous Bending Arenas, managed by Madame. On top of that, a mysterious force known as the Black Lily hides among the shadows as well as a returning dangerous force that predates humanity itself.

Left with no choice, Din begins to accept his position as Avatar and complete his training. He is soon joined by his plantbending cousin, Zhang, Bolin and Opal's airbending daughter, Ruby, arena champion, Akemi and Korra's daughter, Mali. He is also assisted by many of Korra's family and friends, including Bolin, Mako, Asami, and Tenzin, as well as new faces, environmentalist Zetsu and fireman Mor.

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • Din is the current incarnation of the Avatar and the main protagonist of the story. A talented bender, he has mastered many of the bending arts by himself as well as introducing a new one. His family has Suiro and Foggy Swamp ancestry, including the famed waterbender, Huu. He is stubborn and adaptive, having spent many years on his own. Unlike Korra, Din despises his role as the Avatar but slowly accepts it over the series. He is usually accompanied by his saber-tooth moose lion, Roda.
  • Zhang is a waterbender from the Foggy Swamp and Din's cousin. He works and trains as a paramedic in Republic City and later joins Din in his efforts to save the world. He is a talented waterbender and is capable of the art of plantbending and healing. Zhang is usually accompanied by his pet sky gecko, Meep.
  • Ruby is an airbender and one of Bolin and Opal's three children. A talented dancer and musician, she shares her father's optimistic and happy personality and harbours a secret crush on Din. She trains under the tutelage of Jinora and Rohan and soon discovers a talent for sonicbending.
  • Akemi is the abrasive champion of the Bending Arena. Having spent most of her life as a fighter, she has mixed her firebending skills with various fighting styles. She is also the first to develop the art of heatbending, allowing her to affect the temperature of her body and environment. Despite her violent ways, she has a good heart and also shows skill in craftwork such as tailoring. She is also the only person in over two centuries to have naturally blonde hair.
  • Mali is the non-bender daughter of Korra and Asami and the biological daughter of Mako. She has dedicated her life to finding her mothers killer and has spent years developing new technology, with her skills rivalling that of her grandfather. Mali possesses a variety of tools and usually fights with her bo staff.

Supporting Characters Edit

  • Mako is the current Chief of Police and former member of Team Avatar. Following Korra's death, Mako buried himself in work, straining his relationship with his daughter Mali. When Din returned, Mako helped him perfect his firebending and along with his brother, Bolin, acted as his surrogate family.
  • Bolin is a former member of Team Avatar. He works as a film and television producer and writer while also secretly working with the White Lotus. He trains Din in the art of lavabending as well as helps him overcome many of his past struggles. He lives in Republic City with his wife, Opal, and children, Ruby, San and Jasper.
  • Asami is the CEO of Future Industries and former member of Team Avatar. Following Korra's death, Asami became very hollow and depressive, clsoing herself off from her family and friends. Luckily, Din manages to return her to the waking world, and she soon assists in his quest to save the world.
  • Tenzin is the youngest son of Aang and Katara and the former leader of the Air Nation. Due to age, Tenzin left the position of leader to his children and family, spending his retirement with Pema in Air Temple Island. He assists in training Din in the spiritual and political side of being the Avatar as well as acts as an advisor for the White Lotus.
  • Mor is the head Fireman. A tough and hardworking man, he is regarded as one of the greatest waterbenders left in the world. He initially didn't like Din but later grew to respect him after he and his friends freed those enslaved by the Bending Arenas.
  • Zetsu is the main antagonist of the first book of the series. He initially appeared as a well-loved and friendly member of the White Lotus and ran many environmental charities and companies. He is later revealed to be the leader of the Black Lily and has been manipulating everyone to achieve his goal of exterminating humanity from the face of the earth. He is a talented earthbender, being capable of psychic bending as well as lavabending and metalbending.
  • Sora is a member of the Black Lily and Din's old brother. He is a cold and sadistic man, barely showing an emotion even in the toughest of moments. He is a skilled waterbender and is capable of bloodbending. He wishes to kill his brother out of envy and hatred.
  • Madame is the leader of the Bending Arenas as well as many bending slave labour markets. She is a skilled firebender and lightning generator. After Team Avatar bust her slave market, she allies herself with the Black Lily.
  • Doctor Sin is Zetsu's righthand man as well as a former Equalist. A brilliant chemist and doctor, Doctor Sin developed a toxin from the spirit vines which targets benders chi paths, slowly killing them.

Chapters Edit

Book 1: Death Edit

After saving Republic City from a volcanic eruption, Din's role as the Avatar is now known to the public. Despite being frustrated at the sudden attention and responsibilities, Din soon learns of the hundreds of benders that have lost their lives thanks to a mysterious plague as well as the growing lack of spirit activity. On top of that, Din learns of a shadowy sect that have something to do with the threat coming from the heavens.

Book 2: Life Edit

Four weeks after the events of the first book, Din and his friends travel to the Spirit World to learn more about the coming meteor as well as how to prevent its collision. They soon learn that they meteor not only threatens humanity but the very nature of both the physical and spiritual world as it contains an ancient and powerful being.

Trivia Edit

  • Three new specialized bending techniques are introduced. Sonicbending which is a sub-skill of airbending that allows users to control sound waves. Heatbending which is a sub-skill of firebending that involves users manipulating the heat around and within themselves. Spiritual Construction which is a difficult sub-skill of earthbending that allows a person to project their spirit through the ground to create external golem bodies made of earth.
  • This series has darker themes compared to the previous two as well as using more adult laungaue.
  • It's shown that bloodbending can be used to control some bodily functions as well be used for medical purposes such as surgery.
  • Din is the first Avatar able to bloodbend.

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