Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: Aftermath in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar: Aftermath
There is an aftermath to every story
General information



501st avatar fan


8 written 4 released (31 planned)




501st avatar fan


501st avatar fan


Avatar: The last airbender


2 months have passed since Fire Lord Ozai has been defeated by Avatar Aang and Prince Zuko and been proclaimed Fire Lord and vowed to rebuild the world that was devastated by the 100-year long war. His sister Azula has been healed at a mental health facility and has been transported to the Fire Nation prison. Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko along with the rest of Team Avatar and the newly joined Mai and Ty Lee have set off to help rebuild and visit old friends.

Production history

One day, 501st avatar fan was talking with a friend on his school grounds and the subject of Avatar: The Last Airbender came up. It turned out that both of them were big fans of the amazing world Michael Dante Dimartino and Bryan Konietzko created. At that time, 501st avatar fan came up with the idea of a new character that would help Team Avatar keep the peace after the war. He then started coming up with ideas after school and telling his unanimous friend the ideas in the morning. After about 3 months of this, they finally had developed almost 20 different "chapters".

Unfortunately the friend had to move away during summer break, but the two were able to keep in some communication via YouTube messaging. In June 2010, 501st avatar fan began writing down the chapters. In the same month, he discovered Avatar: Guardian on Avatar Wiki and drew inspiration from the amazing fanon The Bos created. With the inspiration from his anonymous friend and The Bos, Avatar: Aftermath was born. When writing the second chapter, 501st avatar fan encountered writers block. It was over a month before the chapter was finished. In late September-early October 501st avatar fan turned out chapters continuously. Production continues to this day.


Aftermath went through several names before settling on the final name. Some early titles were: Lee, Lee's story, Avatar: The Legend of Lee, Avatar: the last airbender: Aftermath Lee and Avatar: Aftermath: Lee.

Reocurring Characters


A 15-year-old hailing from the Fire Nation. Ex-Earth Kingdom Bounty hunter and current member of Team Avatar. He is an Earth and Metalbender and is extremely skilled with knives and swords. Ty Lee's current love interest.


113-year-old Air Nomad Avatar, presoumably the last Airbender. Founder and current leader of Team Avatar and Katara's current love interest.


15-year-old Waterbender from the South Pole, and Sokka's sister. Team Avatar member and Aang's current love interest.


17-year-old Fire Lord from the Fire Nation. Struggling to keep the world in balance, Team Avatar member and Mai's current love interest.

Ty Lee

15-year-old accrobat and expert Chi blocker. Fire Nation citizen, Kyoshi Warriors member and Team Avatar member. Lee's curent love interest.


16-year-old Water Tribe warrior. Excellent leader, map reader and swordsman. Suki's current love interest.


13-year-old blind Earth and Metalbender. One of the most powerful Earth benders in the world.


15-year-old Kyoshi Warriors leader. Team Avatar member and Sokka's current love interest.


15-year-old Fire Bender. Zuko's younger sister. She is amassing a rebellion to overthrow her brother and the Avatar.


16-year-old Fire Nation citizen, expert knife thrower and Zuko's current love interest.


106-year-old Air Nomad Sky Bison, Team Avatar's preferred mode of transportation.

List of chapters:

Book 1

  1. The bounty hunter
  2. The reunion
  3. Sokka's new sword
  4. Rampage
  5. Return to Ba-Sing-Se
  6. The great escape
  7. Revelations

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