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  • Riko Tezuka - Riko is a prominent firebender with an equally explosive temper, and will oftentimes resort to violence as a solution to almost any problem. This is a trait which Ying finds either "repulsive" or "attractive". It changes on a regular basis. Riko is obsessed with her prominent lightning generation skills, so when presented with a combat situation, her regular firebending forms will usually take a back seat.
  • Min Ruan - Min is Chen's older sister by one year. She is an earthbending prodigy, and never misses an opportunity to rub her abilities in Chen's face. This, as one might imagine, annoys Chen to no end. Min has mastered many earthbending techniques, but crystalbending is by far her favorite.
  • Xinzang - The ancient and sadistic spirit of blood, Xinzang attempted a hostile takeover of the Spirit World, but was stopped by Korra near the end of her life. Nothing is known of his current whereabouts.


Below is a list of all the prominent minor characters featured in the story so far.

  • Doctor Huang - A brilliant scientist who quit his teaching job at the Ba Sing Se university when he was recruited for the Helix Project, a series of experiments with the ultimate goal of finding a scientific explanation for bending. When the project was shut down by the government, he found himself unable to return to the world of teaching, and was forced to instead work as a used Satomobile salesman.
  • Kai Tezuka - Riko's father, a former scientific genius who lead the Helix Project, but was pushed off the cliff of insanity when the project fell apart, and his wife was killed in a bank robbery shortly after. Like his daughter, Kai is a master firebender.
  • Jia Ruan - Chen and Min's mother, and an aerospace engineer who works at the URSA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
  • Hong Ruan - Chen and Min's father, Hong is a loving man who runs a popular earthbending academy next-door to his family's home.
  • Anyu - Anyu was a professional marathon runner, but that changed when the URSA gave him an invitation to the final frontier. He traveled through the wormhole along with his fellow astronauts, and is currently somewhere on Our Earth.
  • Kirima - Anyu met Kirima on his first day of URSA training, and since then has harbored strong love for her. As it turned out, this love was mutual, and Kirima went out with Anyu shortly after he worked up the courage to confess his feelings.
  • Hiro - Some might say former United Forces pilot Hiro is past his prime, but all who've seen him in action know he's still right in the middle of it. Hiro was given the position of commander on the URSA moon mission, and so far, he's proved himself as a very capable and compassionate leader.
  • Jefferson - A mysterious government official in charge of interrogation. The only thing that's really known about him is his love for ghastly green ties.
  • Councilman Bolin - After making it into the Pro Bending hall of fame, Bolin jumped into the world of politics, and ran for earthbender councilman of Republic City. He won by a landslide, but spent few days in office, as he disappeared without a trace soon after Korra's death. He is presumed dead.


Here's a few characters that haven't been seen yet, but will appear sometime soon.

  • Sentinel Haipa - The Spirit of matter. One of the oldest spirits in the existence. Possesses the ability to manipulate the atomic makeup of both organic and inorganic objects.
  • Sentinel Wuzhi - The Spirit of fear. Sentinel Wuzhi is very old, but not quite as old as his comrade Haipa. This spirit can make any organic life form cower in pure terror.
  • The Catalyst - A mysterious object or entity said to be as ancient as the Spirit World itself. Most documents describing it were lost when Wan Shi Tong's great library left the mortal world, and thus, very little is known about it.

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