FANDOM By The Faceless One Part of the Avatar: Advent of Earth continuity.


Two books are planned, and each will contain fifteen chapters. And all title card art and chapter synopses are subject to change. I'm pretty sure I know where this series is going, but... you know, anything could happen.

Please also note that chapter synopses contain mild spoilers, and should not be read by those who dislike that sort of thing.

Book 1: Void

When relations between a futuristic Our Earth and a 1960s-esque Avatar Earth go sour, Chen, a quirky nonbender boy with dreams of one day gaining the ability to earthbend, must rise above his self-inflicted stupor and embark on a journey to separate the planets before one tears the other apart. How will a thirteen-year-old nonbender prevent an interplanetary catastrophe? Well... I'm not just gonna tell you. Read on to find out!

Number... Title Card Synopsis Completion Airdate

Prologue Chen has a troubling dream. Concept: 100%

Writing: 100%

July 7th, 2012
Chapter 1 The momentous day is upon the world at last! After years of tedious preparation, the United Republic Space Administration is sending a group of intrepid individuals to the Moon! Concept: 100%

Writing: 100%

July 16th, 2012
Chapter 2 The URSA Moon Mission astronauts are taken into custody by Our Earth officials and interrogated at an undisclosed location. Concept: 100%

Writing: 100%

August 22nd, 2012
Chapter 3 Chen and Tara run into trouble at a movie theater, and end up fighting a deranged man determined to bring Avatar Korra back to life. Concept: 100%

Writing: 100%

November 1st, 2012
Special Chen experiences yet another disturbing nightmare. Concept: 100%

Writing: 100%

December 12th, 2012
Chapter 4 When a collision between the Aang memorial and an unidentified object causes a structural collapse, Chen receives a vision of Korra's final days as the Avatar. Concept: 100%

Writing: 100%

January 1st, 2013
Chapter 5 A stream of data is relayed from the probe to Our Earth, and

the International Space Alliance decides it's time for a manned mission.

Concept: 100%

Writing: 100%

July 25th, 2013
Chapter 6 Chen, Ying, and Min journey to Huang's lab, and are shocked by what they discover. Concept: 100%

Writing: 100%

July 25th, 2013
Chapter 7 Chen Ying, and Min journey to the Spirit World, and unearth the true reason for Avatar Korra's demise. Meanwhile, Riko and Tara watch as the armies of Out Earth pour out of the wormhole. Concept: 100%

Writing: 35%

Mid-Late August (Projected)
Chapter 8 As the humans of Our Earth strengthen their occupation of Republic City, a series of events is set in motion that will change everyone's lives forever. 0% TBA
Chapter 9 Chen and his family are caught off-guard when a trio of jump jets attack their campground. 0% TBA
Chapter 10 Chen somehow finds time away from his busy schedule to meet with Ying, and cook up a plan to impress Tara. 0% TBA
Chapter 11 Chen gets himself wrapped up in a professional earthbending tournament, in an attempt to prove to his sister just how tough he is. 0% TBA
Chapter 12 Riko and Ying dissect one of Kai Tezuka's last great inventions, one that could once-and-for-all explain the impact Sozin's comet had on firebenders genetically. 0% TBA
Chapter 13 The forces of Our Earth are sighted near Ba Sing Se, and panic rings out across the city. 0% TBA
Chapter 14 Our Earth's armies close in on the great walled city, and Chen discovers it may be up to him to prevent its untimely demise. 0% TBA
Chapter 15 As the battle for Ba Sing Se rages on, Chen's family is forced to commit the unthinkable. 0% TBA

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